What are the most valuable things in life, Jordan Peterson?

I research a lot about the question; What are the most valuable things in life, Jordan Peterson? Below, I sum up Jordan Peterson life Valuable things.

Ask questions. Know conduct in the world. Go for ideals. Never articulate ideals. Understand people. 

Learn through stories. 

Face unwillingness. Encounter your fearable. 

Go for improvement. Never be total. 

Stay for a path. Learn through errors. 

Adopt burden voluntarily. Hierarchy of competence works. Be a hero. Stay harmful. 

Choose an interesting partner. Go for lifetime value. 

A Crucial life question:

Life has crucial questions. It’s not world made. 

How do we conduct in the world?

Our behaviour matters. It defines us. That predicts our rule. Rule Awareness is crucial. That gives choices. We select better. 

Develop ideals:

Everyone has ideas. It’s admiration. That can action. 

Never admire an unproductive person. Develop ideas. Join people for it.

That feeds purpose. Read about Jordan Peterson advice.

Can’t articulate ideals:

No one is his ideal. We can’t compare. 

That varies. We take inspiration. 

That highlights changes. 

We adopt changes. It brings transformation. 

Understand people existence:

We encounter behaviours. That tells experience. Set behaviour with others. Know people exist. 

Use stories for understanding:

Stories give a description. Know about motivation. We want adventure. Intimacy is also crucial. Explains fundamental motivation. That’s with a relationship.

Learn transformation:

It happens in stories. It associates birth and death. 

That Directs a new direction. The old one ends up. Let go of errored things. 

Adopt a new path. That’s rebirth. Generation of a new self. That embody your new perception. 

Encounter unwillingness:

People show it. Unwillingness appears. Every time you want something. That Gives short term pain. Yields long term transformation. Free From suffering.  

The process to learn:

Your learning matters. The process is crucial. Craft your best Process. That transforms you. Focus on rules. 

Most people never connect with the process. Process updates information. 

They join with learning. Develop ideology. Never break it. 

Choose improvement over totality:

People develop totality. It’s their theory. 

Never update it. Face hurting with it. Never accept reality.

Improvement chooses betterness. 

That never blocks. It filters choices. 

Stay on the path:

Never mess around. It deviates you. 

Things don’t stay well. That separates. Understand right and wrong.

Choose right over wrong path. 

Wrong yields disaster: 

That yields corruption. Jordan explains the society model. 

He Explains Nazi Germany and swat union. 

Individual corrupts. Never support truth. 

It spreads. That Ends up hell. 

Error send messages:

It’s the unknown. That comes to your zone. You do nothing. 

It eats you slowly. Never ignore it. That comes often. Understand clue. 

Means learn. 

Break your paradise. Things come in. It tests character. 

Learning comes with mistakes:

Never discourage. Be a problem solver. Ego kills you. Require small improvement. Never change the whole. That guides you. 

Assume the Least stupidity. Go for micro-routine. 

Go for planning:

The plan is essential. Achieve nothing without it. That’s a process. It gives a path. 

Develop priorities. It eliminates irrelevant. 

That gives a schedule. 

Jordan appreciates it. Your efforts are limited. 

That gives value. You get structured. Give mind aim. Its filters are crucial.

Look into an abyss:

Most develop fears. Never look in it. It’s horrible. 

It has a monster. It’s darkness. Spread terror. 

Go within it. Find light in the darkness. 

That’s new circumstances. New genes start producing. 

That Happens automatically. 

You Exploring a new self. Challenges activities you. 

Take being a burden:

Take burden voluntarily. It transforms you. 

You discover light. It destroys the darkness. 

Persona and enlightenment:

Persona is for convincing. It’s pretending. Mask you wear. Convince yourself and others. You’re not terrible. 

Mask ends sometimes. It reveals the dark side. People fearful. Reveal evil. That’s the enlightenment part. 

Shadow psychology Jordan Peterson:

Shadow is the personality part. Personality rejects it. 

Accepting shadow is essential. 

Face your bitter truth. Absorb your resentment. That Tells your worlds. 

Break your oppressive feeling. Notice it every time. 

Say necessary. Our Soul depends on it. Go for Genuine moral efforts. 

Bitterness produces dark fantasies. Reveal you’re a dangerous part. It’s best. 

 Never be a harmless coward:

You show harmless. That’s a Consequence of fear. It’s not morality. 

That’s cowardness. Coward is present as morality.  

Hierarchy of competence:

Equality never exists. It can’t work. 

Every person is not equal. Everyone wants competence. 

That’s functional. It’s valuable.

Corrupt uses power. Pollute through it. 

Quality hierarchy works. It rewards the best one. So, work harder more. 

Evolution is sexual also.

Females choose mates. Females choose the dominant one. 

Go for choice. Every female look competent. 

Go for influential men. Men select by other men. 

Men become adoptable. Move upward in hierarchy better. 

They’ve better chances. Leave genetic production. 

Hero Jordan Peterson:

Constantly study Men. Men achieve top hierarchy. 

Have specific qualities. Those are heroes. 

Hierarchy select Heros. Heros are crucial. Develop categories. 

That Gives admirable and non-admirable. We imagine a perfect person. 

A hero can be a religious person. He is a saver. 

Make yourself better:

It enhances other behaviour. Others treat you well. 

Take you serious. 

You see others. Observe other’s good. Find reasons. 

Understand What can you do:

It gives identity. That gives self-definition. 

You forget Understandable. See yourself in it. 

Be monster:

It’s your goal. Go for competence. That brings a fight. 

You understand the situation. Go for action immediately. 

Humans’ve evil capacity. Accept inner monster. See yourself with it. 

That’s your part. Control it. Hero requires it. That gives virtue. 

Observe your sins. Become responsible for terrible things. 

Re-order yourself:

We get orders. Take it from chaos. Some chaos not solve. 

Never wait. Try again. Go for Reorder. That changes the order.  

That rechecks assumption. That reduces chaos. That’s painful often. 

Go for a challenging partner:

That explore innovation. Partner shows known. 

He has unknown. Explore that also. That creates curiosity. Don’t bore about it. 

A relationship is not about happiness. Being Nice, not well. Exploring negative happens. That’s not momentary happiness. It gives high-quality life. Push your limitations. Might judge when required. 

You Never want a satisfied person. Strengths and weaknesses same. 

Stand towards afraid things:

We fear something. That stops path. 

We should face it. Ask yourself. 

What’s possible after Facing? That gives strength. 

5 Potential motivation:

Jordan Research about it. That exists in personality. He worked with other experts;

If you’re an extrovert, You want friends.

Agreeable want an intimate relationship.

Disagreeable want to win a competition. 

Open want creative activity. 

High neuroticism wants security. 

Find Valuable for lifespan:

Everyone requires it. That defines you. That Tells about life. 

Never choose it. Misery left behind. Malevolence ends. 


I conclude What are the most valuable things in life Jordan Peterson?

Develop values. 

Encounter the dangers. Find light in the darkness. Get for re-order. 

Select a challenging partner. Understand Primal motivation. 


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