Jordan Peterson advice:

I research Jordan Peterson advice. I summed up my answer below;

The creativity Jordan lessons below; Following Creativeness has high risks. Get a stable job. Think creativity as long term. Master your craft consistently. 

Jordan student lessons below; Never waste time. Expand efficiency. Read quality books. 

Be a powerful learner. Go for transformation. 

Hyprintelligent people advice; 

Select intellectual community. Understand wisdom. Never arrogant about the niche. 

Life advice Jordan; Choose the best Aim. Follow directional questions. Never lie. 

Live adventurously. Be brave through action. 

Jordan lessons about young men. Choose your burden. 

Perform valuable work. Become competence. 

Jordan Women advice; Understand men rejection fear. Make family. Balance with career. Never miss motherhood. 

Relationship Jordan lessons; Truth is best. Create security. 

Develop standards. Don’t follow perfection. Know sacrifices. Stay negotiable. 

Jordan Parenting advice; Train them. Make child Civilize. 

Punish with mercy. 

Don’t be overprotective. Never hold grudges. 

Jordan about fatherhood; 

Supportive force against cruelty. Support your best self. 

For creative People:

Everyone is not creative. Creativity is rare. 

They’re Different from noncreative people. 

Jordan accepts creativity. It’s a curse. 

Move out of the circle:

Creatives are out of line. These tangents require. 

That yields hyper success. Read Jordan Peterson goal setting.

Location and time matters:

Time and place matter. That reduces success chances. That’s your living time. The place is living country. 

Develop system: 

You require a creativity system. Generate consistent ideas. Require people with skills. 

Fill the market:

Understand the current market. Produce better products. 

Do better than others. 

High-risk strategy:

It has a risk-return. Return is high. Be creative is stupid. 

Success Probability is low. That’s not conservative. 

Get stable income first:

Jordan advises stability. Engage with stable work. Generate income. It’s the priority. Do creativity aside. Keep body and soul together. 

Don’t starve to death. 

See long term strategy:

Do creative work aside. Think long term. Never choose creativity first. Craft your product. Become good at it. 

Monetize creativity is difficult:

Generate artistic work. Monetization is tough. You’ve less idea. 

Don’t follow the market. 

Fewer people wildly successful:

Jordan explains the creativity hierarchy. 

Few successes are enormous. The majority don’t succeed. 

Be Smart for it:

You require smartness. Surpass competition is necessary. You utilize divergence. 

Love novelty:

Creative people love novelty. Different towards things. Put into new domains. 

Stay Creative or be miserable:

They turn miserable. Perform it consistently. 

Get joy that way. Get pleasing with it. A creative person can’t stop. He dies with it.  

Creating a product is 5%:

The other things are high. That’s marketing and sales. 

Require team and organization. Telling people about a product. 

Most know nothing. Most go for angel investors. 

Earning probability is low:

You sell your product. Earning probability is low. 

The organization takes shares. 

For students:

Jordan Peterson student advice below;

Waste time most:

Jordan asks students about time management. Most waste time. Waste 5to6 hours/day.

Waste about 20hours/week. That wastage is $50,000/year. 

Less efficient:

Perform less efficiently. Watch useless youtube. They Waste about the half-year work week. 

Utilize opportunities:

Never ignore responsibility. 

We prepare for it. It’s not forever. 

At least choose imperfect opportunities:

Never waste the imperfect chance. At least, it exists. Learn from it. Grow above it. 

Polish efficiency:

Efficiency enhances with working. Observe through Pareto distribution. 

Writing thoughts:

Write your thoughts. It gives reasoning. Learn to think. That wins the battle. 

Thinking and writing make unbeatable. Writing is a weapon. 

Realize Limited choices:

Make life less brutal. Understand possibilities. 

Go for them. That ends life horror. Remind end without it. 

Use opportunities. Make life acceptable. It gives worth. 

Formulate argument:

It supports reasoning. That gives direction. 

The way gives Direction. 

Improve scheduling progressively:

Develop schedule. Achieve it flexibly. Never hurt yourself. 

Achieve more schedule. 

Stop making worse:

People become worse. Follow negative emotions. A pathological issue arises. 

Read great books:

Jordan advises students. They should read. 

That Gives a high-quality identity. It gives freedom. 

Be Powerful learning:

Reading and speaking are powerful. 

That’s authority. That Provides influence. Learn these skills.

Read for it. Never read for grades. Be sensible. 

Transform yourself:

Get transforming. That shines others. It impacts society. 

Nothing better exists. Never train for a job. Be articulated. 

Manifest every possible. 

Go for good:

Humanity is corrupt. Choose good choices. 

Use for good purpose. Be sensible about it. 

Resolve oppression:

Go for solutions. Never stick with pain. Find ways. Understand world. Never break hierarchy. 

Heroic mission:

Go your heroic mission. Move towards expansion. 

Reveal potentials. 

For Hyper-Intellectual People:

People are low in numbers. Jordan discusses them. 

Jordan Peterson wisdom advice is below;

Find similar intellectual community:

Don’t drain it. Find like-minded. 

Give yourself Direction. Share ideas. 

Find your level people. 

Develop wisdom:

Don’t rely on intellect. Develop wisdom. 

It’s moral values. That’s beyond Intellect. 

Character development:

Choose reference. Go for values. 

Promote qualities. Practice your values. It’s humbleness. 

Don’t stick in superiority:

It’s tough for intellectuals. Become superior about a niche. That’s not appreciable. Never waste your intellect. 

Never arrogant:

Be humble. Moral attracts opportunities. That ends rejection. 

Know about the world works. 

For Life:

Jordan Peterson life advice below;

Ask genuine questions:

Expand yourself. Ask questions for order. Questioning refers to aim. 

That drives action. 

Fix things:

Order your room. Fix things every day. 

Figure out things. 

Better from old life:

Observe old life. Try Improves it. It’s not selfishness. 

 Go best for all. That’s Improves Society. 

Daily action is everything:

It defines you. That gives Direction. 

Hope depends on it. 

Extend yourself:

Gather mind and emotions. Move towards challenges. 

Start fixing. 

Be heroic endeavour:

Cultivate inner hero. Support it. 

Choose your best. Be best to yourself and others. 

Know your domain:

Never move strangely. Never hurt yourself. Be alert. Do it consciously. 

Take decisions with it. Move towards unknown. 

Drive the noblest Aim:

Give yourself aim. It arranges things. 

That pops suggestion. Aim determines menifestation. The world changes that way. Develop proper aim. 

Improper aims distract. 

Where you’re?

It arises stress. 

Temporary stress sacrifices. Find location. That’s pros and cons.  

Where’s destiny?

That’s an achievement. It’s justification. Find existence reasoning. That demands sacrifices. 

Learn in obstacles:

Facing obstacles is common. Human is malleable. 

Obstacles are hitting. Learn is crucial. 

Break Wrong habits:

Learning highlights flaws. Kill the flaws. You feel pain. 

It breaks structure. Neurological change happens. 

You become different. Another end is strange. 

Know your story:

Jordan shares Jung wisdom. Everyone has a story. 

You want it or not. Be your story part. Know about it. Play your role. 

Pick your story. Work on a story. Never be malevolent. 

Be Braver:

The world is dangerous. You accept it. 

You want to fight. Break big problems. Create an actionable Problem. 

Go for voluntarily things. Never be withdrawal. 

Aventure in unknown:

People love to travel. It’s unknown. 

That excites. That gives dare. 

Follow courageous action:

Don’t feel good yourself. Act in courage. 

View that way. That’s non-naiveness. 

Good, not enough:

Require more things. Do Realistic things. 

Observes your courage. 

At least, Never lie:

We lie too much. We should speak the truth. 

Don’t Speak the truth always. Know lie hurts. The order becomes good. Appearance doesn’t matter. 

Chaos ends. Never preach lies. 

Truth proceeds best. 

Do tasks:

It reveals potential. You’re tougher. 

It’s more your thought. You bear the situation. Change the situation.  

It eliminates malevolence. 

For Young men:

Look at your admiration:

Observe people you admire. Admire great people. Never like unproductive. 

Use potential through small ways:

Perform humble efforts. It can be small. It’s embarrassing. Secure with it.

Be disciplined:

Develop plan. It encourages discipline. 

That drives responsibility.

Contribute to the world:

Find something valuable. Contribute to the world. 

Make it a better place. 

Courage for commitment:

Go for commitment. Young men are afraid of it. That’s valuable.

Pursue a committed relationship. 

Find meaning:

Young men starve it. That’s your route. 

It saves suffering. 

That gives meaning. It drives hope. 

Young men strive for responsibility:

Jordan experiences it. Responsibility gives reasoning. 

That’s your order. That eliminates confusion. 

Go for competence:

Young man develop aims. It should be competence. 

Never confuse with power. 

Hierarchy measure competence:

Jordan supports it. Hierarchy idea works. 

It gives place. Young men go for it. Find your place.

Choose sacrifice:

Jordan encourages choice. Don’t make it. Be Left something behind. So, go anywhere. 

Never be old infant:

Young men waste chances. They Never understand Direction. Become hopeless. Ages grow. Pass through the 20s. 

Become old infants. Go for deduction now. 

Separates fantasy with reality:

Men sacrifice it. They Separate real women. Put out from fantasy. 

Out from rejection:

Get out from it. Never develop fears. It kills opportunities. Encounter it. Never paralyse with it. 

For women:

Jordan Peterson advice for women.

Motherhood is crucial:

Jordan explains through experience. 

Women want a child. The age 30 is best. 

Male attracts women:

Man uses women attraction. It’s motivation. Imagine a female constantly. Show their worth. 

Men terrify rejection:

Most men terrify it. Never want rejection. Become shy. Never face better. 

Men see manifestation ideals:

Men want ideal. Never judge women. 

Play with fantasy. Unconcious meets desire. 

Adopt balance:

Go for balance. Develop career and family. Never wait too much. 

Balance is tough. 

Never miss fundamental things:

Motherhood is crucial. It has phycological value. 

Never miss it. You pay that price. It’s life fundamental.  

Most go jobs, not career:

Job demands pay. People pay for it. 

You never do it. Never confuse it. Job isn’t a career. 

Women in their 30s want life:

In the 30s, Women lose interest. They desire life. 

Career shines less. 

For relationship:

I mention Jordan Peterson relationship. Jordan Peterson advice motivates you. 

Fewer chances:

We’ve low opportunities. Intimate relationships require essential. Grow old quickly. Never be stupid. Don’t make serious mistakes. 

Tell partner truth:

Never hide it. Go with the truth. 

Never speak lies. It hurts late. 

Partner dislikes you. Leave without hesitation. 

Deal with reality. That fix things. 

That protects risks. Become trustworthy. 

Never fix partner:

Know the truth. Understand situation. Distinguish corporate or not. Find no solution. Leaving is best. 

Poor have no kids:

Poor people do less. They avoid children. 

Rich people marry. They get kids. 

Children are responsible. Teaching children is hard. 

Home gives security:

The external world doesn’t care. Your family cares. 

It supports. Well-organize is best. Find belongings. 

Divorce is complex:

People go for it. It hurts children. 

That hurts you. It breaks instant. Resolve problems. 

Drill for them. Develop roles. 

Decompose problems:

Set right atmosphere. Determine issues. 

Move deep down. Get a practical solution. 

Have specific time:

Relationships require time. Develop specific time. Never end the romance. 

Share your stories. Encourage partner. Both shares events. 

Go for standards:

It enhances understanding. Share mutual wants. That drives clarity. That creates order. Enhance sincerity. That drives principles. 

Never hide emotions:

People hide motions. Ignore the dark side. That includes anger and tears. Express your deep. Reveal them. 

Show your original concern. That resolves issues. 

Efforts for together:

People don’t plan meetings. Don’t plan events. 

They lose each other. Consistent connection is essential. 

Perfection never exists:

People want perfection. That’s not existing. 

Everyone has flaws. Both can transform. Achieve things together.

Get partner satisfaction:

Ask partner. Go for preconditions. Negotiate about it.  

Be courageous. Do regular sex. Never ignore romance. Give hope. Get acceptance with it. 

Appreciate appreciatable actions:

Tell your liking. 

That active reward. The person repeats it. That encourages. 

Never support grudges. 

Never jealous:

We’re jealous sometimes. It happens in marriage. 

You’re the same team. Never perform a comparison. Appreciate each other. Never ends self-worth. Boost it always. 

Discuss sacrifices:

Sacrifices occur in relationships. It should mention. Clear about it. Never be a slave. Never be a tyrant. Go negotiable path. 

For parenting:

Like your children:

It gives movement. Children become happy. Give them attention. It opens the world. Other respect children. 

Make them strong:

Teach children. Focus on strength. That’s antidote vulnerable. We can’t protect a child. 

Train child “NO”:

Understand child age. Stop him doing things. 

Grab him. Say No. 

Child resist. May cries at first. Keep continuing. It alters behaviour. 

A child understands No. Eventually, give up. 

Punish mercifully:

Hold child. Take his attention. Be stubborn. Never show anger. 

Children are small. You are already in power. Be just full. 

Never overprotective:

40s Parents become overprotective. Fewer child numbers make them. Happen, single child most. That’s not good. Not ready for the world. It hurts them. 

Allow children courageous and competent. 

It disarms them. Never give safety. The World is not safe. 

Discipline through limits:

Never leave a child. Create limits. 

That don’t hurt. It doesn’t limit creativity. 

That’s security. It gives enough room. Accept parent authority. 

Never revenge child:

Don’t face child embracing. Never revenge children. Stop his action. Become bad in some situations. 

Child manner cultivation is possible. That brings adults best. 

Never bring out the worst. 

Teach a child the best encounter. Teach Civilized behaviour. 

Never cultivate self-esteem:

Parents push limitations. Give children freedom. 

Never provide it. A limitation is best. 

Your authority is essential. 

For Father:

Jordan Peterson advice about fatherhood. Below I mention some;

Supportive force:

Father supports you. World demotivates you. 

Father gives motivation. That brings your best. 

Crushing force:

It breaks the wrong behaviour. It discourages wrong. 

That’s crushing you. It builds standards. That provokes responsibility.


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