Jordan Peterson truth: 41 Quick points that explain it[+ Speak wisdom]

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson Truth. Below, I summarize my quick answer; 

Truth is an adventurous act. It brings the right things. 

It has subjective value over the objective. What happens after speaking the Truth is best. Reality appears with the truth. 

Truth is your responsibility. 

Never hide under falsehood. Lies weaken and feed tyranny. 

Truth cultivates goals. It updates you.  

Philosophical truths aren’t embodied. 

You carry your existence truth in physical body form. 

It exposes and realizes conflicts. Truth serves your life. 

Speak the truth in the unknown situation:

Jordan observes his speech. He divides himself into attached or unattached. 

Jordan judges spoken self. Everything he says is untrue. He practices saying things that allow internal objectives. He practised speaking the truth or not lying. 

What should we do without knowing the situation? Tell the truth. 

Truth accepts conflict:

Jordan quotes Methew Chapter10, verse 34. Christ says that he isn’t coming for peace. 

Truth allows conflict acceptance. You become mature. 

It makes you comfortable. You start to formulate goals. 

Formulation becomes better over time. Directions towards good become clear. Know about overthinking books for relationships. 

Explore faith:

Jordan refers to Danish Philosopher Kierkegaard. Existence requires a clear and neat path.

Ancient refers to God’s will above all. It’s not a submission act. 

It’s courage act. That changes your faith. You can explore more. 

Truthful towards goals:

All goals are shaped and updated. There is a meta goal. 

It should be about living in truth. Articulate your truth. Set failure and success criteria. 

Truth painful: 

Truth has snakeheads. It’s painful to look at it. 

Truth is personal:

Truth is not public and ideological. It’s your act. 

Your Truth provides security with abundance. It protects your soul. 

You get away from inevitable life tragedies. 

Truth is paradise:

Your life is not the way working. Try telling the truth. It resolves your weakness and desperation. Everyone speaks truth in paradise. 

Lies deteriorate impactfully:

Things fall apart. We witness the degeneration of things. 

Lies is the action. It’s not told. 

It produces a massive impact on the world. 

Lies betrays hope:

The relationship between the individual and reality disappears. 

Hope betrays consistently. Such a person looks at his sacrifices. 

Consistent failure torcher makes an individual bitter. Gateway to hell is revenge. Find world destroy you consistently. 

Situational awareness:

The aim can misguide you. It shows your corruption. Be awake towards the situation. 

Culture is always in a near-dead state. Culture establishes through great people. 

Old Wisdom deteriorates. Our misbehaviour corrupts the system. 

Encountering truth values you:

Look behind and observe the past. It horrifies you. You rely on it. 

It destabilizes you. Jordan shares Nietzsche’s line. A man worth determines through the worth he can tolerate. 

Never sacrifice what you could be. Never ignore the security. 

Tyranny lies:

Jordan refers to The Gulag Archipelago book. He shares lessons from a novel. One person stops lying bring down tyranny. You’re a victim of your tyranny. Likewise, You’re a victim of others’ tyranny. 

You start confronting anomalies. It protects from others’ tyranny. 

Lies yields weakness:

Truth-telling is Hard. You don’t know the truth every time. Sometimes you don’t know about a lie. Lie disunites them. It yields weakness. 

Your Lies make you weak. 

You can’t go away by lying. It’s opposite to meaning. 

Lies have no harmony. It yields disbalance. 

Internal division:

Character develops you to encounter adversity. Never lie about it. 

Lies develop internal divisions. 

Acts and words are one. It gives strength. 

Small lies generate big lies:

Jordan refers to Hitler as a lie. You require a big lie to fall victim. Small lies continue to think. 

Small lies generate big lies. We’re creative enough towards lies. 

Big lies destroy the world. Arrogance arises it. 

It’s towards hypothetical successful lies. No one deserves respect.

Lies betrays hope:

The relationship between the individual and reality disappears. 

Hope betrays consistently. Such a person looks at his sacrifices. 

Consistent failure torcher makes an individual bitter. Gateway to hell is revenge. Find world destroy you consistently. 

Lies deteriorate impactfully:

Things fall apart. We witness the degeneration of things. 

Lies is the action. It’s not told. 

It produces a massive impact on the world.

Single-purpose achievement build hierarchy:

The holy grill is a myth created in England. It’s a cup with christ’s blood. 

It’s a redemption story. That represents a source of nourishment. 

King Arthur and others sit at the round table. There is a hierarchy division. The purpose is the same. Everyone is equal to achieve it. 

Darkness exists:

Everyone goes into the darkness. 

It’s a place to find the Holy grail. Everyone experiences the same psychologically. 

Jodan refers to the heart of darkness book. The place you don’t want to go in darkness. It’s the same for everyone. 

Jordan’s nephew nightmare story:

Jordan shares his 5Years old nephew story. The boy has terrible nightmares. 

The boy worried about his parent’s separation. He moved into kindergarten soon. 

The boy shares his dream with Jordan Peterson. He saw numerous dwarfs. These dwarfs bight him. Dwarfs are multiplying by killing. There is a dragon behind the dwarfs. Dragon’s smoke and fire produce dwarfs. 

Jordan asks the child about the solution. 

The child answers his solution. He goes with his dad near the dragon. Move inside his throat. Reach to the box that produces fire. The boy use box as protection. 

Find cause:

You go to the anxiety source. You explore the event in detail. Find the relevant information. It protects you. 

Encountering exposes the reality:

He got victory over chaos dragon. Encounter chaos in life. Face the challenge courageously and humbly. Extract lessons. It works against the problem. 

Bring order towards problems:

Break the problem into numerous actions. You realize your anxiety. You’re not habitual about anxiety. You’re the person who should stand. Understand the experience. Anxiety tells threshold about known and unknown. 

Re-imagine worse strengthens:

Jordan talks about raped women’s stress. They suffer post-traumatic stress. 

Phycology teaches repeat events inside the head. You don’t like the event. Live the event over again. Add details of emotions and motivations.  

You encounter events better. You are low event impactive over time. 

Tough people can in miserable places:

 Jordan shares a soviet union incident. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn thinking and starving. 

Aleksandr is a victim. They manifest their potential. 

He performs the physical effort. He decided to remember events that hurt. 

Aleksandr mention tough people. He is in Golan prison. There is nothing to eat and live with the cold. 

Tyrants enjoy or spread pain:

Jordan mentions the brother’s Karamazov novel. It writes about innocent children suffering. 

The perfect people die. They do even painfully. 

Tyrants spread all around. 

They torching people. They do for reasons or enjoying.

Reveal pain expose faith:

Some existential facts are painful. Explaining them reveals your faith. 

It hits your reference frame. 

Losing faith ends God:

Jordan mentions Nietzsche’s wisdom. Losing faith impacts crucial.

You lose your faith sometimes. It’s invalidating. 

You develop other frame references. It develops scepticism towards Faith. 

You aren’t trusting any reference frame. You’ve nothing to believe. 

It’s a devastating event. It’s the death of God. 

Develop reference frame:

Life becomes terrible without a reference frame. 

Chaos appears. Life becomes intolerable. 

People protect their ideology. They fell into chaos without it. 

That’s why we hit a different person. 

Faith exposes:

Losing Faith happens in events. People stop trusting themselves. 

They find the system untrustworthy. 

There is nothing to hinder. It’s the propagation of evil. 

Death existence is dismal:

Misery appears to all. Jordan mentions the genesis story. 

Adam and Eva know their mortal existence. They learn about death.

Work themselves to death. It’s human existence natures. That’s dismal.

Embody hero for recovery:

People become miserable about their vulnerable existence. Jordan explains christ last supper. 

Christ told about his ingestion. Christ companion going to eat his flesh and blood. 

It means they should embody Christ. Redemption requires to Embody hero. We can undermine our Faith. Learn from the stories. 

Complex being:

Human is complex. The bain subatomic structure is vast. 

A single human is complex than everything. We don’t know ourselves. We look at ourselves to figure out the answer. 

Subjective identity explains self:

Objective identity varies. You’ve various objective identities. 

You may father and community member same time. 

You have an ethical relationship with your experiences. 

It’s a subjective view of life. It provides an actionable role. 

Paranoids observe faithfulness:

Jordan shares his experience with paranoid patients. 

A paranoid person has viral fantasies. 

A paranoid person has dangerous Fantasies. He can attack due to mistrust. 

Jordan handles that patient through the truth. He makes trust objective. 

A paranoid observe behaviour. Paranoids are logical. 

That behaviour indicates truth or lies. Truth impacts him. 

Aims reduce anxiety:

Aim makes things exciting. It provides a framework for action. 

It reduces anxiety. It’s purposeful unless stuck in totalism belief. 

Kill word for character:

Christ sacrifices himself voluntarily for good. Word produces chaos. 

That word dies itself to God. Every new information impacts it. It reborn something better. The better character appears. It devalues power and status. 

Grows goal:

Your Seeking gives a goal. Information grows goal. 

Never be totality about a goal. There aim to be a God.

Serve your best:

Everyone serves aims. There is no atheist. 

People know or not about their God. 

Progress values:

You don’t tell the truth yields sacrifice.

Truth progress the values. Manifest the reality itself. 

Your notion of things change. It reorients you. 

Jordan Peterson Darwinian Truth:

Jordan explains Charlie’s darwin truth. Truth serves life. 

There are no other ways to explain it. Things that are meaningful for you are real. 

It bounds with practicality. 

Your tools are good enough for the truth. His hypothesis is pragmatic. 

Reality exists to present and change. Reality move towards the unknown. Every organism has a truth. 

They live enough to reproduce. Truth changes transformable reality. 

Mythological values are Real. 

You don’t know reality. You generate variations. 

It helps to resolve it. 

Jordan Peterson Newtonian truth:

Science suppresses subjectivity. Science shows the world as objective. 

 It distinguishes things. Put things in categories. Science is a method. You produce new information with it. 

Jordan Peterson 13 truths:

I mention crucial points from Jordan Peterson’s 13 Truths speech. 

  • Most people don’t share the good news with others. 
  • They don’t get encouragement in return. Such need little encouragement. 
  • Individuals have unbelievable power. Act together and spread it. 
  • People who propel in life matter all. Everyone matters to them. 
  • Take responsibility for failure. Take advantage of opportunity instead be bitter. 
  • Moderate risks require to make things right. 
  • If you’re a mess, never feel good about it. Suffering is hard to tolerate. You can do something about it. Never stay at that point. 
  • Don’t devalue your lesson with a noninteresting audience.
  • Break the rules for reasoning. Monster acts to be virtuous. It attains a higher goal. 
  • Fix things under your influence. That requires repairing. You can expand it. 
  • Small positive things yield vision. 
  • You’ve not enough life meaning. You are likely to decline towards addiction. 
  • Purpose analgesics reduce life pain. It quells fear. 
  • Get right proportion to responsibility to reward. Never punish for schedule. Don’t tyrannize yourself. 

The 13 Truth Motivational speech:

  • Go what’s good for you. You’re right about it. Never go for your want. You can be wrong about it. Aim for good with the formulation. 
  • Want means to reorient yourself possibly. It maximizes achievement possibility. 
  • You don’t have everything you want. You get what you need. 
  • Asking a question is a decision. It’s your act to know things. 
  • Stop doing things that you pursue wrong. It’s not doubtful things. 
  • You move away from untrustable and bad. 
  • Better valuable goal generates positive emotions. Find worthwhile things to do. 
  • Life is misery without losing any aspect. 
  • Specify goal points out failure condition. Don’t be blind about failure. Inevitable failure kills you. 
  • Respect yourself as a person who stands up against troubling things. 
  • People become Stronger by facing what they should Face. They don’t avoid it. 
  • People make things worse themselves. You’re a node of a network. 
  • Your fate impacts others’ fate. Doing and avoiding matters more than you think. 
  • Non-responsible behaviour yields Meaningless suffering. 


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