Inspirational movies for troubled youth: 10 Recommendations

I researched a lot to find out the Inspirational movies for troubled youth. Below, I provide the story of each movie with the crucial role of the protagonist in it. Read Inspirational movies on Netflix for students

Peaceful Warrior:

It’s the true story of a college gymnast who gets a chance to encounter a stranger that changes his life. The college gymnast has talent but arrogance. 

He considers having everything to become an Olympic winner. Gymnast gets a swear injury. He put out with the assistance of his stranger (Socrate) with the young woman for getting spiritual strength for true greatness. 

Protagonist: Dan millman

Dan Millman’s qualities and mission:

Dan is young but has a will to proceed with his mission. He meditates over his struggle to achieve his greatness. He becomes consistent with Socrates’ teaching. Dan never gives up his need to search. 

October Sky:

It’s a true story about a high school student who doesn’t want to pursue his life like his father as a coal miner. He gets influenced through the space age and pursues a life-changing mission. He builds up a rocket with the assistance of his 3 Friends and builds a rocket. After encountering consistent failures, the boys get the success that inspires the whole town.

Protagonist: Homer Hickam.

Homer Hickam’s qualities and mission:

Homer Hickam has determination, optimism and the ability to pursue hard work. He hopes to get a better life than his father. Most people don’t believe in his rock project. He continues to prove his worth. 

I Still Believe:

It’s a true story of an American singer and songwriter, Jeremy Camp. The singer and his girlfriend fall in love and are married. The wife of the singer has ovarian cancer after the weddingThe singer asks in his concerts about prayer. He writes the song “I still believe”. He sings them for her wife. After challenging times of hopelessness, she gets a cure. 

Protagonist: Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp’s qualities and mission:

He never allows his wife to give up on his life. He remains Positive and connected to God for goodness. Jeremy Camp uses singing and songwriting to uplift himself and his wife against hopelessness. 

To Save a Life:

Lake is a basketball champion with a girlfriend and a perfect life. The unexpected suicide of his friend makes him close to God and Christianity. Things change his father cheats on his mom, his girlfriend gets pregnant, and his friends mock him. He realizes life’s meaning and saves it. 

Protagonist: Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor’s qualities and mission:

He is curious about understanding the situation. He is looking for the defects of his dangerous lifestyle. Jake leaves his dreams to save the lives of the others. 

The theory of everything:

It’s the story of the relationship of famous physicist Stephen Hawking with his wife. Both studies in Cambridge in the 1960s. Stephen discovers his motor neuron disease and has less time to live. Both encounter terrible odds in the medicine and science Fields to achieve more than imaginable.

Protagonist: Stephen hawking 

Stephen hawking’s qualities and mission:

He wants to live his life to the fullest. It’s free from the fact of his slowly growing neural disease. His disabilities grow with time. His hope to pursue his time theory never stops. 


It’s the story of a boy born with facial differences who avoid mainstream school. His family, friends and community discover ways to show compassion. He finds various ways to be kind and appreciative. 

Protagonist: Auggie Pullman

Auggie Pullman’s qualities and mission:

He suffers from the Treacher Collins syndrome, which yields facial differences. He struggles to encounter people and show his face to others. Auggie teaches several lessons of kindness, compassion and empathy through his experience and mother. 

The Devil Wears Prada:

It’s the story of a college graduate with big dreams. She becomes the assistant of Editor Miranda Priestly in the prestigious Runway magazine. Andy becomes her whipping girl on a distant tour without any problem.

Protagonist: Andy

Andy’s qualities and mission:

She explains the necessary actions to proceed in the fashion world and tries to identify her role in it. Andy struggles with the ruthless boss and finds allies in her work. She has a passion for her career but was never sure about her current job. 

The Ron Clark Story:

It’s a true story based on teacher Ron Clark from small North Carolina hometown. He earns a lot of respect but decides to follow his inner calling. Ron Clark moves to Newyork to make a difference in the youth. He pursues to work on worse students putting his job at risk. 

Protagonist: Ron Clark

Ron Clark’s qualities and mission:

He has a passion for connecting with the students. He develops his students through a good mood to pursue it. Ron Clark determines to give his maximum even get failure in return. He inspires, engages and motivates students with his teaching method. 

Billy Elliot:

It’s the story of a coal miner’s son who finds his passion one day while passing through ballet class. His father sends him for boxing lessons. 

The local dance teacher observes Billy’s talent and arranges an audition. The whole village changes their biases and supports billy’s dream. 

Protagonist: Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot’s qualities and mission:

Billy encounters self-discovery and self freedom. It guides him to pursue his dream instead of stopping through biases, poverty or inner conflict. He breaks the gender stereotype through different dancers’ feet. He becomes confident about pushing the boundaries of society. 

Into the Wild:

A son of wealthy parents and a graduate from Emory University is a top student and athlete. He gave his $24000 to charity. 

He goes to Alaska for hitchhiking purposes. 

Christopher McCandless learns several lessons along with the journey and encounters starvation.

Protagonist: Christopher McCandless

Christopher McCandless’s qualities and mission:

He takes the risk to seek his freedom and truth. He opens spiritually and philosophically to gain new experiences. 

Christopher is kind and passionate and describes himself as an extremist. He is anti-materialistic and follows his beliefs system. These inspirational movies motivate troubled youth.


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