How do monks stay celibate?

I research a lot to find out the ways that turn monks stay celibates. There are various connections of beliefs, spiritual practices and missions that makes monk celibate forever.

I summarize the answer of How do monks stay celibate? Below;

Celibacy is essential to get enlightenment. It makes you independent, emotionally free, accepting and develop inner peace. So, Monks get happiness that is free from sensual desires and impurity. It gives them a mission to spread enlightenment and the teachings of the Buddha. They develop various tactics to battle against their egos. The Buddha shows them the ways of eternal fulfilment. 

Free their emotions:

Repression of sexual urges doesn’t work. We repress a lot of things that we want to free. It becomes very nasty to suppress your sexual desires. Read about The Qualities of perfect philosophy of life. 

Dependent origination:

The desire comes from the contact. If we away things away from our eyes, we become free. You can become independent by resolving your thoughts. 

Accept your pleasures:

When you accept those feeling, it loses its pleasure. It can be wanting, pleasure and lust. Celibacy does not happen overnight. It resolves your profound issues. 

The reality of being a monk is crucial for every monk. So, the sexual desire disappears. 

Celibacy can challenge for monks:

Many monks struggle for being celibate. The celibate monks are in a challenging situation. 

One reason that monks don’t become celibate is not access to the right teacher. So, They struggle a lot in meditation. 

Happiness and freedom:

Once you achieve celibacy, you get the feeling of happiness, peace and an uplifting sense of freedom. It saves monks from the things that have no meaning and inherent benefits. 

Necessary for awakening:

In Buddism, celibacy is essential to get the awakening. It frees the desires. Your awakening connects you with your spiritual self. 

Life reduces from outside:

You connect more with yourself. The external parameters impact less and, you feel inner happiness. You overcome the external triggers and pain. 

Inner life blossoms:

The inner connection becomes deeper. The spiritual self becomes growing and empowers the situation. 

Sexual activity is craving that causes suffering:

Buddha teaches that craving comes from desire. Every desire is the source of suffering. You can overcome the desire. It frees the attacks of craving. In the end, sexual urges are in control. 

Sensual pleasures craving (tanha) gets control in Celibacy:

Celibacy gives sensual pleasures a creative way to express them. 

Mental space happiness:

The Monks create mental space after eliminating the sexual desire. It gives them happiness and a sense of fulfilment. 

Have satisfaction in life:

Some people think that life without sex is not possible. The celibacy with complete will gives you an inevitable satisfaction. The sense of control and joy encountering in various ways. 

Feel of security:

The monk feels secure by controlling his sexual desires. It saves their mind from distractions, ill will and dangers. 

Freedom from danger and resistance:

The celibacy gives the monk a free way to live more. The dangers to attach with material vanishes. 

They transform sexual energy into creative work. In this way, the resistive thoughts turn into purposeful actions. 

Body energy into deeper vitality:

They develop or transform their body energy with oneness. It is loneliness. 

They connect with the universe by eliminating the craving factor. Monks develop a spiritual connection with their whole bodies. 

Celibacy changes the perspective of the world:

Celibate life assists to accomplish various achievements for monks. They become well prepared to cope with the challenges. Monks ways to see the world becomes different. They see sex as a non-attractive thing. So, they find ways to resolve such desires.

Deconstruct desire fabrication:

The meditation practice allows them to define their desires. They control the structure of desires by resolving conflicts. They allow their minds to think to connect to the teaching of the buddha. In this way, they constantly surpass the craving thoughts and practice celibacy. 

Celibate develop a close relationship with practitioners(monastics):

Various people try to practice celibacy alone. 

They give up because it requires proper guidance. The teachers give them a complete mindset and devotion for it. The monks practise celibacy with a close relationship with monastics. 

Battle with impurity:

Monks take sexual pleasure as an impurity. 

It is not beneficial for them. Monks devote themselves to the path of enlightenment. They provide the service for the ignorant. So, they develop a complete way to cope with their ego. 

Define Their “Why”

I observe that Monks has creative ways to support their reason behind celibacy. They cope with the distraction and stay with purpose. The upgrades themselves with the Deeper meaning in Buddha wisdom. Dalai Lama says that monks live the essential happier life. 

Real Stories of Celibate life:

I give you the stories of Celibate life with views about it. It assists you to observe the mindset of celibate monks and other people.

Name and countryViews about Celibate:
Vimalo from Srilanka(Monk):Celibate life adopts fully develop a different relationship with yourself and others. It is an inside experience.
Stephen Bick from the United States:Happier about that part of my life. Sexual mastery is not easy at first, but it’s possible.
Petra Clare from Scotland(Sister):Sexuality is the human creativity part. The sexual impulses manage and transform, a new transcend state develops. It requires time, hard work and losing sometimes.
Julie Moskal from the United states:I’m free and enjoy myself. I have a great relationship with myself without sex.
Helen from the United Kingdoms:We canot force people to celibate. It damages and leaves unhealthful impacts. Similarly, we cannot force asexual for having sex.
Thomas Toscano from Harrow(Ex-catholic prest):I left celibacy and lose my priesthood.
I take celibacy as a goal.
So, I struggle to become a celibate for 7Years. In the end, I realize that celibacy was not for me.
Cas, Leicester:It’s hard to see other people get married. You feel loneliness. I started Celibacy at the age of 18. At that time, I’m heterosexual. Now, at the age of 30years, I realize that I’m gay.

They detune the sexual organs on a spirit level:

Our body has energy orbit rotations. Monks awake the senses across their organs. They tune or detune the body parts through energy rotation. In this way, they eliminate the energy from the sexual organs. 

The mind controls body:

Monks develop complete control over the mind. They train their mind and give it the right way. 

Sexual impulses are part of everyone’s life. Even Dalali Lama accept his sexual impulses. 

They consider themselves soldiers. So, they eliminate the desire to assist others. Ignore mind wants attachment. An enlightened mind can stand alone with strength. Monks are like soldiers.

They’ve weapons to shoot the ego:

Every monk develops enormous methods to control the ego. They give ego direction. Besides, their meditation connects them with their spirit. 

Please Buddha and divine being:

Every monk has nothing to please. He pleases Buddha by following his teaching. He connects with it through enlightenment. Moreover, he is responsible turn into purposeful for all humanity. 

Help those suffering under the control of ignorance:

The mission of monks celibacy is to serve others. He connects his spiritual being that way. So, he is ready to show the path of enlightenment. They teach others to move out from ignorance. 

Buddha gives us method:

The real love of Buddha is inside every monk. He teaches the lessons of Buddha and his stories. In the end, the Buddha shows them their path to get eternal fulfilment and happiness in life. 


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