Jordan Peterson trust:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson trust. Below I summarize my answer;

Speak the truth. Try at least not to lie. Wast develop trust. Trust on others. Go for trustable relationships. Develop trust tolernce. Never repeat mistakes. Resolve with the truth. Use explanation for it. Create honest future decisions. You require others. 

Don’t trust leaving person. Motivate for ways. 

Accept your weak areas. Choose simple choices. 

Enrich with grief. Move against chaos. 

Be heroic. Never create a terrifying situation. Develop more Yes. 

Truth requires courage. 

That Polishes other’s best part. That’s your conscious control. 

That multiplies positivity. It gives hope. 

Truth gives love. Ideologies develop True knowledge. 

West is trustable:

Jordan explains west. West People has trust. 

It is honesty. That makes rich. 

Other countries are poor. 

It’s On a large scale. People are corrupt. Read Jordan Peterson about success. 

Trust others:

It’s useful. That simplifies life. Develop bonded relationships. 

Speak your truth. Listen to other’s truth. 

Achieve a thin way. That way saves you. 

You encounter terrible things. It’s better this time. 

Develop Trust in a relationship:

It depends on the condition. Develop clear values. Discuss issue. 

Don’t lie. Tell yourself the truth for a degree. 

Make an actual goal. 

Relationship requires tolerance:

Ignore mishaps. Adopt tolerance and silence. Never repeat the same mistakes. Jordan Peterson trust support patience

3 Times mistakes rule:

Jordan has 3 Times rules. His wife knows it. 

They call it out. 

Share your response calmly. Give your words space. 

Adopt convenient talk:

Never order partner. Don’t suppress. 

Don’t be judgmental. Share your feelings. Experience that hurts you. 

Go for explanation:

It works for all. Long term relation grows. Ask for an explanation. 

Your partner gives views. Give him time. He Comes out with the idea. He explains. 

Do explanatory discussions. You both agree in the end. Explain what happen. 

Explanation leads to future decisions:

Jordan finds it painful. It involves anger. 

It leads to tears. That can fight. 

Don’t avoid for the short term. Consequences rid from fighting. Get a negotiable agreement. 

It resolves negative emotions. You share a Nice level. Express your negative side. 

Marriage is vow:

Jordan shares carl Jung wisdom. 

You can’t be alone. You don’t leave. 

It is desperation. It shows continuity. 

Your life does not break. Constant division, not breaks. 

You’ve people. That look at you. Share all positive things. It has advantages. 

Never share truth to Leaving person:

Don’t share the truth to leave a person. He runs away anyway. Sharing truth not stops. 

Humans are difficult. We’ve dark corners. 

We’ve unresolved problems. It backs for long. 

It’s twisted that way. Revealing is difficult. Share with a permanent person. 

Use different ways motivation:

You can separate in a relationship. Resolve as much as possible.

Check the staying motivation. It gives creative ways. It finds a way out. 

Resolve to spend better life:

It gives movement. You move that way. 

Constant fighting hurts. Jordan Peterson trust ensures life improvement.

Don’t make things unacceptable. It forces leave. 

Never drag stupidity:

You drag in the next one. The stupid side never breaks. 

Constant leaving relationship feeds stupidity. You don’t be straight. Make it impossible for you. 

Develop Common positive benefits:

You tied with others. Other is not you. 

There is no difference. Both have the same good. 

Say “Yes” more:

 Develop relationship rules. Give each other chance. 

Say Yes more. That don’t support unreasonable demands. It gives opportunity. You become together. 

Accept your weaknesses:

Treat people well. You accept your weaknesses. Encounter your weaknesses. It’s a world Realization. That’s the pain of the world. 

Your ignorance promenants. 

Some don’t like exposed terror. People don’t want death. 

It is desert. Everything is chaos. 

Choose enlightenment:

The enlightenment is possible. It’s a better place. 

That reduces pain. You establish agreements. 

You become trustworthy. Connect others properly. 

Terrifying situation betrays:

The trust opposite exists. Tension arises. 

You betray constantly. Negotiation flops. 

We’re not work done. Your reason to stay is meaningless. 

 You don’t understand me. 

Make simple things:

We can simplify things. That reduces worries. Jordan Peterson trust simplify situations.

We stop worrying about each other. It generates wealth. 

Grief enriches life:

Jordan explains the Freudian idea. Behaviour generates unconsciously. Some deal with death. 

He shares nurses experiences. 

People choose a nursing job. They encounter grief and death. 

Nurses answer is different. It enriches their life. 

Challenge toughness:

That refers to toughness. God knows your toughness level. Find your potential. Treat as a challenge. You can master it. That’s beyond grasp. 

It arises different feelings. Be more of a monster. 

You move towards next. It’s more challenging. 

You’ve no idea about potential. That crosses the time.

Modern People are pessimistic:

Modern people develop negative views. They treat humanity as less. 

We become optimistic. 

Strive the highest ideal:

We establish a relationship. It’s with our ideas. 

We attempt to live. Get nobility in life. Aim for the highest ideal. 

Nothing wrong with it. That yields positivity and strength. 

Be against catastrophe:

It eliminates uncertain life. That maintain the agreement. 

That yields Trust and honesty. It enhances possibilities. 

Possibilities become better. Find better ways. Move against pain. 

Defend anxiety and death:

Jordan shares terror management theory.

We defend ourselves. 

It’s from anxiety and death. Our belief system supports.

Choose no chaotic mistakes:

Never make chaotic mistakes. We do it in life. 

Humility prevents it. You observe better. 

We don’t be short term. It’s about the long-term. Develop longer views. Consider more things. You manifest things. 

Courage act:

Trusting others requires courage. It’s not naivety. 

You should inform. You’re not naive. Don’t be naive about chaos. 

What’s the best way to treat people? Trust others. No idea about other betray. 

Others best part:

Trust puts out the best part. Other shows best. It allows others. They show best. They feel safe. People want to grow.

Eliminate Naiveness:

Don’t act naive about it. You bit that way. 

You suffer more. It traumatizes you. 

Jordan Peterson Hero archetype:

Jordan shares a hero archetype. It’s a force. It’s a hero’s journey.

We’re facing. You face chaos. 

You prevail over them. It demands the truth. 

It’s not magic. That is your best option. 

Explain honesty upsides. You push trust. 

Develop Enough control:

We Can’t control life fully. Enough control is Nice. 

You see opportunities. 

Jordan Peterson Multiplying effect:

Jordan shares Piaget idea. Piaget has a family model. 

Imagine have 5 Family members.

Choose actions. It supports the other 4members. 

It’s not your only. It’s for them. 

That multiply things. Everyone achieve a single goal. Get multiplying effect. 

Truth connects love:

Truth grows to love. It gives life love. It serves love. 

Achieve it through dialogue. We all achieve it. 

The discussion gives truth. You share experiences. 

Divine power:

Truth cultivates divine power. It’s inside you. 

It projects a reality. Jordan interests malevolence.

 Malevolence is the opposite of Heroism. That’s powerful.   

Ideologies are true knowledge:

True information has value. Ideas give it. That prevents danger.

Your knowledge expands. It constructs. You deconstruct old knowledge.

Truth is responsibility:

No one teaches a lie. It’s not great. You know it. You sense deep. Your truth matters. Lies apart world. 

Everyone is responsible. It’s for life and other lives. It’s under the limit.  

Truth feeds hope:

Conscious controls lie. A lie is not you. 

You’re responsible for it. 

You’re accountable. Lie generates violence. 

True does good. It’s at least hope. 


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