What can I learn from Howard Schultz? 29 Lessons From His Life:

I research a lot to find the Answer to the question, What can I learn from Howard Schultz? Below, I summarize my quick Answer; 

Success earns every day. Always Dream big. Involve personally to build something. Your Transparency commits your vision to others. Everyone act on mistakes; belief is essential. Shared success is best.

Individual responsibility impacts the nation. Innovation brings the team together by adding value for each other. 

Every investor rejects his idea; He never gives up. He motivates through childhood shame and fear. 

Most of the mistakes we act out are self-induced. America requires leaders. 

The secret of Starbucks success is human behaviour. It brings things alive. Starbucks build a relationship between coffee makers and customers. 

Howard feels responsible and humble to serve people. Guiding principles and culture define the company. Respect employees in various ways. Implement core values, not rewarding efficiency. Howard considers himself lucky. 

Follow dream:

Oprah Winfrey asked about the best piece of advice Howard received; He replied, Never allow anyone to say that your dreams can’t come true. 

Believe in your dreams and dream bigger.  

Success is earnable:

Success isn’t an entitlement. It has to earn every day. A leader has a behaviour of earning success daily. Success is best when shared. 

That’s Why Howard never cut the health insurance of employees financial crisis. 

Success doesn’t about grow bigger. The matter is one thing. It’s a single experience. 

Pursue value with money:

Pursuing money isn’t a very fulfilling journey. Integrate money with your divine purpose. It’s not about the rich. It’s about creating a better life for others. Adding value to others’ lives and becoming successful is achievable. 

Lead through belief:

Howard became CEO again in 2007 to save the company. Starbucks loses value. The company measures and rewards the wrong behaviour. The company lost its mission. 

He has passion and love for the company. He came back to lead, required other assistance and belief. Read Howard Schultz On Leadership. 

Takes inspiration from others:

Howard takes inspiration through the coffee bars of Italy and Rome. He observes the community culture through coffee service. 

Gives Starbucks Employees reasoning:

Every behaviour focus on Why. “What you do” doesn’t matter. Howard conveys people with reasoning. He leads people with directional Reason.

He provokes responsibility for Starbucks purpose. The corporate and future of America are tied together. 

Be personal to build:

You can’t build anything without taking it personally. Howard asks Employees about taking things personally. 

He gives meaning to personal accountability happen in store. 

Core value uncompromisable:

You surround yourself with people that experienced than you. Those people should have like-minded values. Compromise anything except core values. Not everyone deserves to be in the team. 

Long term values yields long term success:

Short term success doesn’t build long term value for anyone. We live in an age of short term success. 

Every relevant thing matters. If you lose a few, you eventually lose everything. Put the relevant mattering things to an organization through discipline. 

Motivates through fear:

Howard motivates by his childhood shame and fear. He builds Starbucks humble from the customer’s eye. 

He remains believable and shares the belief. 

Starbucks isn’t a perfect company. They develop and protect their culture and values. 

The company share the truth with others. 

Commit your vision:

Leadership is creating a vision or building followers. 

You bring others some journey. You commit them for it.  

The American dream is earnable:

Howard talks about America and its democracy. Democracy tested. People before us find to earn American rights. Young Americans take Responsibility to serve the country and love it.

Accept his Father’s struggles:

Howard father has a series of bad jobs. His father was a truck driver delivering and picking up clothes. 

His father fell on ice and broke his hips and ankles. Howard’s father has no health insurance. 

Realize parents feelings;

He observes shame and scars of feeling as 7years old boy. He realizes at that time something better exists. 

Respect employees:

Howard decides to build a company that has a culture. The culture to respect employees. Starbucks share success with employees. Starbucks gives employees extra pay for part-time work. 

Starbuck associates with society:

Howard was an employee at Starbucks. Starbucks sold coffee beans at that time. 

Howard has an idea to build a place between home and work. He says theatre and romance with coffee consumption. 

Coffee became a reason for the community. It has a social impact. 

Follow idea with investors:

Howard shares his idea of selling coffee through culture rejection through higher management. He decided to start an Italian coffee bar. Howard shares his idea with an investor. 

Nobody gives him money for the coffee store.  

Howard decides to go door to door. He raised enough money to build the first store in 1986. He shares standards of coffee serving in that store. 

Bought Starbucks through raising money:

Howard has a passion for selling coffee in the atmosphere. The founder of Starbucks decided to sell the company for 3.8million dollars. Howard has no money at that time. Howard raised all money within a few weeks (through investors) and bought Starbucks. He implements his ideas. 

Feel bored while Starbucks succeed:

Howard feels unnerving. He felt bored, unchallenged and depressed. 

He decided to step out of the company CEO Position; look at Starbucks from the outside. Starbucks had boomed in 2000. The company open 7Cafes per day. 

Memo for every Starbucks member:

Howard released a memo for employees of Starbucks. Howard shares the critics and wrong things. 

He shows company profit associated with love and shared success. Starbucks employees(Called partners) remain together for a single purpose. 

The memo mentions the various benefits Starbucks provide to employees;

  • Health safety.
  • Bean stock Equity.
  • Support farmers families.
  • Support partner’s in need. 
  • Free college tuition.
  • Hire for diversity.
  • Welcome civil rights.
  • Enhance other livings associated with Starbucks. 

Reimpliment Starbucks vision:

Starbucks exceeds customers expectations. Howard closed the store for the evening and told employees about their mission. 

Starbucks Company isn’t identifying through money and profits. Profit-driven isn’t Starbucks mission. 

Transparency and vulnerability:

Transparency and truth are crucial for leadership. It exceeds the expectations of employees. 

Be vulnerable to share beliefs without fear. Express who you’re courageous. 

Company conscious matters:

A company has consciousness. 

You have a core purpose beyond the profits. Starbucks success reason is an achievement of balance between profits and socially consciousness. 

Teach children responsibility:

The responsibility and truthfulness require more in the home than the cooperate world. Howard teaches his children about courage and Responsibility. 

Nothing can get without responsibility and service. 

Embrace his poor Childhood:

Oprah Winfrey asks Howard Schultz about his identity without the Starbucks CEO role. Howard considers himself still a boy from Brooklyn. 

He wants to honour his parents. He wants his child to feel proud. Howard mother see his success, but his father died before. Both are proud of him. 

I learn from Howard Schultz about accepting childhood fear. It motivates us.

Connects with social issues:

Howard deep connects with the country. 

He concerns about the American dream, society polarization. 

America requires transformation. America has structural problems. People waiting to be called. Howard wants to give people a call. America needs truthful leadership. 

Faces hopelessness:

Howard faces no hope and dispairs at a very young age. The vulnerability and fear of failure shape him. 

I learn from Howard Schultz about encountering hopelessness through vulnerable acts.

Love brings Responsibility:

Howard says that we need love in America and around the world. Love gives responsibility. Responsibility preserves and enhances the gift. I learn from Howard Schultz about accepting love. Responsibility is a way to empower love.

Individual responsibility grows nation:

Howard has reminded us about taking responsibility on the individual level of the planet. 

Howard has a view about high-speed internet. High-speed internet is essential for every American citizen, like electricity. It’s a way of learning and overcoming the fear of not knowing. 


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