Deepak Chopra on friendship:

I research a lot about the Deepak Chopra friendship wisdom. I sum up the answer below;

Friendship gives the soul alight. It gives us emotional support in bad times. You give yourself like others gives you. You become open up yourself. We have experience and self-identity to analyse. The universe observes your friendliness. 

Deepak Chopra encourages honesty, listen and positivity towards them. It evolves you and makes your life happy. 

You can develop long term and new friendships throughout life. It influences your life direction. 

Friendship is life-blood:

Deepak shares his beautiful experience with his friend. He explains that friendship is light for the soul. 

We make friends, not for social norms. It’s our social requirement. 

You feel the brightness with your friends. It gives our soul a purpose. We start living for others. Click to read about Jordan Peterson friendship wisdom.

Your emotions get power with it. You become hopeful with it. Your security and sharing arise. It’s better to find that life source.  

Friendship gives emotional support:

Deepak made a friendship with a liver patient. His friend was sick. The family of an ill man left him. His friend was an alcoholic addict. 

He left his friend for some reason. Deepak told him with empathy that he was not alive after he came back. 

His friend told him that he awaits him. When Deepak came back, he went to see him. His friend is almost about to die. He looked at him. 

He said I waited for you. Then, he died. 

Give yourself to Like others gives you:

You’ve to give yourself in it. It’s the way to understand. You feel together with others. 

The sense of sharing creates love. You feel a strong hope with it. Giveness arises the courage to add value. 

You develop equality with others. It’s a better way to add value to it. 

Open up with friends:

It means to show yourself. You have to express all aspects. Do not create fake styles. It breaks sooner or later. 

Don’t lie about your identity. It hurts you in the long term. Every start excites you with the truth. A sense of love and achievement grows inside. 

Analyse experience and self-identity impact:

Never judge your friends by their conditions. Observe your experience with them. You have to observe the changes through your friend. 

Experience gives us a feel. You can check your friendship level with it. Your character grooms up with your friend’s environment. 

The consistent analyses give you the best friend. 

Universe response your friendliness:

Sometimes, our friendship ends. Deepak Chopra says it never ends. The universe responds to our friendliness. 

Our friendly efforts observe through the universe. It gives us hope for the better. 

Your kinder moves attract better people. 

It depends on your response. Things become the way you struggle for them.  

Find new friends with similar interests:

Deepak highlights that new friends should add to life. You can make it similar interest. It does not mean your old friends are not necessary. 

You should create space for new friends. 

Every friend gives you care. It acts as success in life. It grows your ideas in life. 

Develop bold honesty:

Deepak Chopra believes Honesty gives your friendship life. You become stronger again. 

It gives hope in several ways. You develop a shield for courage. 

The boldness makes the irrelevant things powerless. You become meaningful for your friends. 

In this way, you cultivate unshakable trust. You Cultivate lifelong confidence for friends. You grow the faith for others. 

Listen to other first:

Listening gives you chance for understanding. It tells about others truly. You better know others conditions. 

It gives you courage with your friends. You don’t become lonely. You find an attachment with others. Besides, you can suggest them better. Other develop respect for you with heart. 

Highlight the positive in your friends:

I observe that Deepak highlights the positive side of his friends. No doubt everyone has various negative aspects. It builds trust with your friend. 

It allows your friend to trust in you. 

Your friend attaches with you more. He values your suggestion. 

You can support others with flaws. You get stamina to support yourself with mistakes. 

Deepak says Michael Jackson has a precious heart:

He says good words about his friend Micheal Jackson. He knows about the Michel moles case. 

Michel Jackson is also addicted to painkiller addiction. He mentions the heart nature of Michael. 

Deepak Chopra loves Michael. He shares his friend’s kindness to the world. 

Deepak says Oprah Winfrey has authenticity and integrity:

He mentions the friendly nature of Oprah Winfrey. He shares about her connectivity. 

Oprah has the honour to build connections. She gives another friendly atmosphere for talk. 

He covers her friend lack of self-esteem. He never highlights her failure in the romantic relationship. Deepak respects herself. He accepts and chooses the way she exists.

Friendship is your evolution:

There is a various moment you make a friend. 

It is essential for you at that moment. 

Every moment holds meaning. It identifies as evolution. 

It gives you a direction in life. You get Direction with the environment. A friend makes a decision and accepts choices according to him. You define with your friends. 

Happiness grows with friendship:

Deepak Chopra says that 15% happiness enhances with a friend. Your friend has another friend. 

His happiness grows by 30%. It means that our happiness relates to it.

The purpose of life is to live happily. It gives you a reason to live happily. You give yourself and another chance. 

Besides, we should never hesitate to eliminate destructive friends. It makes like worse. You become confused or under attack. 

Nurture long term friendship and New friendship:

Deepak says that it gives you long-term benefits. 

You get vitality and happiness with it. 

It makes you better in old age. You feel more secure. 

It gives you support in bad times. It is an evergreen relationship that grows throughout life. 

You become hopeful about better from others. You get various life support with it. 

Friendship influence your universe:

It gives your universe a direction. It gives you meaning in life. 

Deepak Chopra Friendship gives you care. Every person in your life develops your interest. It can be great or worse. 

The universe attracts it towards us. 

It’s inside ourselves. We feel it every time. The experience develops likeness or dislikes. 

You become ready to adopt change. Every new friend demands some changes. You create a new interest. 

It gives you a better way to understand. As your friend circle wides, you notice the change from inside.


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