Jordan Peterson Evil:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson Evil. Below, I summarize my quick answer;

Tragedy and Evil are different. Evil appears perfect.

We harm. It spreads horror. It discloses yourself. Choose Individual belief. Choose humble over arrogant approach. 

Never hide under group identity. Know your belief. Unknown shows the truth.

Suffering happens to everyone. We move towards it. Limiting self is freedom. Encounter event through vulnerability. Never Always being right. A finite attitude connects with the infinite.

The world never loses tragedy. You handle it without being corrupt. 

You remain to continue. The beautiful aspects overcome tragedy.

Evil completes knowledge:

Jordan refers to John Milton. He explains the Evil idea. 

John collected all Evil theories. Read about Jordan Peterson relationships

Jordan explains Milton evil hypothesis. 

Evil is force. It believes it has complete knowledge. 

It can do transcendent. That never admits error. 

Evil’s existential:

Evil is not academic. It’s not an intellectual issue. 

It’s an existential issue. That’s not theoretical. It exists in reality. 

Evil harms:

Evil has a lack of necessity. It’s associated with voluntary. 

It has harmful effects. Evil becomes apparent in certain conditions. 

Catastrophy becomes fact. Such conditions exist. 

It’s a terrible and ironic joke. 

Concentration camps are examples of Evil. People genocide in that camps. 

Evil dehumanized:

Jordan aesthetically refers to Evil. It’s a celebration of horror. It violets the conditions. That makes it tolerable. It yields dehumanization. 

That’s revenge against existence itself. 

Evil Capacities unfolds enlightenment:

You can’t know a good capacity. Unless; you are aware of your evil capacity. Good Capacity is like wishful thinking. There are deep things that exist in everyone. It is traumatizing after bringing out. 

Enlightenment is short supply. The human capacity for evil is enormous.

Evil planned:

The world does terrible things with a lot of people. 

Some make things worst. Terrible doesn’t mean Evil. Evil associate planned action. 

Evil is adversity:

Christianity has an evil model. It is against the hero. 

That’s the adversity. It’s a spirit that stands opposite to humans.  

Humans develop pure destruction desire. Full motivations of human beings disclose. 

It appears to act out. Your Motivations aren’t transparent.  

Knowing your Darkside:

Impulses yield malevolence. You align your dark side. It feels bad. 

It protects being hurtable. It’s protective to know full-range capabilities. 

You understand others better. You become wiser in your action. 

Being harmful make you careful. It’s neither timid nor stops. 

Individual belief over ideological belief:

Jordan explains the 20th-century existentialist. Their actions pendulum between nihilism and totalism. 

Develop believes through own experience. 

Never substitute ideological beliefs. Every person can find meaning. 

It’s enough replacement for historical loss. Besides, it saves you from nihilism and totalism.  

Totalism yields mass murder:

Nihilism brings you down. Although, it impacts your belongings. Totalism generates completion. They don’t need what they don’t know. It invites others to kill. 

Jordan refers to Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. They practice genocide large scale. Hitler has an adversarial mode of being. 

Finite connects Infinite:

Human nature is finite. We connect through Finite to infinite. It’s the world that manifests itself. It’s beyond our capacity to understand. 

People are going infinite consistent. 

Not blame tragedy:

The tragedy is a revelation of vulnerability. It’s existence condition. 

Never blame finite and infinite relationships. These are terrible things that impact most. It means natural disasters aren’t evil. Earthquakes and mental illness aren’t Evil. They’re part of things. 

Factors of Evil:

Jordan shares factors. These are associated with Evil. These associate human vulnerability. Put vulnerability towards infinite. 

We use vulnerability to rearrange ourselves.

It protects against unfortunate outcomes. It’s Arrogance and Humbleness.

2 Patterns for vulnerable actions:

2 Essential pattern exists for self-conscious vulnerability. It’s our existential condition. 

Humble approach:

The humble approach towards infinite. It demands appropriate sacrifices. 

Arrogant approach:

Be arrogant about events. Keep everything Good for yourself. It degenerates the soul. It yields destruction.

Human consciousness stories:

Jordan refers to old stories. It’s Adam and Eve story. 

Another is Cain and Abel story. These stories are also in oral traditions. 

 It’s about the Mankind consciousness story. Human consciousness differs us from animals. 

Adam and Eve story:

Adam eats an apple. Eve offers him fallen scales. 

He realized that he was naked. 

Then, he tells the difference between good and evil. It’s with self-consciousness. 

Adam and Eva cover themselves. It arises the culture. 

It’s between human nakedness and natural destruction. 

God curses adam for work. 

Eve curses through childbirth pain. Children dependency is also challenging. 

Nakedness towards vulnerability:

The nakedness idea has great wisdom. People hide from God; After they realize their nakedness. Most people hide from their vulnerability. They Hide from deepest destiny. 

Cain and Adel story:

Cain and Adel are adam’s sons. They were born first. 

They represent canonical patterns reaction. Sacrifice for God. They burnt. It arises from smoke that moves upward. 

Sky occupies with God. They give quality sacrifice for it. 

Adel character:

Abel is a trustable person. He believes in nature experience. 

He sacrifices the best he has to offer. God is happy about him. Abel is respectful. 

His crops are successful. He is achievable with women. 

Cain character:

Cane withdraw self-consciousness from the infinite. It’s tremendously dangerous. 

He relies on his devices. His arrogance grows. 

He can’t tolerate others. Cain can’t tolerate vulnerability. 

He decides to deceive the reality. He turns things dirt. 

Cain is unhappy. Nothing happens he wants. 

Cain annoyed:

Cain complains the God. He complains about his sacrifices. 

His essential vulnerability reveals. God replies that to master the sin. 

Caine becomes annoyed about his failures. 

He never listens to God. He destroys his ideal. Cain decides to destroy Adel. 

Cain brings Adel into fields. He killed Adel.

Leaves Cain alone:

God never punishes Cain. He marks Cain. 

People leave the Cain alone. Cain got married and started his tribe. 

Tuber Cain becomes artificer of war weapon. 

Low decision:

Cane refers to poor life decisions. It’s the miss of opportunities. 

They lose chances due to courage lacking. 

Human’s have divine power:

Jordan refers Aleksandr solzhenitsyn. Aleksandr writes a book through memorizing it. 

It shows the human spirit power. It takes the obligation of relationship with the divine. 

Small box thinking:

We realize ourselves in a small box. It’s comfortable. 

It has tremendous limitations. 

People hide through group identity:

Jordan concludes concentration camps. 

People depend on group identity.

It protects them from their vulnerability. Jordan Peterson Evil discloses vulnerability potential.

You know the morally wrong self. Someone comes and show your sins. 

Belief is the best choice:

You’ve to believe. It fills the gap. You never lose defence against infinite.

People are willing to defend their beliefs. Defend your beliefs. Never leave yourself in infinite alone. 

Belief matters:

Belief exists through native. Religion account for human nature. We lose our current belief to end the suffering. 

Individual development:

Constant confront the unknown things. Your character imposes to the truth. 

It ends with deception. That build yourself on a rock. 

It’s not a sand prediction. You encounter your vulnerability. Move one step away from the break. 

You make a moral decision. You manifest moral courage. 

Every person makes sacrifices. It’s the best choice to pursue reality.  

Be Universe centre:

Jodan shares Aleksandr solzhenitsyn line. Everyone is the centre of the world. Everything is hard to believe. 

It’s ridiculous and remarkable. That’s consistently unfolding miracles. 

Work looks in reality:

The human can work. They subvert routine motivation. Generate immediate motivations for future security. They plan for events. 

Moral through consciousness:

Predator is not evil. Self-conscious emerges moral senses. 

It reflects on our action capacity. It modifies action and choice for the future. 

Sexual selection:

Women make men self-conscious. Sexual selection is the evolution of development. 

Women select it. Women are most successful for reproduction and reject men. 

Finite attitude:

A finite attitude has inevitable consequences. It’s infinite face. 

Those consequences explain life existence. 

Infinite overwhelms finite. You can’t encapsulate it. 

Suffering is natural:

Suffering is human existence in the nature centre. It exists due to limited consequences. Everyone face suffering. It comes in several ways. 

It’s the nature of being. We deal with it consistently. 

Being is limited:

Insufficiency builds human experience. Existential consequences express that.

God is omnipotent. God has limitations lack. 

There is no being without limitation. It’s hard to understand.

Limitations are freedom:

No choice exists in the absence of serious constraints. Jordan Peterson Evil support limitation facts.

It ends freedom and existence. It’s fundamentally true. 

Vulnerability exists:

Vulnerability is a desired precondition. It’s for a human being. 

Wonderful human things tied up with vulnerability. 

Jordan shares his son example. Never remove a child’s vulnerability. 

Never remove it. You love it. 

Being means story:

If you can do everything you want, nothing’s out of your reach. Nothing to do exists. It’s God’s position. No limitation yields no story.

No being and no story happen. Being has a story. 

Technology and moral values:

Technological power enhances moral burden. 

It’s each on us. Your Moral acts matters still. 

It’s a demonstrative thing. The infinite potential is available for every person. 

Freedom yields choice:

Freedom justifies distinguishing between good and evil. 

Our Experience structure is under it. 

You choose a good choice. The constant possibility of Evil stays. Jordan refers to the Christianity structure. Satan lurking behind christ. 

Suffering is force:

Jordan refers to human history. 

Humans have a force that aims towards suffering. It’s not stopping it. 

The tragedy is never considered Evil. It teaches lessons. So, you can apply them later. 

The separate tragedy from Evil:

Tragedy and Evil confusion is easy. It’s easy to refer to the unknown with Evil. Putting negative aspects with Evil is easy. The classification is crucial. It points out an individual role. Jordan Peterson Evil separates it.

Satan pride:

Jordan Peterson Evil shares Satan story. He shares John Milton. 

Satan is remarkable. 

He is top in the hierarchy of heaven. 

His remarkableness grows against him. 

He grows with power in the hierarchy. Satan develops pride. 

The transcendent eradicates. 

Being right want:

Jordan refers to George kelly. Humans want most in life is being right. 

Wrong is painful. Your frame breaks. Then, put a lot of work into it. We flood with negative emotions. 

Subject world:

Christianity takes the subjective world as accurate. They build a world from that point. 

No determination exists at the quantum level. So, some deep level does not explain the free choice. 


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