Does Abraham Hicks believe in God? 29 Points include religion[Explained!]

I research a lot to find the answer to the question; Does abraham hicks believe in God? Below I summarize my quick answer;

Abraham has the root of every religious source. Satan never exists. Jesus is an Extention of God. Religion prayers increase the separation between you and source energy. 

Religion enforces external Guidance instead of supporting personal Guidance. Develop church view as a connection not as Church. 

We develop God for all answers. After aligning with the source energy, we’ve no question. The words don’t teach; you’ve your own experience. You’re the creator of your reality. Get connection with infinite intelligence. Vertex values are necessary for your components.

Does Abraham Hicks believe in God?  Views about role of God to find unknown answers.
Abraham Hicks about God:

Distorted perspective:

God has made man. Man is now remaking God in his image. Man form perspective and try to make things fit into it. The process has tremendous distortion. 

Consciousness Expanding:

You are accurate about your feeling. You feel with God a physical and nonphysical perspective. The combination of you and the rest of us is God. God is consciousness that expands. Read Does Alan Watts Believe In God?

God for all answers:

Sometimes we don’t see God as with us. Various people are happy to see god as an exaggerated version of man. Something God is bigger than normal humans and Smart enough to have all the answers. 

Man Become inferior:

In the process of making a God-image, man degrades his self-image. Man is humble about making the distinction of superior God. The superior God make him the inferior mortal. The man separates himself from God. 

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Read about Elon Musk on god. 

See the big picture:

We are the energy. We are all in this together. It’s not easy to see the big picture from a physical format. It’s easy to feel the big picture from a physical format. 

Align with source energy:

When you appreciate someone or thing, you put yourself to align with the source of energy. No separation between energy is God and you at that moment. Then you know of it. You don’t question too much. 

Questions appear after non-alignment:

People only question God when they find themselves in vibration issues. The vibrational issues make them far away from the resource energy. 

Prayer enhances separation:

The most of prayers that human perform has an utter disconnection about their expectation to receive. Man perform the effort to receive prayer and guidance enhances his separation from himself and the desired God. 

Know vibration over intellect:

You must be in the vibration alignment that you desire to reach for it. The lack of separation with deep feelings and emotional reactions. Then you know things vibrationally, not with the intellectually. It gives the feel of infinite intelligence. You get all answers to your questions at that time. 

You’re God with your own choice:

The First Question we ask ourselves is; Who am I?

The answer is You’re God. 

The Other Question is; How am I doing?

Your answer is You’re doing exceptionally well. Your track is right. 

The other Question is How can my life be better?

The answer is to Seek things that feel good to you when you focus upon them. 

What will come next?

It’s whatever you choose. 

Will you not choose for me?

We are choosing with you, but we aren’t choosing for you. 

When you are in vibration alignment with us, the choices are all that we make together. We intend those choices. 

Alignment solves separation:

You came into the decision to come forth into the physical body to start. It closing the gap. Solve the separation. You become one who you’re in your joyous depth. Then you are the God into physical form that’s natural to you. 

Answered your questions:

You feel the alignment with the source. 

You reveal the feeling of ecstasy. No question remains in your mind. 

You get vibration alignment with infinite intelligence and God itself. You feel the clarity, love and Goodness of it. 

Embrace your choice:

Don’t be humble to make yourself apart from that. Embrace it and accept it. Embrace, Accept and ride that wave. 

Your point of view changes:

We don’t upset ourselves with radical changes in behaviours. We would be evolving being after becoming. It reconsiders from our eternal vantage points. Your vantage point evolves as you continue to become something. 

Searching security:

You could be a frightened child in a big world. You want to find comfort and safety in the arms of the church. 

Uplifting yields independence:

It would be a good match for you. You become an independent being, knowing your values. You find yourself uplifting and uplifting others too. It can happen in any environment including your church. 

Religion enforces ideas:

The religions are slow to allow themselves as an organization and allow individuals to become. They hold some ideas that are beneficial for that point. They force everyone to hold up those ideas with rigid even they apply or not. 

Vibration distorted with consistent external guidance:

Your vibration points become distorted as You try to factor in your life experience causing you to ask about it. 

There is another fact that these particular bodies(Interpretation of body) have to say about it. Anything that’s outside of your guidance system puts you on a distorted journey. 

Deep down religion has a connection:

Down the support of every religion has information talks about the presence or now. We talk about specific principles religion offers that show you way for connection but don’t connect in actuality.

Religious belief invalidation (Esther story):

Esther is not a religious girl. She lived in a Religious town. Religion never makes sense for her that what she is feeling. 

Her town believes that everyone that’s not a member of that church is evil. Her father is not a church member. He is the kindest and most moral man in the entire town. 

Her Town shows more hypocrisy than anything else. She hears their words from the pulpit. She watched what they did in their day to day lives. 

The people invalidate their beliefs for Esters. 

Esters go to dances and have fun. She never bought the religion. It never felt validated but bogus for her. Her life experience gives a gut feeling about the situation. 

No personal guidance in religion:

Abraham hicks believe that no religion exists on the planet that guides anyone properly. We don’t see anyone involved in any religion who can tune in with their guidance. There are Little Effort performed to understand the meaning of personal guidance.

Develop a personal relationship with God:

You can find a personal relationship with God. Once you find that personal relationship, it enhances your God relationship than any Church. You experience the things themselves instead of listening to someone. 

Religion interests:

Most religions are interested in what you can do for them. Then, they give you connections and make you empowered.  

Individually we’re weak, but in numbers we become powerful. It is more gathering based than individual experience. 

Source energy ends evil direction:

Every individual that connects with the source has all power at his fingertips. There is no way to utilize your power in an evil direction. As you focus more on that you know the energy flow in that direction. 

Religion with source connection possible:

It’s possible to connect with the religion and source at the same time. It’s like connecting to the source and connecting to the people who think differently from me. You can become confident in a frightening religion and spread unconditional love. 

Know and shine things:

You don’t need anybody to catch up on what you follow. You just know it and shine it. The religious environment is looking for something. 

Words never teach enough. You teach through clarity. 

Nothing is involved as to the religion of your choice. It radiates your well being and benefits around you. It gives all the credit to the church you’re attending. 

Religion Source connection diminishes over time:

The practitioner of religion in the past has a deep connection from the source to the present. As religion lingers longer source connection usually diminishes. It works in the opposition of independent connection of source. There is someone who wants to stand between you and the source. 

View church with connection, not as a church:

Jerry and Ester get several letters from church people that they learn from Abraham Hicks. They are expressing acknowledgement about things they don’t understand about their church. They see the church not with the eyes of the church but with the eyes of connection now. 

Vertex (balance) show right direction:

You put yourself into the vertex. Do anything that you’ve time for it. Vertex puts your thought in the right direction. It installs laws of attraction. 

The Law of attraction corporates your necessary components. It matches the outcome that you’re reaching for it. 


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