Is rich dad poor dad good advice?

I research a lot to find out the answer to a question; Is rich dad poor dad good advice? I conclude the Answer of it below;

The book is best to craft a financial mindset. The practical advice is not clear. 

It has magnificent general concepts for a successful life. It teaches about work for freedom. You get motivation with excitement about strategies. You develop emotions towards business-like Patience. 

The advice gives no clarity about a business plan. Besides, it treats rich people as enemies of the poor. It treats the schooling system as a fraud. It explains a general mindset shift. The advice does not explain success measuring. parameters. 

The bright side of Rich dad poor dad advice:

I mention some advantages of Robert Kyosaki advice below;

The best start for a financial mindset:

Are you looking to build up a financial mindset? The advice of Robert Kiyosaki in rich dad poor dad guides you for it. You become aware of the crucial of understanding money.

General concepts:

The rich dad character of the book gives the concepts and changes that make you rich. It includes the work for the system. You don’t chase money, acquire skills and build financial intelligence. The rich dad poor dad advice saves the traps of finance. 

The Poor dad concepts are dangerous for financial freedom. It includes fear of money. Read about Rich dad poor dad lessons now. 

The Basic mindset for financial freedom:

Financial freedom requires a shift in your mindset. So, you can take advantage of any opportunity. The rich dad poor dad gives you a shift for it. 

The Kiyosaki shares inspiring stories about cultivating the right mindset. It assists him proactive towards the incoming opportunity. He learns the skills to apply on the market. 

Highlight the importance of self-education:

Rich dad poor dad encourages everyone to become a lifelong learner. Consistent learning develops the ability to change. 

The book mentions several experiences of Robert Kiyosaki.

He constantly chooses to learn over repeating the same mistakes. It gives you the courage to correct your errors. So, you can improve your system consistently. 

Work for freedom, not money:

Most of us work for money. The rich dad concept is to work for freedom. It means your effort is to build a system for money. It gives you more time to live a free life. 

The rich dad poor dad advice free yourself from the job mindset. You get the courage to define your job terms. So, you can get the skills to earn money.  

Shows grit and perseverance to become a better Entrepreneur:

Rich dad poor dad story has various ups and downs. The advice gives you the direction to stay perseverant. Most people lose hope in business because it is unpredictable. 

Robert explains the examples to stay alert about the unpredictability of it. Grit gives us the courage to stick with hope and purpose. It gives you the courage to stick with persistence.  

Develop a clear and confident approach for money:

We have no clear goals for earning money. That’s Why we develop fears, egos and unconfident behaviour about it. The rich dad advice allows us to create financial goals. 

It gives you excitement to understand the money game. The lessons highlight the long term planning for the financial game. 

Build wealth require changes:

The advice that I like most is to adopt change. Every business requires various shifts to run it. So, Your changing perception gives you a better understanding of your system.

It doesn’t you criticise things. You have to judge enough to improve it with consistency. On the contrary, the job people have no fire for adaptability. 

Motivational and connective:

The advice gives you motivation and courage to choose. The motivation assists you to take initial actions.

You step out of your comfort zone. 

I make decisions with Robert advice. You can also step out of your comfort zone. The best start to build assets is now. The advice connects with your purpose for improvement. 

The worst side of Rich dad poor dad advice:

I mention the worst side of Robert Kyosaki advice below;

Not every employee broke:

Several employee jobs drive from passion. These jobs give you financial freedom. For example; Scientists, Surgeons and Astronauts. Besides, several people have no business mentality. 

A sudden shift for business is not possible with ease. You have to take complete knowledge about the same subject. In this way, you move forward for calculated risks. 

Save money first is not good advice:

Robert Kiyosaki advises that saving money is essential. It’s not a great idea always. The crucial of living should our priority. It gives us a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides, saving money varies from income to income. Some people can save more money. Others have to face several verifications for it. 

Not give you exact plan:

The rich dad poor dad book empowers the basic financial freedom mindset. There is not in detailed step by step guide. 

It bores the readers for a bit. Robert explains his investment experience. 

Some lessons misguide you from building your plan. Such as professional skills for business creation.

Give no clear passive income stream model:

The book covers general and wage ideas about passive income. Besides, it shares no innovative idea for business creation. You have to read several topics relevant books for passive income creation. 

Repeat the concepts:

The several concepts inside the Rich dad poor dad advice repeats. It means no explanation for in-depth knowledge. You know about the basics of assets and tax. Robert does not explain the ways to apply them with ease. 

Cashflow is not the end goal:

Robert Believes that cash flow is everything for a business. It varies from business type. Some businesses base on services. So, various quality products alter the cash flow system.

Not connects passion with Business:

No doubt, a stable business feeds us well. We get the freedom to live. The involvement of passion with the profession is essential. We can’t build up a business in an unknown direction. 

Besides, we have to face the loss to choose the passion. You have to lose several ideas to turn one into reality. 

School Education is faulty:

Several degrees makes you rich. Robert Kyosaki treats the schooling system as an enemy. Indeed, the school doesn’t teach us everything. But it makes us prepare for several things. 

I agree that school does not teaches us emotionally prepare for business. The school teaches us several skills like discipline, hard work, group education and project management.

Criticising the rich people:

Rich dad poor dad advice treats rich people as enemies for others. It’s not the rich people that are responsible for other’s poverty. Rich people indeed pay fewer taxes than others. They develop a system around it. 

The people who want to become rich should treat the rich as an example, not an enemy.

Don’t give any measuring parameters:

Robert Kyosaki doesn’t explain any parameters for observation. It means you lose direction by following his advice. Several other books explain enticing parameters.

Underestimate the College degree holders:

Not every degree holder is not die bankrupt. Several examples out there exist about degree holders success. If you’re a degree holder, you probably lose hope. Your degree plays a crucial role in your portfolio. It gives you the grit to complete projects. 

Several success stories exist of college degree holders. For example, Jeff Bezos is an electrical engineer. 


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