How do priests control their urges? 27 Points Complete [Explained]:

I research a lot to find out the answer, How do priests control their urges?

Below, I summarize my quick;

The priest makes a promise of celibacy. 

Celibacy is about putting the gifts that God gives you for the service of others. 

Prayer doesn’t take away temptations. When temptation comes, instead of pursuing truth, think of these things that come from God. 

It gives freedom and attachment to Christ. It builds a connection with God in prayer and the community.

Celibacy means being fully alive and loving all in a way that orients toward particular vocations. 

How do priests relieve themselves?

They connect themselves with God and relieve themselves by acknowledging his beauty. Connect themselves with the true source of love that is god. The priest is imaging christ. 

Sacrifice for beyond:

A celibate person is not happy without it. It’s like a person Happy within marriage with all requirements. 

The same commitment requires in Marriage and celibacy. It’s also a sacrifice to look beyond for the benefit of others. Read How to monks stay celibate?

God’s relationship:

Celibacy has its challenges. It’s a source of joy with a great life, and vitality for the church and God’s people. It’s a call to a personal relationship with God. 

Reality to get Satisfaction from God:

Celibacy is the act that one day there is no need for marriage. We become satisfied with God alone. Celibacy is the sign of the reality that something exists afterlife. 

Marriage, body and sexuality connect with spirituality. The priest is a spiritual athlete who rises above all that. 

Dimensional sex:

Sex has various dimensions. It is physical, spiritual and emotional. 

Everyone has an urge to integrate their sexuality. 

The gift should not misuse but utilize through marriage. 

Breaking celibacy:

It’s not a secret that various priests have affairs that breaks their celibacy. 

Richard Sipe, the Catholic priest, wrote books about Catholic priest Celibacy. Richard mentions that 50% of the priests are in Actual celibacy. Those half are for inspiration. 

Celibate encounter sexual feelings:

Priests have sexual feelings like all of us. One priest says that feelings are natural. Suppressing feelings is about storing trouble yourself. 

A priest attracts a woman. He acknowledges himself. 

He says it’s a beautiful woman. 

The god created her. You’re not allowed to play with it. It’s a gift from God. I sacrifice it. 

Acknowledge body urges:

Priests acknowledge their sexual longings. They don’t pretend about their lame existence. 

They don’t try to put them away. Priests ask what their bodies tell them. Their body tells that they’re still Normal males. 

They don’t have guilt about their sexual feelings. 

The feeling never means actions:

Denying your sexual urges is fooling yourself. Be aware of those feelings. Having feelings doesn’t mean acting on them. 

Some opportunities close off being a celibate priest. New paths open as few get close. 

A person is a creature of God. Never view a person as a gratification source of their sexual desires. 

Various priests lose control and develop intimate relationships with others. Then, they move back to their vows and move forward.

Develop friendships:

Priest develops good friendships. When the desire for intimacy comes, the friendship relationship gives intimacy. 

The struggle with celibacy never goes away. Priests get more experienced handling it. The feelings of flesh move with all of us. 

Value God’s grace:

Priests assure every day that God’s grace is sufficient. Prayer assists to connect with God. They avoid certain people, places and situations to get away from the risks. 

Desires have depth inside:

The desires cling to the depth of our souls and haunt us. Manifestation of those desires yields Sexual connection. 

Impurity if sexual sin gets resolved through purity and sainthood. 

When temptations come to the priest, the possible way is to get up and walk. It’s about leaving the room. 

Walk away from temptations:

Don’t toy with the temptations to get a taste and leave. Develop your practice of leaving and walking away from Temptations. 

Then you see the truth behind the illusions and attractiveness of the sin. 

Be truth:

Sometimes we put restrictions on ourselves to hide our weaknesses. Everyone fills life with truth and goodness. 

God builds temptations:

In the book of revelation, we get the marriage of Christ and the church. Union of God is the ultimate goal of life. It’s the marriage that alone can satisfy. It’s the devotion to reality. 

Celibacy is a discipline, not dogma. 

Priest survives not through our children. The priest survives due to God’s love.

Christ is celibate:

Christ is also a celibate. It’s the way of life Christ gives to his followers. Being unmarried is a great vocation. 

The Priest represents Christ. It is necessary to be celibate. 

They follow the sculpture example of christ for remaining unmarried for the kingdom. 

Christ devoted to the church:

Chist devotes his life for chruch. The Priest weds with the church. It reminds him of all the universe love he chooses to live. It comes through ecclesiological (church architecture and adornment) study. Saint Paul uses ut un his letters. 

No marriage in heaven:

There is no marriage or giving of marriage about the kingdom of heaven. The Priest points toward the kingdom. 

It’s eschatological(related to death)reason. It explains in Saint Methew Gospel. 

Celibacy over Marriage:

The Priest is pure for prayer. Sex contaminant it. 

Gods like celibacy more than marriage. 

Change place:

Priests need to move quickly. 

The sexual relationship builds responsibility. It stops moving priest fast and distracted.

Sex in Marriage isn’t sinning:

According to Bishop Robert Barron, There is a problematic side to Saint Augustine. Saint Augustine says that sex is the original sin; sex in marriage is a sinful form. Robert Barron believes sex isn’t a sin in marriage with a partner. 

Spiritual connections:

Creation has all aspects physical and spiritual. God finds it Good and groups things well. Bible stands across the things. 

Good matters:

Thomas Aquinas says being and good are convertible terms. It means everything that matters is good. It is a reflection of the goodness of God. 

Every act doesn’t Result in God worship:

The entire world created is not God. It’s a representative or sacramental representation of God. 

The things come forth to God. In genesis, All Things are not get worshipped.

Not worship other than God:

Don’t make less than something into God. Christianity has anti idolatry, which means not worshipping any object and element except God. 

Detach from Divine aspects:

Detaching yourself doesn’t mean you hate the world. It means de-attach yourself from goods in the measure that they’re divine. 

They don’t find their ultimate joy and perfect fulfilment through the material world. It includes wealth, honour and beauty of the word. 

They find their fulfilment in the true Fulfilment of God’s love. 

There are practical benefits of having celibacy. 

You don’t have a family. There is flexibility in it. 

Idolism respresentation:

Celibacy is a powerful example of anti idolatry. Sex, Marriage and family are Good but not ultimate. 

It’s not the representation of True love factors. 

Celibacy isn’t for everyone:

God gives us true love. Not every one of the Christian community should not be celibate. It ends the Christian race. 

Some people say no to marriage, sex and family. The witness to detachment allows seeing the higher love. 


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