Is being poor a choice?

I research a lot about poor choices. I find the answer to the question; Is being poor a choice? I summarize it below;

Being poor is a choice. The mindset makes you poor. Poor Mentality makes you a money slave. So, they make fault decisions. Poor don’t focus on burning desire, vision and subconscious changes. 

They procrastinate, develop fears and do nothing. 

They’ve no will for long term goals. Poor don’t build strong relationships. Besides, they adopt a fixed mentality. It limits their strengths. 

Mindset makes poor:

Your mindset makes you a poor self. It defines the way you perceive things. 

It changes the lenses of your mind. You develop perceptions and ideas with it. 

Doubt is essential in life:

Poverty raises doubts that breaks the courage. It confuses them up for action. They lose or change the purpose. 

A rich mindset has doubts. They make them powerless. They accept their flaws. It improves them for goal. Find out the reason behind your competitive mindset.

Comparison with passion:

Poor people have no passion in their lives. They never choose a career that aligns with their passion. 

Wealthy people values their passion. They work for it. They find ways to associate with it. So, compassion turns it into a passion. 

Slave of money:

Poor has the thought process associate with money. They constantly compare it. They lose the other worthy things in life. 

It makes them greedy. So, they work for money, not for a purpose. Their goal supports the money. If the mindset becomes rich, the reality changes. 

Understand the mindset structure of being rich:

Rich people have a specific mindset. They develop qualities and standards. They constantly grow in their work. 

Every rich people have common growth qualities. 

It makes them rich. Everyone can learn from it.

Faulty decision making in stress:

Research shows that poor people have faulty decision abilities. The presence of money improves their economic decision. The poor condition impacts economic conditions directly. 

It is your choice to take wrong decisions. It creates a chain from negative feelings to unreliable opportunities. 

Think and grow rich lessons about poverty as a choice:

The book “Think and grow rich” makes my mind clear about poverty. I point out some points from it. It helps you to understand the choices of the poor. 

Burning desire change brain chemistry:

The human brain works with logic. Our inner desire changes the chemistry. Poor people don’t love to do anything in life. 

It gives them low standard choices to make. So, they become poor as a choice. 

Imagine the better version of yourself:

Poor people are not better visionary. It means they imagine but don’t take purpose. In the end, imagination doesn’t impact them on a deeper level. 

You can improve yourself by improving your vision. Poor people stay with their vision. They’ve no desire to level it up. 

Train brain through autosuggestion:

It means you use positive affirmations to train your brain. Poor people easily trick with the events. They act like events control them. They don’t suggest positive affirmations to the brain. 

These affirmations can change their lives. So, these stay their mind in the condition. 

Develop subconscious level changes:

Poor mindset remains you stuck at the same level. Your subconscious never changes over time. You can change it through practice. 

It’s possible with constant practising the rich lessons. Subconscious level changes create a new mindset. 

Utilize the imagination for not being poor:

The poor people imagine the worse constantly. In the end, they lose the courage to change it. The situation leads them that way.

You can update your mindset through hopeful imagination. A dream with an actionable plan can change it. 

Lack of decisions generates with procrastination:

Poor as a choice come up with procrastination.

They cannot take decisions. Our initial decisions can be faulty. Consistent making decisions improves decisions. 

They procrastinate on every subject. Poor mindset raise doubts, biases and loss of compassion. 

Fear attacks all:

Fear comes into every mind. The poor choose to live with it. 

You can be poor or rich. Poor people encourage destructive thinking. Fear leads to limiting beliefs. 

The Rich mindset follows the compassion path. It generates and supports fears. 

Poor fails because they do nothing:

Poor people have no chances. They waste opportunities. 

They fail to cultivate it. Besides, they blame others for it. A Rich mindset is about doing. Rich people do try to become successful. 

Develop persistence with Will power:

Poor people have no willpower. They change their direction constantly. 

They lose hope with a single problem. 

They’ve no courage to stick with purpose. Rich people have the willpower for their purpose. They pursue their choices. 

See opportunities:

Poor mentality doesn’t recognize opportunities. They stuck with their norms. They do not prepare for them. 

Rich observes and takes Opportunities. They are proactive towards using opportunities. Rich creates opportunities for others. 

Generate systematic value:

Poor people work for money. They see the short term benefits. So, they’re not working for adding values. 

Rich people develop systems. They work for systems. In the end, the system rewards their passive incomes.  

Rich invest without seeing the visible reward:

Poor people always want to get a reward first. Rich work to serve the system.

Unsuccessful drives with instant money. Rich people drive to provide service for long term benefits. Poor chooses the reward-based work. 

Relationship without expectations:

Unsuccessful people develop relationships with calculations. They choose social standards for it. Poor love others security.

Rich people develop relationships for the experience. 

They select people to satisfaction and love. Rich expects less in relationships. 

Value trust and respect:

Rich adds value to others life. It can trust and respect. Rich feels hopeful by giving others hope.

Poor mindset is a hope killer. They raise others insecurities. 

They expect values from others. 

Success is approachable even in this evil world:

Unsuccessful people fail to survive in the maze of the world. They grow fears towards calculated risks. 

Successful people accept the devilish world. They find their path in it. No fear and doubt confuse their mission. 

Celebrates other success:

Impoverished people have no courage to celebrate others success. They trigger jealousy and insecurities. They think constructive towards sharing. 

Smart people love to participate in others success. They love to share success. 

Develop plans:

Poor mindset believes in quick rich. Weak are looking for shortcuts. They hate struggles. 

Rich people create plans. It gives their struggles a complete direction. Besides, they never lose the purpose direction.

Focus on strengths:

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Impoverish mindset highlights weakness. They don’t cultivate strengths. 

Rich People focus on the Strengths in personality. They develop skills and learn. In the end, they develop valuable skills. 


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