Best life Changing Books to read before you die: 9 Recommendations

I research a lot to develop a list of Best life Changing books to read before you die. Below, I explain each book properly.

Principles by Ray Dalio:


It’s about the principles of the billionaire CEO and investors’ life that applies in his successful career and life. 

Why read it:

It values the development of principles to avoid sudden emotional decisions. 

Principles develop your method for success. The book Values practical application of truthfulness and transparency. 

The book shares principles of Ray Dalio that he Develop from forty years to accomplish your goals. Read 12 books that changed your perspective on life in 2022.

Key points:

The principles allow you to see the rational world instead of your emotional state involvement.

Two Crucial principles are about your truthfulness and transparency. 

The best companies follow the merit system. The best ideas win there. 

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell:


It is a fictional book that sets in 1984, Oceania, a totalitarian state, the ruling party brainwash people to complete obedience of leader, big brother. 

Why read it:

It’s a story of a dystopian totalitarian state rule by big brother. A young man works in the ministry of truth. He writes I love you to a girl. His friend told him to get away from this dark state. Eventually, a young man gets punished for his beliefs from the states through various drama and lessons. 

Key points:

The Totalitarian bring an extreme level of control to bring maximum power. 

Totalitarianism has poor citizens with an elite ruling class. 

The state’s language act as a tool for mind control.

People get punished more to satisfy their loyalty to rulers. 

Monitor the people possible through technology. 

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:


The book explains the ancient Mexican tradition about hurtable rules and ways to replace or break those rules. 

Why read it:

It teaches about setting your standards. That makes you independent from others’ actions. It leaves you free of your choice. 

The book awakes the power of the question that ends your daydreaming. Your meaning engages you every day. 

Key points:

We get our rules from the domestication of childhood without choosing them.

The action or words people do for you is the reflection of them. 

Notice your beliefs, forgive those who hurt you and spend every day as last.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi:


The book reveals the crucial elements of life with Paul Kalanithi’s story of choosing neuroscience, literature, purpose, family and death due to cancer.

Why read it:

The author (as a patient of lung cancer) explores the worth of his life. His future with his wife evaporates because of his death. It explains the way to live fully as your future Evaporate. The author dies while working on this book. The morality of life changes him. It’s one of the life Changing books to read about a die Truth.

Key points:

Paul Kalanithi is passionate about writing and Neuroscience, which bring him towards understanding death. 

He explores life and death in his medical school being a doctor. 

He dies in his mid-thirties with lung cancer, facing death with integrity. 

Start with Why by Simon Sinek:


Simon Sinek explains about finding inspiring work to explaining great leaders for adopting the inspiring mindset. 

Why read it:

The book gives the inspiration to do your work. It explains various business success stories like right brothers or steve jobs. 

He explains the golden circle to explain Why. The Why give yourself business stability. The drastic impacts of no Why on the business. 

Key points:

Communicate your Why to inspire others because Emotions trigger reasoning. 

Excited people are essential for every business. Hire due to reason instead of their craft.

Your Why doesn’t need any noisy sales methods. People prefer a favourite creator or company instead of cheaper or better. 

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle:


The book explains the value and worth of spending your life in presence instead of worrying about the past or future involves proper strategies.

Why read it:

The book explains the Involvement of the ego in stopping yourself from being happy. It explains the Buddha’s wisdom to know your body. Your consistent Involvement towards the present with acceptance puts you in the present state. It enhances your relationship quality. Eckhart Tolle explains the worth of surrounder yourself through the present. It’s not Boring instead of realization. Read Is the power of now worth reading?

Key points:

Life exists only in the present moment, not in past or future. 

Pain yields through uncontrollable things that are independent of us.

Never judge your thoughts instead of observing them and sets yourself free. 

Essentialism by Greg McKeown:


The book teaches a new living approach by cutting down unnecessary stuff and doing essential things for better productivity. 

Why read it:

It’s best for those who feel stuck and unstructured about their productivity. Essentialism gives a choice to choose the Right work. The process distils out the necessary actions that yield your prominent contribution. It promotes Less in every area of life.

Key points:

Power of choices doesn’t allow to do everything or do nothing.

Allow yourself to do 90% more important things and go for it. 

Allocate 50% extra time for your task in an unexpected situation. 

Mastery by Robert Greene:


The book breaks the talent myth and gives steps to achieving mastery in your field through analyzing the past successful mastery achievers. 

Why read it:

It discloses the relationship between your natural talents and your area of Mastery. The author explains the life analysis of past Masters (like Benjamin Franklin, Leonard da Vinci) and the interviews of current masters. It breaks the greatness myth and gives steps to achieve your greatness.

Key points:

Trust your feeling for choosing the skill of your Mastery. 

Learning that leads to enormous money comes through the right mentors.

Encounter the challenges after your apprenticeship completes. 

The Last Lecture by Jeffrey Zaslow and Randy Pausch:


The book explains getting benefits from the opportunity through Man facing cancer with positive impact or good influence for the world. 

Why read it:

The book is about having the last chance to give your best to the world. The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch is about encountering obstacles to living your dreams full. It values your time worthwhile living life. It’s his delightful lessons with deep meanings. One of life Changing books that uncover the Die impact of a life that read for positive influence.

Key points:

Randy never lose his dreams and work on them that eventually becomes true. 

Helping others to achieve their success has enormous satisfaction. 

The simple advice has a deep meaning with practical worth. 


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