Jordan Peterson communication: Completely explained (31 Quick Points!)

Jordan Peterson communication skill impresses everyone. It includes speaking, listening and conversation. I summarize 

A conversation becomes effective with proper orientation. It’s about making things better. 

It’s without winning. You’ve to take care of yourself like their people. It’s your moral duty. The matter of conversation place we end is better than a place we start.

Jordan Peterson on speaking:

You have a theme and basic knowledge. Explore ideas in front of an audience. Learn something from the speech. Dead silence audience means your speech is Right. 

Shares facts through stories. Identify their unconscious responses. Speak about self interesting agenda. 

Organize speech. Speak with the truth. Exploring your idea in front of an audience, never lose direction. Free speech explains existence. 

Ideas personally:

He gives idea personality and starts dialogue in real-time. 

People want to see thoughts in action. It’s logos in action. They don’t want to Crystalize things. 

It’s like a moving character. It reveals the story. 

Don’t make a script:

Jordan doesn’t know about words actions on stage. He does practice before. Jordan Peterson communication is free from notes.

He chooses desire words that explain his views. Read about Jordan Peterson views on the study. 

Speaking notes is for beginners:

Beginner speakers can speak with notes. You can’t fail with the Notes. 

You can’t do spectacular with notes. The risk element makes it spectacular. 

Self-Interestable problem:

Jordan doesn’t talk about a problem that never matters to him. 

Jordan Peterson has a theory. When he read something, he put that in it.

Address the Problem that matters to you. 

Jordan Peterson’s speech success:

Jordan Peterson starts his career by giving interviews through channels. He connects with journalists. Then, does TV shows. After, he decided to do public lectures. 

Jordan explains that visual content became more viewed than in history. 

Achieve unconscious desire:

You can extract out the unconscious desires of the audience. Jordan speaks about the idea. He observes the interest of the crowd. 

He capitalizes on their emotions. 

It creates a positive back loop. Jordan gives Hitler’s example. 

Hitler informs an audience. The audience Informs Hitler. 

Carl Jung believes Hitler is the shadow of the German people. 

Be relevant, not transcend:

Always be careful what you say in your speech. Things can go in a different direction. It becomes irrelevant. 

We have the function set of belief systems. We also have Transcends the belief system. Transcends is the place that’s outside of your belief system. You run into Transcending when makes a mistake. 

Gather more material:

You require to know 3or 4Times more than you speak about it. You Require background stories. It’s necessary Multiple Stories at hand. 

Organize speech problem:

Organize yourself about the problem you’re going to speak about. 

Jordan Peterson develops a journey to explore the stories.  

It exposes his ideas. He does 20minutes of preparation for speech. 

He plots out his Stories before facing the audience. 

Your speech links through the real world. It associates with your experience. 

Conversate like speech:

Jordan points out people in the audience and looks into their eyes. He’s like conversating with the individual.  

Never talk to a group of people. It doesn’t exist. Talk to an individual in public speaking. 

Facts with stories:

Every fact associates with stories. Outcomes become meaningful. Your facts should be impactful for you. It gives focus and develops perception to see the world. 

Speak truth:

Tell the truth in your speeches. Jordan shares the idea’s exploration with Maximum management. Jordan Peterson communication empowers truth following.

Free speaking is an adventure:

He talks about it freely. It creates adventure.

It hooks the audience. That can be risky. 

Risk elements make it grippy. Jordan Peterson further explains. Any performance with a high level of risk becomes catchy.  

You get confused, regret to overspeak or directionless. 

Explore with an audience:

Talk is a process of exploration. Jordan Never supports overprepared talk. 

Develop a conscious and unconscious mind towards the discussion. 

Artist gives the journey without knowing the end. 

Jordan Peterson gives a Novel reading experience. The author takes the reader on an intellectual adventure. 

It happens through character development. Character express and live out. The novel unfolds itself. The author doesn’t know where it all goes to the end. 

Develop central concern:

A lot of things Jordan Peterson knows forgets. It’s not associated with the central mission. 

He has Central concern towards his speeches. He has a core set of principles. 

Social Anxiety in public speaking:

You may have social anxiety. It’s because People judge you. Negative judgment lows you down in the social hierarchy. You’re harshly confronting social issues. 

Jordan suggests social anxieties people look at other people. You know what other people think. Talking to a single person is easy. 

The person reflects on the next move. Looking at others doesn’t interrupt a conversation. The thing that assists you to win all hierarchy is Eye. It associates with paying attention. 

Talking to your enemy is useful. They tell you Useful things.  

Speak precisely:

Jordan Peterson gives the Genesis example. God makes the world through speech. Speaking and structure of existence are interrelating. 

Language turns chaos into things. 

About Free speech:

Free speech is the worship of logos. Logos are creative. God makes things in terms of Logos. 

The actual reality is always better than imagination. The worse thing to demonize people is not saying about them. Bring everything into the realm of speakable. Jordan associates it with free speech. 

Jordan Peterson on small talk:

Small Talk is an unimportant social conversation. It is associated with any social occasion. Make things clear towards resentment. Long term assertiveness comes through necessary truth. Strong persona has impressive small Talk.

Strategy highlights resentments:

You require goals and strategy. Your strategy should match the goal. 

It shows what you want. Otherwise, a vague sense of dissatisfaction appears. You can case for yourself. 

You identify your fears or dangers. Identify your resentments. Identify your needs and move for them. 

Choose long term Assertiveness:

Negotiation and conflict go with each other. It’s better to encounter Conflict right now. It creates peace for the medium and long term. Truth is best to be courageous. Jordan Peterson communication values necessary negotiation.

Ego and Persona:

Jordan Peterson refers to Carl Yung. Your psycho is a place of spirits to inhabit. 

Spirit is a personality that inhabits the psyche. 

It’s a loose connection of partial existable Personalities. Each Personality has its way to see the world. 

These Personalities develop a rough collection that’s Ego. 

Ego has a public face. Its persona means mask. 

Some part exists you don’t want to know about yourself. It’s the shadow. 

Small talk identify persona:

Small talk belongs to persona. 

People’s persona is harmless and social. A well-organized persona has great social abilities. 

Small Talk is associated with a Strong persona. You become a disaster without a persona. It means you’re not doing well at beginning of a social engagement. You’ve to assure people social safety. 

More than persona:

Your ego identifies the persona. People are more than a persona. A lot of things associate with persona aren’t socially acceptable. 

Jordan Peterson on listening:

Dull communication is due to not listening. Identify others’ knowing process. 

Understand their feelings about the experience. Never undervalue your words through speaking with non-listeners. 

Develop empathy towards understanding. Summarize others’ arguments for them. 

Never talk to non-listeners:

Stop talking to those people who’re not listening. Stop telling and start watching people. They’ll tell their want. 

Pull back from non-listeners. Find listeners for you. Never devalue your words by offering a non-listening audience. 

Knowledge through the process:

People most conversate to win. You may try to impress the next person. Jordan Peterson communication encourages knowing others information.

Jordan refers to Jean Piaget. Describing knowledge sought is fundamental knowledge of being. It’s a knowledge-generating process. 

One known thing:

Two brains are always better than one. All words may be dispensable. You’ve to get one Unknown thing from the conversation. 

Truthful conversation:

Psychotherapy conversations express situational truth clear. Jordan explains Carl Rogers preposition. A conversation about new things makes both phycological healthier. Exchange of truth is curative. 

Listening arises satisfaction:

Listening gives communicated Congruence of experience. It associates the awareness and behaviour of each individual. 

It associates mutual understanding of the communication. 

That enhances Phycological adjustment for both parties. It gives mutual satisfaction in a relationship. 

Listening shares experience:

Jordan Peterson listens to people in his therapeutical sessions. He listens directionless, without any goal. 

He is with the side of the person that wants better things. Jordan tells a person about his observation. 

His being right is not essential. He tells a person about a person’s thoughts. It gives an exchange of experience. 

People tell you bloody things. You can’t believe it. 

Empathetic understanding:

Empathetic understanding brings out Major personality changes.  It’s understanding with a person, not about the person. 

Stronger other’s argument to know:

People make other arguments weak through fighting. 

They demolish others’ Arguments. It makes the dominance. 

Make others’ arguments stronger. It means understanding others’ thoughts and feelings. Summarize others’ talk. That is difficult to do. 


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