Jordan Peterson fatherhood:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson fatherhood wisdom. Below, I sum up my quick answer;

Fatherlessness is a catastrophe. It brings terrible outcomes. 

Father require son for redemption. 

Jordan represents Father as wisdom. Son is potential. 

Father brings higher order. Avoid devour and tyrant Father. 

Father plays with his child. Find a cause and appropriate action towards parents resentment. 

It can be rough. It protects from slavery. 

Jordan Peterson Father characteristics:

Jordan’s father is a quite stubborn person. 

His Father has unshakable confidence. 

He is a formidable person. But he is good with kids. 

His father is demanding. He doesn’t prefer shortcuts. 

His father has faith in him. He was never satisfied with Jordan about his work. 

Jordan Peterson’s says about his parents. Read Is Robert Greene The Laws of human nature a good book?

They are extraordinary truthful people. Jordan realizes himself doubting his parents. 

Miserable without father:

The relationship with your father is ambivalent. The world becomes dismal without father encouragement. 

It is tough to be a courageous person. The spirit of father assists you. Things become dismal without father support. You can handle the situation. 

Father is behind the child for the best. 

It confirms the individual thrive potential. 

Resentment links with parents:

People have issues with childhood resentment. Jordan suggests listing your Resentment down. Write everything that bothers your parents. 

Each Resentment has different associations. Strategies vary for each resentment.

Your Parents go with your life. You can share information with your parents. Ask open-ended questions about your memories. You gather more event information. 

Writing tells about resentment. Know your want associate with resentment. 

Father Rejection:

Father related issues are tough to resolve. Rejection of father hurts you. Its spirit of civilization put you out from the wall. It’s challenging for people. 

A balancing force:

Your father should encourage force. 

It’s Tyrannical and crushing force same time. It’s a difficult balance. 

Higher standards:

Fathers put the highest standards on their children. He moves towards judgement for it. 

Father saves slavery:

Your Father is physical and a Spirit same time. Father is Special among other men. He embodies the spirit. 

Jordan Peterson Fatherhood encourages vulnerable situations. 

You disguise father spirit. It transforms you into a slave. 

Western culture and Fatherhood:

Jordan Peterson shares about cultural fatherhood impact. Culture exposes Father vulnerability, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

Western culture highlights father deficiencies. Never Criticise Father without purpose. Be Criticized with purpose. Never destroy Father figure with it. You inhabited with Father. 

Davour and Tyrant father:

Fathers have specific pathologies. He can be imperfect for you. 

Father can devour his son. 

It’s a tyrant father. That’s like an overprotective mother. 

It’s the emergence of new possibilities. Your attention-seeking can hurt the tyrant father. 

Support higher values:

Jordan Peterson Fatherhood is the wise king archetype. The universities stand on that system.

Your Father stands with your best version. Encourage the child to push limits. 

He highlights your bugs. It can your wasting time. 

He doesn’t save you. He supports you for acting together. 

Play with your child:

What did men do to raise children? Men play rough games. Kids love tumble play. 

The child is excited about it. It teaches a child about aggression. 

Jordan points out Jean Piaget wisdom. You configure yourself around other people. 

It fosters attentiveness in the child. Learn about hurting and benefits. Their excitement reaches the edge of fear. 

You don’t know the boundaries of your body. It is an intense sort of play. 

It teaches children to move physically. That’s fundamentally necessary to live in Society. 

Children with less physical play are awkward. The Physical conscious child knows their limits. 

University system:

The students are lowerest in the hierarchy in any university. The better universities crush students well. Jordan shares his observation about students. The first-year students are more likely to be depressed. 

Educational transformation:

Educational has a bipolar system. It crushes you. 

It gives you the benefits of crushing. It’s the father figure. 

That kills you for rebirth. 

The pressure and heat transform you. You become new with a better version. 

The process is worthy. Individuals get value through culture. 

You have no worth without culture. It gives you part. 

Peter Pan story about Father:

Jordan gives Peter pan a story example. Pan means everything. 

Peterpan wants to be a child forever. Peterpan is the king of losers. 

He doesn’t want to grow. He moves towards the little ferry. 

Peterpan lives in fantasies. 

Captian hook figure:

Why not Peter pan want to grow up? The father figure around him is captain hook. Captain Hook is a tyrant and coward. 

Peter pan don’t want to like him. Peter Pan has no role model. 

Captian loses his hand with a crocodile. Crocodile is chaos.

Captain Hook look at his clock. It refers to limited time. 

Sacrifice potential:

 He never desires something with potential. Potential usage is a limiting process. 

You sacrifice childhood potential. You become specialized for a particular thing. 

Fatherlessness Jordan Peterson: 

Jordan shares Peter pan story towards fatherlessness. Never live in fantasy. Know your father not know everything. Take care of your father. You can find father figures in other personalities. Jordan Peterson fatherhood is diverse to know.

Pinocchio shows curiosity about his Father. 

Father has a role:

A two-parent family is much better than a single one. 

The Single parent can run a family. The father role has specifications. 

Children become tremendous demanding for a mother. Mother is merciful.  

Most fatherless children go into gangs. 

They find missing masculinity in Gang. 

It’s a useless act. Not having a father is difficult. 

Prioritize kids:

Single parents become the norm. 

That’s the degeneration of society. 

Marriage isn’t for people. Kids after marriage become a priority. 

That’s about children. 

Father figure in others:

A child can find a father figure in movies, sports and books. The Father figure is fragmented. 

Jordan refers to Jung. The opinion of your parents matters more than any other person of the same age. Your parents know you. Take the God figure away from parents.

Father never know all:

Jordan shares a Freudian quote. 

No one becomes a man without a father death. 

It’s symbolic. Your Father doesn’t know every answer. 

Some people like the Tyrant slave relationship. It creates Father between Unknown way. 

Father never know every answer. The perfect image goes. You start taking care of them. 

Pinocchio world structure:

Pinocchio develops by the wish of his father. He becomes a complete functioning human. 

Pinocchio comes home. His father leaves home. 

There is no longer home. Pinocchio asks about his father. 

Jordan explains his question purpose. 

I develop a structure for the world. 

I put the Structure on my father. Fatherhood is gone. He wants his father back. 

Curious question about father:

Pinocchio sees the flying dove coming from a star. It represents the thinking process. 

You watch thoughts reveal themselves. Some Thoughts surprise you. 

He wants a connection with a Positive father. It arises curiosity. 

The question gives the direction. 

Jordan Peterson rescuing your Father:

Rescuing a father is the protection of the fatherhood spirit. It’s wisdom. It brings you towards a monster. You get an innovative idea to save father. You encounter the real problem. Push your limits to a maximum extent. You encounter both suffering and malevolence. You transform into a new being like Pinocchio become a real boy. 

Pinocchio Story explained by Jordan Peterson:

Pinocchio is down in the ocean. He asks about the monsters name. All fish disappear every time he says it. 

Pinocchio moves deeper and deeper. Darkness becomes intense. 

The monster lives down. No other life exists there. 

Pinocchio Father, Geppetto, is already in the Monster belly. Geppetto is hopeless. He is starving. 

Geppetto Spirit:

Geppetto is old. His action is not fruitful. 

Geppetto requires his son action spirit. 

Things require a consistent update. They no longer remain good. 

They need consistent action or play spirit.   

Geppetto catches Pinocchio:

Pinocchio sees the whale. 

He becomes afraid. He leaves. 

Monster opens his mouth. It pulls fish inside the whale’s mouth. 

Geppetto catches fish. 

The cat sits near kill fishes. Fish swallow the Pinocchio. 

Geppetto keeps fishing and pulls Pinocchio out. Geppetto threw Pinocchio inside the fish basket without noticing. 

Micro problem orientation:

Geppetto focuses on catching fish. Geppetto is solving the wrong problem. 

Father kisses fish instead of Pinocchio by mistakes. It represents his weakness to identify the problem. 

Pinocchio’s humility:

Pinocchio and his Father reunite. He reveals his jackass self. Jordan refers to it as a great act. 

Pinocchio explains crucial things. He expresses humility. 

Humility is an antidote to arrogance. Humility makes you insufficient. 

You want to improve all time. 

Geppetto acceptance:

Father accept the Pinocchio jackass self. 

Gepetto rejoins with Pinocchio again. A jackassed son is better than no son. 

A fire inside monster:

Pinocchio tries to find out ways to move out. 

Pinocchio suggests making fire. He asks his Father to produce fire. 

It creates smoke. Fish expel them out. 

Gepetto never likes that idea. The old state doesn’t like innovation. 

Whale angry: 

The whale snoozes and expels out smoke. Pinocchio and his father move out from whale. The whale becomes angry and follows them. Pinocchio and Gepetto peddle fast. The whale represents an amalgam of natural and social forces. 

Pinocchio saves Father:

The whale abandons them eventually. It nails them with the tale. 

Gepetto and Pinocchio are drowning. 

Gepetto’s father is drowning. His Father says, “Protect yourself, Pinocchio”. 

Pinocchio pulls his father. He saves Father to throw to dry land. 

Pinocchio dies and comes to the bank. Jordan explains it. 

Old personality dies to generate a new one. 

Rebirth Pinocchio with higher values:

Everybody includes Gepetto cry. Pinocchio lies die on the bed. Pinocchio pushes himself through his natural boundaries. 

He becomes a real person. Pinocchio is conscious proper oriented with higher value. 

Goal setting sacrifice:

You set goals to stay focused. Sacrifice Other’s to pursue that. 

You experience positive emotions move towards goals. 

Better goals give better experience. Aim highest manageable goal. 

Goal fears:

There are certain things that afraid you of goals. Jordan Peterson fatherhood encounters goal fear.

It stretches you. You move against space. 

Unlock new you:

If you pursue new things with information, New you appear. Putting yourself in a New situation generates new proteins. Unlocking genes happen. Your new part appears. 

Unlock Ancestor’s Potential:

If you look at the worse abyss, it turns you maximally. You’re the wisdom unlocked inside your biology. It appears as you stress yourself. 

The broader range is due to pushing harder. You Push yourself towards the Ancestor’s Father. 

You are a consequence of all ancestor biological beings. 

Christ miracles saving Father:

Jordan explains saving your Fatherhood idea religiously. Christ shows various miracles. 

He takes all world suffering himself. It means the world is suffering. Accept it as responsibility. You are not a victim. You’re the potential solution. 

Christ meets the devil in the desert. You look capacity for human evil. 

It is encounter malevolence. 

You get a most positive point from a high negative view. Spirit can deal practically. 

Fish representation:

Jordan shares his fish wisdom. You can dine on fish. 

Your being provides you Dine continually. 

It’s better to be a fisherman than fish. It assists you to generate good things. 

Resentment links with parents:

People have issues with childhood resentment. Jordan suggests listing your Resentment down. Write everything that bothers your parents. 

Each Resentment has different associations. Strategies vary for each resentment.

Your Parents go with your life. You can share information with your parents. Ask open-ended questions about your memories. You gather more event information. 

Writing tells about resentment. Know your want associate with resentment. 

Jordan Peterson’s letter to his Father:

Jordan Peterson shares about his Father. His father is a caring person. 

His Father keeps arrogance down and never brag. 

I develop a quick summary from Jordan Peterson letter. Jordan shares his wisdom about Maps of meaning. 

Quick summary:

He wrote this letter in November 1986. 

He promises his father to tell him about his book. 

Jordan tells his Father about his book, Maps of meaning. He shares his ideas. 

Jordan has a connection with the death idea. He has violent dreams about it. 

He refers to Carl Yung wisdom about society. Jordan shares his viewpoints about Society running. 

He shares survival conditions is in a war state. He refers to historical events with his belief system. 

Jordan has an image of his father. 

The Image comes through memories, expectations and behaviour. His father image appears as personality. 

He shares his father qualities in the letter. 

He’s not verbal. He acts according to his rules. 

His father is Clear in behaviour. 

Jordan tells his Father more about his discovery. He discovers a new way to observe things. 

He thanks his Father at the end for Tax return. 


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