What does Eckhart Tolle say about money?

I research a lot about Eckhart Tolle money wisdom. I share a quick answer to the question, What does Eckhart Tolle say about money? given below;

First, You find happiness in some activity that you love. Second, your activity serves the world to become better. Both things come together to produce money as a byproduct. Everyone has an opinion about it. It is not a negative light. Eckhart explains that material things can have a spiritual connection. Let it goes allows you to accept the moment.

So, the extremes of materialism and the absence of it are not fit for us. 

The main thing is to understand the course of the situation. 

Your material attachment comes out when you lose it. Your anger, upsets and frustration indicate your connection with money. It frees you from the sense of ownership. Click to know about Eckhart Tolle money spending priorities.

Eckhart Tolle about “Not talking” about money:

Most people don’t feel good about talking money. It has an association with the fear of survival. The Ego trades of not enough connection with money. 

Money triggers the ego. So, we aren’t satisfied with it. 

The present moment frees you from the forces that come into your mind. We simply say to every thought about doing something, ‘I don’t know”. 

Sometimes, we follow the external factors to look normal. It puts away from Now.

He Loves teaching more than business:

Eckhart Tolle prefers to talk about his teaching rather than a business. His business is not to build his worth. 

It helps him to connect with the world. Eckhart business model assists him to spread his message across the globe. 

He involves himself as a teacher or brand to directly deal with people issues. 

Making money is futuristic, not present:

Eckhart show money as a futuristic thing. The connection of money takes our happiness away from the present. We become stuck in the painful body. 

We should develop happiness independent of money. It means our current financial status should source of joy. 

Put happiness in future makes our present in misery. 

Turn money into one of the essential things in life:

Society turns money into sol essential thing for life. It develops a negative air as the absence of money. As a result, we become merciless about many mistakes. 

In the present moment, money has the role that you give it. It’s essential for life. It can lose or get. 

A positive attitude towards money is to accept its role without attachment. 

Money represents Energy:

In his interviews, Eckhart convinces that money is energy. It means you can use it as a power. 

You can use it as motivation and courage. The most dangerous aspect is a hunger for energy. 

The energy develops a spiritual connection. It means spiritual attachment with money as usual.

Money can be a tool for awakening:

He believes that money can wake us. Its presence and absence shake our inner belief system. It challenges you constant to use it. It can act as a tool to achieve awakening. 

We accept its flow with time and free ourselves from it. 

Eckhart Tolle personal money struggles:

Eckhart has personal financial struggles before his awakening. After he awakes, he faced constant financial issues. After awakening, his attitude towards money changes. He became aware of his condition.

He stops hurting himself by losing jobs. 

The spiritual teaching attracts him. He accepts the moment and moves towards possible solutions. 

Never find anything to buy:

Eckhart Tolle has no desire to buy stuff. He loves to watch new things but has no intentions to get them. He finds no attraction to material things. His passion for financial security is teaching. He grows as a teacher with the spiritual path. 

It is the reason that he has no interest in building an empire around his brand. 

Ego and money:

Eckhart explains the involvement of ego towards money. We feel less with the current money. As a result, we always stay dissatisfied and want more. Our perceptions of money become painful. We neglect our accomplishments and overthink our failures. 

We measure and compare money by losing the essence of every moment. 

True wealth vs material wealth:

True wealth makes us selfless. We become free from the validation. We connect with the deeper true essence of ourselves. It is the awareness of being present. It sets free from not enough. 

The material wealth always looks for something outside to fill. It attracts me towards fancy, money or temporary things. 

Realization and self-worth:

Eckhart Tolle measures the wealth of every person in terms of manifestation. The realization is free from the money you have in your bank. Wealth can’t measure the potential of every person’s worth. You can become unmanifest without joy and become a materialistic person.

Realizing brings shining and freedom from worthless things. 

Money can’t be your main life purpose:

Eckhart Tolle explains the connection between purpose and money. 

Some people develop a deep connection with money. Their life purpose is all about money. 

They create a wrong personal image about self-identity. The virtual self-image put us away from the present moment. 

Other concerns drive your life. It can be your service. 

Money is not for ownership:

We treat money as something we own. The real connection with money reveals when we lose it. We should understand the reasons and let it go. 

The money is the Energy you get and use. 

A connection with the moment free yourself from ownership from futuristic money concerns. Likewise, the Now saves you from the regret of past mistakes.

Money should By-product of your service:

The connection with money is like a tool. You can convert it from other useful things. It is the By-product of your service that you love to give. 

The love of money itself boosts your ego. You can become greedy and compare worth. 

The love of your service makes you selfless and boost your inner satisfaction. 

Service can boost ego identity or self-satisfaction:

Eckhart Tolle explains that service can back by ego or satisfaction. You can give service to satisfy your self-image. On the other hand, you can get the inner joy (Sense of purpose) with it.

It makes you selfless and allows you to give your energy. A service is better the world. 


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