Who moved my cheese Criticism with Benefits: 22 Points:

I research a lot to find out Who moved my cheese Criticism with benefits.


Below, I mention Who moved my cheese Criticism; 

Who moved my cheese has childish and shallow ideas. Never explain complex issues of change without devaluing change cause. Never value of security fear to choose decision. It doesn’t explain change cause, types of change and right change. It doesn’t explain the necessary success elements.

Childish Idea:

Every grown man knows well about the truth of consistent change in life. The story has a simple lesson about change without complexity (Childish style). High school or kids require knowing the truth of adopting change over time. Read Who moved my cheese summary

Repetitive and less enjoyable:

No doubt, the book has a repetitive length with a Deep change idea. It bores those who know already about the change. It doesn’t mention a different approach to approach cheese:

Convincing about change impact:

The author convinces the reader about the book’s impact on businesses, marriages and health conditions. Consistently mention about book greatness inside the book. 

Change is a complex idea:

The book explains the change idea Simply. It doesn’t associate with self-esteem, resilience, communication and strategies. Other books like Resilience at Work by Deborah Khoshaba and Salvatore R. Maddi and Change Thrivers by Afsaneh Noori explain it.

Not well for business people:

It has unrealistic characters with no Real statistics and direction for business success. It’s unprofessional to be practical. 

Not value change cause:

It presents as a typical rat race for life. There is always a reason that forces change. 

You lose value through consistent adopting change. Not every change is desirable. Identify the change that you want in your life. 

No resistance for change mentioned:

There is enormous resistance that comes in the way of adopting change. Every person has a way to cope through resistance. Some resistance is relevant while Others are irrelevant.

Devalue fear and be proactive about Fear:

It’s our responsibility to measure fear objectively. There is the reason behind every fear. 

Understanding change doesn’t bring success:

There are skills and mindset shifts that are essential for getting success. Adopting change bring different situation. The growth mindset is essential to choose change for success. Low self-esteem brings an unwanted change in your life. 

Shallow idea:

Spencer Johnson doesn’t give a deep understanding of getting change in life. He explains cheese’s value in life. There is no explanation about the following cheese. Besides, there is no idea about producing cheese instead of following it.

Change impacts your already achievement:

Most of the time, we lose something to get something else. Losing of relationship or financial security is not a desirable change. Sudden change is not possible by moving out for cheese. The consistent change develops a balance of getting new and already existing things. 

Who moved my cheese Survey 2022:

I do a complete survey on Goodreads to identify Who moved my cheese Criticism as well as its Benefits. 

Category:Numbers of people:Critical analysis:
No:70Discuss change only.
No solution about cheese absence.
Can summarize more.
Explain life change unpleasantly.
Change doesn’t mean accepting everything.
No Unique skill value.
Not to mention the balance between your having and getting new.
Happiness is never associated with only consistent chasing.
Self Promotional with old ideas.
Draamaztize change idea.
Never explain the way to follow in the Maze.
It doesn’t give cheese production ideas instead of chasing it.
Yes:119It explains disappointment, hope and arrogance for consistent happiness struggle.
Empower you about change through consistent action.
Cheese comes through consistent change.
Clarify about change.
You’re not a cheese master, be happy with what you get.
Change takes us what we want in life.
Neutral:70It’s cool about action but not to mention the cheese reasoning.
Middle school self-help.
Encourage to see beyond the problem.
Lesson explained separately.
Encourage abandoning things.
Move with change through decision type.
Impact your decision about adopting change.
Not for everyone, best for the fearful person about the change.
Less impressive dialogues.


I mention the benefits of Who moved my Cheese below;

Who moved my cheese encourage living through adventure. We get freedom from fear through the willpower of change. Change brings consistent necessary achievement by improving decisions. Happiness moves with the change. 

Seek adventure:

It’s about putting your fear down to enjoy the coming adventure. The adventure challenges our abilities to get something. Besides, it rewards unusual from the typical moves. 

Never impose change:

Spencer Johnson explains with a story about getting change by yourself. Never impose it on others. It wastes your time while others demotivate you about your change struggles. Suggesting change is quite impressive. 

Believe change impacts decision:

The change comes eventually in every life. Everyone should believe it. 

It improves your decision about consistent change. You add flexibility in your long term planning. 

Freedom over Fear:

Freedom is essential to growing in your life. The Fear ends an enormous opportunity to grow. The struggle for freedom allows you to choose your best accomplishment. 

Change can force or within:

The book shares the universal truth about change that implies in our routine life. The conditions enforce change on us. You can adopt change proactive without any force. It comes through within ourselves. 

Reminder for change:

Who moved my cheese give you a reminder to adopt the next challenge of your life courageously. The author suggests never losing hope about getting change. As you strive for it, you get the ways to adopt it. The instant pain of struggling in change is worth taking. 

Different approaches to get happiness:

Everyone has a different approach to get change. Some people avoid it and get hopeless about it. Others become hopeful about it. The arrogant people feel happy about their current situation. 

Change comes through decisions:

There is no progress or reliable result as you’re not deciding about getting change. The proper decision for change requires quickness for it. You can rise your knowledge quick about change. Spencer shares lessons to get change. 

Imagine before getting it in real:

Consistent imagining about your new goal assists you to get it. It opens up new ideas and gives to choice for a new direction. Looking for the future is essential to get adopt the future requirements. 

Past achievements are not workable in new conditions:

We don’t go for new things because it challenges us. That’s why we stuck into the old one. The known fears us all. As we monitor change, we specify goals that bring change in life. 

Never worse change in mind:

Spencer Johnson’s story explains the various biases associated with change. The actual change is different or less horrific than it appears. Develop your positive view to encounter the change in life. 


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