What qualities should a mentor have? 6 Characteristics [Explained!]

What qualities should a mentor have? A good mentor in life is no less than a blessing from nature.
I make a lot of mentors in my life and here are the qualities I must see in every GURU. It is easy to choose a GURU in this fake world once you judge him with a free mind and heart.

Habbitts.com introduce the astonishing habits that these habits would help you to choose a mentor. I personally use these qualities to identify the right good mentor.

Remember, every successful person can not be a great mentor. A mentor has a will to share secrets of success with others clearly.


An effective Mentor is cock-a-hoop about the self-awareness of his student. He would believe in the self-awareness of people to attain success in life. He teaches the technique about self-love and self-aid to face the challenges of down in the dumps life.

A great mentor hit all dimensions of the personality to convey a complete message that stays in the heart of his mentees.
If you want to conquer the world, it’s best to start with yourself. A mentor understands it. He is a practical example of what he taught.

A worthy Mentor is mentoring to cover the basic needs of mentees which is 4 Fields of life; 

  1. Physical awareness.
  2. Intellectual awareness.
  3. Emotional awareness.
  4. Spiritual awareness.

Focuses on the stumbling block in the journey of self-awareness. A Good Mentor Grasps the idea that good self-awareness heightens self-control.

The mentor rings a bell with the natural way to live a prosperous life.

A mentor accepts the freedom of choice for the mentees.

A successful mentor hit the books to rise the 7 Natural laws of success which are;

  1. Good study about fairness.
  2. Good study about Integrity
  3. A proper study of Respect.
  4. Good study about service.
  5. A proper study of honesty.
  6. Good study about kindness.
  7. Good study about contribution.

Know the weaknesses and strengths of mentoring

It means that a mentor is a master of mentoring. He works not the strength of his mentoring.

Every person has nature to see things and generate ideas. A successful mentor knows his limitation and the direction of his talk. He never hurt any group of people.
He knows the weak point that put him in any sort of personal concern like experience, obsession etc. What he does is away from this bias and hold evidence like research or books.

He tries to reduce the weakness of mentoring.


Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Steves taught every inch of the ups and downs of a good profitable business. 

How taught every inch?

He learned to face failure in the way of success, through experience which a Bite at The Cherry of the mentality of Mark Zuckerberg.

A good mentor knows well the area of improvement for work. 

Knowing the strength and weaknesses of mentees makes a good mentor. The personal life skills give below;

  1. Be patient. This skill would exist if a mentor knows himself well.
  2. Be tactful. The strength of a mentor makes him ready to optimum his value.
  3. Take risks. Mentor promotes you to take risks in your job or relationship. The risk is an opportunity to watch eye to eye fear in life.

3. Good Active Listener

A good mentor is able to hear your problem with all the ears. A mentor should recognize the problem Of listening to you, having the 7 Qualities of an active listener.

  1. Be attentive if you’re speaking.
  2. Ask the relevant question for some reason, not for your own use.
  3. Analyze and observe your enigma selflessly.
  4. Ask you to clarify the event with an optimum point.
  5. The mentor paraphrases your talk with meanings.
  6. Show or reflect emotions with eagle-eyed.
  7. A good mentor is good at the cut to chase your talk. Summarize your point of view.

Every mentor has a deep eye on the current issues of the world. It’s his responsibility to show a reliable and effective way to his followers.
He is remarkable observant and listens to the issues with the unique approach of answering.

A mentor should understand the skills of listening. The rules of listening skills and practice these models should be mandatory for a mentor.

A mentor knows the barriers of listening well to understand every inch of the mentee’s query. Read about Public speaking importance that everyone should take before going to the stage.

Barriers to listening are below

Here are the 9 barriers from the studies that help you to pick the weak point of a listener.

  1. Boredom. That feeling of boredom if listening to your speech.
  2. Internal issues like anger or depression do not allow the mentor to understand your point of view.
  3. Knowing it all means the mentor already know your story from someone else.
  4. Being preoccupied. That means the mentor does not take attention to your problem.
  5. Environmental distractions like noise pollution or no eye contact make the listener less attentive.
  6. Perception. A good mentor has the perception of being friendliest to reality to change reality.
  7. Language barriers. The language or the way of talking like any speaking disorder hinders the listener.
  8. Attention span issues mean if your speech is too long to listen, it doesn’t leave a proper impact.
  9. Emotional state. If your emotional state does not fit with your story. It can not choose the right behaviour to tell your story like sadness, distraction, etc.

A good mentor addresses the problems of listening and achieve mastery in that skill.

A good mentor has to Keep an eye on practising Skills

It means a good mentor has a strong belief in education and the impact of learning on mentees. 

Not every speaker needs to be 100% correct. The energy and frequency of talking and flow of words cast a spell on the audience.

A mentor belief in a contributor, not an attendee. A contributor is willing to give. Attendee gains wisdom from the contributor.

A mentor should appreciate the knowledge or struggle far beyond race, religion, or personal contradiction. Your mentor should be good at the 4C’s of the 21st century, which researchers said is necessary for our growth.

Critical thinking

This thinking allows us to manage projects, solve problems, and make effective decisions with the available resources or tools. Critical thinking Skill assists you to solve interpersonal relationships, like conflict management, or social intelligence.

Inevitable Communication skill

The 21st century is the era of technology. We have all connected to the digital world in some way. We need to understand the way we communicate matters. It can hurt or overreact to someone else. 

A good mentor fully upgrades with the crucial need for communication. A guru is competent in communication skills.

He is enough to guess the perception of others and make a good deal with others. A guru socially connects to the people, not timid or shy.

Collaboration skill

A good guru always appreciates the value of teamwork. It is one of the habits of Stephen R covey’s book, The 7 Habits of highly effective people. The constructive creation of work teaches us to collaborate in all aspects like digitally, mentally, and physically to get goodness in the project.


Creativity is the imagination or makes a new idea fit in the world. A mentor with all the ear on the creativity to innovate and generation of unusual ideas or concepts like a GURU ask you to create something by your side.

Open mind

Every mentor develops a mind of acceptance and hope. He acknowledges the diversity of thoughts within the world and accepts it. He manifests a view of a positive, real and impactive towards life problems like financial issues.


 Tony Robbins said to ask the right question if you face a problem. Why he doesn’t give the question to ask? He knows that creativity is human nature and every person guesses himself well.

Attractive Behaviour

It belongs to a good society. A GURU should understand the contradictory behaviour of others. Good behaviour means the charisma that pulls the attention of others towards him.

A GURU should be able to maintain sustainable good behaviour. No doubt, every question that others ask him has some sort of energy. Some people have negative energy. Every GURU should know how to handle it and avoid it.

Action defines by behaviour. The behavior that occurs in the body to processes describes our actions.

 If we watch a horror movie. We take the scene seriously by getting shocked after focus. The scenario of life is the same. If we focus on something we cannot see the other aspects of life.

That’s why you and I often hear that focus on problems, not solutions.

A good mentor has a view of the truth that lasts forever. He understands the behaviour of others and puts the spotlight on truth pointedly to understand the reality of life.

A mentor exhibits the best behaviour that Moves Up in the World.

  1. Surround yourself with accomplished people, not every man and his dog.
  2. Innovate yourself to bell the cat.
  3. Unchain yourself with the fear of failure.
  4. His behaviour of goodness is in the light of your intuition.
  5. Mini-under confidence, mini-overconfidence, and mega-be confident.

Promotes life Long learning

Life long learning is a personal decision to learn throughout life for continuous personal development.

It is essential for success and catches the mentee’s eye. A good mentor encourages you and gives clues to the learning.

A successful mentor should be able to change himself according to time. His learning and development phase should lifetime. His beliefs and whole knowledge have the capacity to add more. He adds up more knowledge and wisdom day by day.

World-famous leaders like Bill gates, Opera Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet spend 5 Hours per week to learn something.

They do not see the book. They make notes and do 3 Essential steps of learning which are:

  1. Read. Read for purpose. Find your purpose in reading.
  2. Reflection. A thinking way what you learn inside the book.
  3. Experiment. What you have read makes some act like it.

 It’s a slice of good mentors’ style plus, I suggest a few mini habits that add the best learning skill that you can have. These are the 7 Qualities of a good mentor.

  1. Read daily, whether you have a few times.
  2. Take seminars and workshops about your field.
  3. Unleash your passion.
  4. I love to get progress.
  5. Adapting yourself to what you learn is good.
  6.  Convert the comfort zone into the learning zone.
  7. See the possibility in the worse scenario.

The low self-esteem which comes in every stage of life can delete again with learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are three qualities to look for in a mentor?

Select the mentor who already did what you want to do. Choose the mentor that has no ego push towards you. Your mentor should be vigour to teach you about the life experience.

What skills do mentors need?

The crucial skills that every Guru should know are to inspire others. His words and instruction should touch the heart of others straight.

What makes a mentor successful and effective?

A successful mentor has the power to leave an impact on mentees lives. He teaches others the path of success and sparks the will to never give up inside the skin of his mentees.

What are the key principles of mentoring?

The basic principle of mentoring is trust-building between mentor and mentee. The mentee should trust that mentor has the vivid intentions to make herself better at all costs. The right boundaries and teaching are other crucial aspects.

What are the four main stages of mentoring?

The 4 stages of mentoring are; Preparing, discussing, resolving the issues and closing the whole discussion with a conclusion.

What is the role of a mentor?

Your mentor acts as a guidance star that shares his all experience with loyalty to mentees.

What are the seven roles of a mentor?

Your mentor can be your teacher, partner, Advisor, Role model, coach, friend and relative.

What are the 3 types of mentoring?

The 3 styles of mentoring includes;
One on one mentoring, Virtual mentoring and group mentoring.

What is an example of a mentor?

If a person in your life supports you towards your goal without any criticism and show you the maximum possible direction that leads you towards your goal with loyal intentions, then the person is your mentor.


I conclude that these 6 Qualities are essential in every successful Guru. Every guru has Good study habits that nurture him throughout life.


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