Best books for breaking bad habits: 9 Recommendations for you [2022]:

I research a lot to find the best books for breaking bad habits. Below, I list them with oneliner, a reason to read and Key Points of each book. 

The ONE Thing By Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan:


The book value doing one thing that makes else unnecessary for productive living that reduces distractions and stress by enhancing focus.  

Why read it?

The book assists you that is overcoming the lies that misguide us. It practically teaches the value of No. It ends up your distraction and proceeds the meaningful questions. The book values time and realization about specific expertise. 

Key points:

It’s a single question; The One Thing matters and makes other things easier or unnecessary. It’s necessary to prioritize long and short term goals. 

Focus comes through saying no to others. Make yourself out of a distraction situation.

Don’t compromise your personal life for work. Read Is think and grow rich worth reading?

The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg:


Habits are core, understandable and changeable towards your identity, society and success. 

Why read it?

It inspires through the rebuilding of habits. The book explains nature and behaviour towards Habits. 

It explains scientific research to build awareness about habits. It uncovers failures and success stories through argument by habits. 

Key points:

The cycle of habits has 3 Parts; Cue the triggers, routine the behaviour and reward completing process. 

Habits become change by breaking the Routine from the loop. 

A crucial habit to develop is Willpower which comes through passion, discipline and worse case situations. 

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones By James Clear:


It gives 4 Steps every day implementable for ending bad behaviour through adopting a good one with a consistent process. 

Why read it?

The book shows the life transformation through eliminating and creating habits. It explains the right system to add or ends new habits practically. The author reshapes your motivation into Willpower through the light of experts and peak performers for compounding results.

Key points:

Cue(Triggers), Craving(Desire), Response(action) and Reward(Satisfaction) are Four step loop of every habit. 

Get habits by making them clear, attractive, simple and rewarding. 

Use a habit tracker to identify your success and failure every day with hope. 

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results By Stephen Guise:


The 45% goals perform without any effort; The mini habits yield with a focus on smaller goals through willpower and tracking your progress. 

Why read it?

The practical and slow progress yields enormous consistent change for the long term. Its focus is on small positive change with less fear of failure. It challenges your strategy of getting motivation never works last. The book teaches willpower for small change strategy.

Key points:

Develop your habits with the simplest change in motion.

Track your progress to avoid distraction and gain willpower experience. 

Never change your basic standards with new achieved standards. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey:


It changes your views to encounter a situation in the world through 7 Habits for consistent and leading performing success. 

Why read it?

The book provides a complete practical model to transform your life for success. It gives a larger picture and shows the responsibilities with the mindset of great achievers. The book provides a sense to develop life rules for unshakable character and progress. 

Key points:

Value end before starting anything associated with you. 

Understand your limited opportunity and say no to distractions. 

Active listening is to structure the current and real situation for understanding. 

Presence By Amy Cuddy:


It is guidance about self-confidence, mindset and body language for effective inner and external communication. 

Why read it?

The book teaches the right attitude towards the biggest life challenges. It teaches the right self-impression instead of faking external impressions. 

The book shows several success stories from regret to embracing Fearful moments with comfort. It shares science-based body-mind techniques for unwanted or pressured encounters.   

Key points:

Jot down your best core values to handle unwanted situations courageously.

Your past success opens up more possibilities for wins. 

The better body posture impacts direct self-confidence level well.  

High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way By BRENDON BURCHARD:


It provides examples and science-based research on six techniques for building a meaningful and extraordinary life.

Why read it?

The book uncovers the practical habits of extraordinary people for long term success. The book reveals your best impact on yourself through the Right habits. 

It shows the practical approach towards consistently in a high achievement state. Each Habit has practical application with progress to measure. 

Key points:

Your purpose gives you motion direction that energizes with physical and mental health. 

Develop your stable external reasons for valuable productivity. 

Stay humble but confident towards achievement. 

The Craving Mind By Judson Brewer:


We need to feel peaceful with ourselves instead of becoming a prisoner of an illusion for fake completion act by falling the easy way of addiction. 

Why read it?

The book gives a complete explanation of the reasoning behind breaking bad habits. The author explains addictive behaviour with habit and addiction mechanism formation. As a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, the author explains mindfulness practices to get power over craving patterns. It yields with peaceful life. 

Key points:

Overeating craving comes for ending emotional itching temporarily. 

Technology addiction gives fake support to hide from the uncomfortable and present situation. 

Accept your changes over time instead of evaluating yourself through past external remarks. 

Love craving happens by giving less and accepting more from others. Create your happiness by exploring yourself instead of depending. 

Anger craving is a way to express. 

Happiness addiction forces us to hold happiness by creating happy events without reason.

Practice mindfulness and accepting being discomfort without enforcing any reward. 

Rewire: Change Your Brain to Break Bad Habits, Overcome Addictions, Conquer Self-Destructive Behavior By Richard O’Connor:


The book explains the brain justification about destructive ad unwanted behaviour that can transform into discipline and awareness. 

Why read it?

The book explains brain works in every circumstance and provokes alternative paths. It gives awareness about your automatic self. It inspires for rewiring the brain behaviour for wiser actions. Compassion connects with your discipline. It gives force that sabotages our efforts for long-lasting change. 

Key points:

Our identity has 2 Parts, the conscious and the automatic one. Work through your conscious self.

Repressing your emotions are impossible and yield your self-destruction

Start fake about breaking a bad habit and stable through mindfulness. 


The best breaking bad habits books provide knowledge about habits patterns with ways to break them. Breaking Habits comes through substituting with Good habits.


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