Is Atomic Habits worth reading? 26 Pros and Cons [Survey 2022]

I research a lot to find the answer to the question, Is Atomic Habits worth reading? Below, I summarize my quick answer;

Its focus on small changes encourages system orientation with a supportive environment. It explains an actionable approach with habit self-connection. Atomic habits allow your imperfect self to adopt good habits.
It has repetitive information and takes wisdom from other books. James clear not explain the reasoning to adopt change and its emotional impact.

Atomic habits Survey 2022:

I do a complete survey on GoodReads for finding out the worth reading of Atomic habits. 

Atomic Habits review Catagories Number of PeopleReasons:
Yes236Shares strategies about breaking habits.
Habits become your identity.
Encourage finding strengthful areas for directional hard work.
Simple written.
Shares actionable plan to start.
Compound effect habits instalment.
Long term vision.
Encourage repetition without harsh judgement.
Make your desirable habit attractive.
A subconscious connection makes it automatic.
No23Highly repetitive.
The main idea covers through others.
It covers in-depth topics by other writers like George Leonard.
It’s for marketing purposes.
Already information on Author’s website.
Author focused.
Too much System oriented.
Opinion focused.
Not explain internal motivation power:
Compare general events with habits.
Not unique.
Not sharp about implementation habits.
Take content from others.
Neutral34It shares a classical Benjamin Frankin tracking journal example.
Less discuss emotional issues of getting change.
Copy from The Power of Habits.
Thinking fast and slow is better.
Not Elaborate scientific work.
Too many weight loss references.
Suitable for beginner habits knowledge.
Not different from other habits books.
No better explanation.
It’s Resemblance with other self-help books.
Less self-awareness focused.

Atomic habits benefits:

I mention the prominent benefits that you get through atomic habits; 

Super focus on little changes:

We ignore the value of little changes. Eventually, we lose the path to adopt change. A small step is essential to push yourself for change. James clear encourage small steps for transforming habits. Read 9 Best Books For Breaking Bad Habits.

System over goals:

A proper system has power over your goals. Goals are shining but don’t involve you directly. The system demands your maximum contribution for change. It highlights your weakness and ends up with wrong expectations. 

Supportive environment over motivation:

Motivation has no worth because it comes and goes. The supportive environment makes it easy to perform your task. Besides, you can control or improve your environment. 

Explains discipline impact:

The book uncovers the secret of discipline through practical examples of your involvement. 

Action-oriented style:

The author explains automation. It comes after connecting the subconscious with performing the habit. 

Unique habit tracking model:

Habit tracker allows you to accept your transformation and observe through small changes. 

Break overnight achieving myth:

James clear habit developing model explains that overnight success has no reality. People come out overnight. 

They started their efforts a long time ago.

Process over goal-focused:

The process is the path that you adopt for achieving something. If you improve or satisfy through your process, the goal becomes a byproduct of it. 

Scientific proven:

James clear shares the references of several famous books. It explains scientific research to support the value of habits. 

Self identity-focused:

James clear explains that habits installation comes through adopting the identity of a particular field. It means your shift habit has an impact on your identity. You’ve to allow it every time in your personality. 

Easy not overwhelming:

Many people overwhelmed themselves and punished themselves for small reasons. Atomic habits explain the easy steps and stay with easy (but challenging) change. 

Be imperfect instead of backwards:

Several people stop their imperfect efforts due to their imperfections. They lose hope and never try at all. Imperfect actions are crucial than not acting out. 

Single failure not fails:

Single or new failure can’t stop you from achieving your best process. It gives you direction for it. 

Subconscious involvement:

James clear 4 Step patterns, cue, craving, response, reward explain the subconscious impact. The subconscious is an automatic ability to do actions. Once good habits develop, they develop cravings as bad habits. 

Atomic habits criticism:

I mention below the criticism of the Atomic habits book. It assists to identify Atomic habits worth reading. I summarize Atomic Habits criticism below; 

It connects productivity through habit tracking instead of self-awareness. The author takes information from other books without unique information, suitable for beginner level habit information, self-promotional of the author explains personal stories without original research. No emotional and vulnerable connection through the habits. No reasoning for adopting habits is explained. Not to mention identify flexibility issues for consistent life direction. 

Habit tracking over Productivity:

James clear focus on habit tracking instead of overall productivity. There are other methods to improve or evaluate productivity like Deep work Ability, curiosity. 

Beginner level habit book:

If you don’t know anything about the working of habits, then it’s the best start to know about habits. There are nothing advanced tactics available in this book. The authors refer to the existing studies and Join research with his personal experience. 

Fun facts instead of being made:

Atomic habits have several fun facts with habit building method. It doesn’t guide you about becoming something that you value through Habits. 

Only System focused:

The book explains the system approach to achieving success. There are several unknown elements that are not always fit in your system. James Clear doesn’t explain that surprising elements encounters. 


Various reviews explain that the book has a self-promotional way to engage readers. The author explains his personal life experience. He connects the already existing habits knowledge for his book.

Improper Scientific elaboration:

James clear shares references for particular information in his book. He doesn’t explain the reason to add specific scientific research. Does the research authentic or not? He uses references to add weight in his book discussion.

Less vulnerability element:

James clear value the performing habits method consistent. He never explains the fear management that comes and is not manageable through habits. 

Not explain emotional shifts for transformation:

James clear give the rules for habit shifting. He doesn’t explain the reason behind the transformation. 

He doesn’t shake the core of adopting change. It doesn’t explain the power of emotions to drive change and embrace pain happily. 

No self-awareness:

James clear focus on the value of discipline not too much self-awareness. Self-awareness is the path to explore yourself consistent for purpose in life. 


James Clear shares his achievement and elongates the basic lesson. Every chapter has a summary. 

There is nothing new in the explanation. 

Male centred book:

The book gives male achievement examples like business or athletes. The author doesn’t explain the habits changing the value for women separately. 

Flexible identity has losing risks:

The author explains adopting habits for a deep identity level. The consistent changing habits consistently change your identity. He doesn’t explain the big picture vision with identity. 


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