Jordan Peterson study: 21 Quick Points that explain it Completely:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson study. Below, I summarize my quick answer; 

Static structure transforms into new Structure consistently. Partial death and rebirth improve the human spirit. 

Our Learning reduces suffering. 

You get factual knowledge or action knowledge. We act out without knowing. Knowing action becomes Principles. It encountering anxiety. That never make Hell. 

Fantasies come while studying. Unconcious practice is necessary. 

Voluntarily facing kills fear. 

Unconditional rewards are associated with motivations. Conditional rewards are goal-oriented.   

Abstract knowledge for its application. 

Fantasies while studying:

If you’re going to study, your conscious effort is to study. You are bored by things. Fantasies pop up and try to control your perceptions. 

You lose control over yourself. 

Unconcious practising:

Jordan Peterson refers to the History of the unconscious book. Unconcious contain habits. This add-in unconscious voluntarily. Anything you practice becomes your part. Know about Jordan Peterson on reading and writing

Unconcious has creative abilities. The weird ideas and dreams come through it. Our impulses also relate to the unconscious. It grips you strong. 

Fear feeds vulnerability:

People learn things because of fear. Mind and body ready to encounter the unknown. It makes you alert about it. Do Voluntarily exposure. Jordan Peterson refers to psychotherapy. You tell people about their fear. Give them manageable doses to encounter. It expands the rate of competence. It convinces people that the world isn’t dangerous. 

The possibility exists within you. People become unbelievably resilient. 

Conceptual Vaccum:

You can overcome prejudices. You require a conceptual Vaccum for it. 

It shakes the already existing structure.

Learning Theory Jordan Peterson:

Jordan Peterson study shares the Theory of Russian psychologist Eugene Sokolov. 

Jordan Peterson shares a theory about learning. He divides it into 2 Rewards;

Unconditioned rewards:

It associates with a fulfilling motivational state. 

It stops your motivation after some time. That’s a consummatory reward. 

Unconditioned punishments:

It transforms a motivational state into unpleasant emotions. That can be pain, frustration or grief. 

Conditioned rewards:

That provides progress towards the consummatory reward. 

You can learn conditions. It provides a condition for dopamine release. 

That refers to the Positive exploration of novelty. It’s a play. 

Conditioned punishments:

It associates with Threats. You can learn it through conditioning. 

It provides a predation or dominance signal. Jordan Peterson refers to the Serotonin hormone release for satisfaction. 

It predicts the punishment. 

That can associate with negative aspects of anxiety. That’s referring to neuroticism. 

Negative emotions involvement:

Jordan Peterson shares hippocampus functionality. 

Hippocampus look at your thinking. It’s based on memories. 

Hippocampus also look at the world. It sees inside and outside the world. 

It highlights expectations with the reality happening.

Your negative emotions activate with preparation to do next. It highlights anomaly. 

Abstraction things:

Jordan Peterson value abstraction. You can abstract through mathematics. 

Abstraction is as Real as reality. It gives a pattern of being. 

Cultures share their information through stories. We lost without the cornerstone of understanding. 

Jordan Peterson doesn’t support it. It yields psychological pathology. 

Jordan gives a fiction example as an abstraction. You may find fiction more true than reality. 

Knowing is observing:

Jordan Peterson study observes the individual actions. Humans watch each other and observe for a long time. It’s more than a 100million years ago. 

Some knowledge exists in our biology. 

We represent the body as a symbol. 

We understand through action. Our actions are shaping the world. 

We model the process in stories.

Giving up breaks vision:

Failure itself produces cognitive pain. It is survivable. Giving up something means you give up one part of yourself. It associates with your vision. 

Learning tolerates suffering:

Why do you learn something? Jordan says You are wrong. Jordan Peterson refers to Piagerion observation. Learning successful makes you tolerate life suffering. You overcoming your limitations. You know and learn same time.

Jordan Peterson gives a game example. You move in the games to play more games in future. You learn a set of skills for it. 

Nature of game across gam contest. 

Learning hurts:

Learning requires pain. The fast learning rates hurts you. 

You kill your one part to learn new. The killing yields a new structure build.

You engage in a meaningful way. 

Jordan Peterson gives a surfing example. Surfer dynamic with waves. You raise on top of waves. People learn because of curiosity. 

Develop moderate learning rate:

Get your learning rate enough. You can give enough possibilities. It gives you enough dopamine kick to restart. Make your rate toleratable. Never bore yourself. Never put yourself into chaos. You find it exciting, not painful. 

Go for voluntary exposure. Move towards interesting chaos. 

Keep small yourself apart to reconstruct. It keeps you alive and active. 

Learning rebirths:

Pain with reality exists. 

You learn to transform your knowledge structures. It minimizes your exposure to pain. 

We’re a consistent balance between life and death. Body cells produce new consistently. 

Never overburden learning:

People can’t study for 10hours per day. Jordan Peterson accepts he can’t do it. Jordan Peterson does 3hours of consistent intellectual activity. Rest is essential for Intellectual activities. 

Action over understanding:

You act in ways you don’t understand. Require effort for understanding your action. Jordan Peterson refers to carl Jung quote. Everybody action is a myth. Very few people act through Myth. 

You should know your myth. It might be a tragedy. 

Your pattern behaviour comes to you. Nobody knows where it comes to you. Your patterns aim you somewhere. 

Everyone is a complicated being with an articulate mind. You’re more than you handle. 

Action gives laws:

Your action gives information. 

It transforms into a dream. That can be mythology or literature. 

It associates with laws. A single decision with order develops Law. You act out the body of laws. It has principles. 

We take information from people’s behaviour. 

Actionable idea:

We develop a generalized idea. It can rule. Then, we divorce the Idea from individuals. It gives essence. 

You require the abstract out Idea that you can act out. First, a single individual involves. Then, abstract out Ideas from a group of individuals.

Factual knowledge:

We consider factual knowledge as knowledge. Physicists or Engineers deal with it. 

It’s associated with things. It’s not associated with the way you behave. 

Acted out knowledge:

Properly cultured behaviour is more likely towards success. You can also imagine culture as knowledge. It’s tough to handle. 

It’s knowledge about the act. We avoid noncultural people. 

You can connect with others. It’s in the way that yields success. 

Everything is relevant:

We often don’t go where things are unknown. 2 Things happen after encountering obstacles. 1st is your specific goal movement blocks. 2nd is the encounter of mystery. New things pop up that shakes the whole thinking.  

We don’t know about our existence sometimes. Jordan Peterson explains you don’t know to refer to everything relevant. 

Encounter anxiety over Hell:

The practical solution to a complex problem is Extraordinarily Difficult. That’s the reason people come to a therapist. Making a person self resilient doesn’t change the situation. You can stop things to become hell. You can’t stop making their anxieties. 

It’s a delimitation of catastrophe. You require the same systems your ancestors used to conceptualize lurking predators. 

Knowledge of good and evil:

Jordan Peterson study combines Marxist and Judeo Christian suffering theory. 

Judeo Christian shares Adam and Eve story. They become self-conscious and realize nakedness. Nakedness refers to that we’ve something to reveal. 

Humans are self-conscious animals. Self-consciousness reveals itself in a negative emotional form. You’re not self-conscious when trying to impress someone. Self-consciousness reveals your foolish side. 

When you know your vulnerability, you know the difference between good and evil. You consciously know bring suffering into being. It gives knowledge of good and evil. 


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