Types of Personality for a Better Understanding of Yourself and Others

Types of personality define yourself. What should you do in life? What can be a plus point for you?

Myers–Briggs Type indicator is the test that design to observe the decision power of people. The test checks your personality type and determines your values.

Personality type is not an ailment. It’s the nature of every human. Nature designs human in a way that they fit in the needs of the world.

Some people love to hang out. Others want to stay home. Every student in the class has a different way to perceive and extract results from a single experiment.

You can check out your personality type after knowing the whole system. It helps you to choose what’s right for you. You can adapt to the behaviour of another personality type temporarily.

You can’t check yourself sudden after reading this post of personality type. Give your intuition enough time. Observe your decisions of life. 

Extraversion (E) VS Introversion (I):

Extrovert people are outward. It means they love to be social. They take Energy for work from the outer world. 

For example, Extrovert want to look at others for the preparation of exams. They prefer to combine study as compared to solo learning. Get motivation after listening to the success of others.

Introvert people are inward. It means they love to work alone and show better progress that way. They don’t need External Energy to start work.  

For example, Introvert wants to prepare the whole exam by himself and feel satisfaction after work alone.

Question: Do you want to spend time with friends or love to stay alone?

Love Stay in public means Extrovert.

Love to stay alone means Introvert.

Sensing (S) vs Intuition (N)

The sensation is about to observe an event with your all senses. Sense lovers see the real aspects of life irrespective of their ego.

Intuition means to think about the event and accept the possible outcomes. They are sharp to create a castle of fantasies that depicts pain, pleasure or any specific emotion. 

We all have both sensing and intuition abilities. We use them according to circumstances. People dominate one of the areas according to natural inclination. 

Question: Do you sense every new information that comes in your mind or think about it? As the focus on food smell or satisfaction after eating? 

Sense observation means sensing.

Think about observation means Intuition.

Thinking (T) vs feeling (F)

Thinkers make decisions according to the facts, states, patterns and logics. They have inclined towards their observation.

Feelers make decisions according to what they feel in a particular situation. Their emotions lead their decision, whether pain or enchantment. 

We all feel and think in life, but one of the factors is the rule. It doesn’t matter which one is better. It depends on the personal style to use them. 

Question: Do you choose your friends from social benefits or, what makes you feel good(safe) at the moment?

Think before engaging every social talk means thinking.

Check and take feeling first means feeling.

Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P)

Judger makes the hard and firm decisions of life. They have no hesitation of a straight forward comment without the flexibility of adjustment.

Perceiver decides according to perception. They show flexibility to adjust others view. They fully respect the ideas of others and never harsh towards views. 

Question: Do you love to see the judges perspective in any game show? Or understand the effort of players?

Judge others without flexibility means judging.

Take other views serious before presenting your view means Perceiving. 

 After selecting your answers to every question, you can choose your match in the list of 16 types of personalities below. 

Every personality type is a gift for you. It allows you to choose the right career according to your Type. 

ISTJ: The analyst


They are a present lover, take action with realistic and organized way. 


They become blamer, Judgmental and show no feeling to others. 

Right Career:

They can be a Programmer, Doctor, Lawyer and Police Officer.

ISTP: The creator


They are reality-oriented, love to try new things and self-confident. 


They are hard to know, show boredom easily, hate commitments and risk-takers. 

Right Career:

They have a natural ability to be a Scientist, Pilot, Engineering and Law implementer.

ISFJ: Guardian


They mostly show reliability, sensitive, know the way to manage emotions. 


They neglect their needs, fearful about confronting others and feel hard to change. 

Right Career:

They can be a good fit for Nurse, Banker, Social worker and teacher.

ISFP: Artwork


Thy aware of their environment, learning via communication and show values. 


Have no interest in theoretical knowledge, hate arguments and love to enjoy space.

Right Career:

They can be an artist, Chef, Teacher, Psychologist and music composer.

INFJ: Supporter


They are sensitive about others need, give value to closed relationships and love to think about the future.


They become stubborn, oversensitive, develop high expectations and feel difficulty for facing the problem.

Right Career:

It’s great for them to build up a career in Entrepreneur, Writer, Teacher, artist and actor.

INTJ: designer


They are sensitive towards emotions, creative, relish by thinking about a better future. 


They sometimes become oversensitive, stubborn about behaviours and avoid confrontation. 

Right Career:

They can choose to be a Doctor, Judge, Mathematician and Engineer.

INFP: middleman


They love to see the big pictures, develop close relationships, caring others with sensitive towards feeling.


Sometimes they look extra details for over idealistic approach and hard to know. 

Right Career:

They can flourish easily in the fields of writing, Librarian, Counselors and Physical Therapist.

INTP: Thought lover


They are loyal, logical, live independently and think flexibly. 


They hard to know, show no clear about other feelings, struggle in following rules and stuck in self-doubts. 

Right Career:

They can show their best expertise as a Chemist, Mathematician, Geologist and computer programmer.

ESTP – Convincer.


They show energetic behaviour, influential, observer and Action taker.


They become impulsivedramatic, try to compete without any reason and insensitive.

Right Career:

They can show their talent in the world as Detectives, Marketers, Sales agent, Entrepreneurs and technicians.

ESTJ – The Leader.


They equip with self-confidence, hard work, realistic towards action and develop leadership skills.


They are order-type person, doesn’t care about other feelings, argument lover, suppress their Feelings.

Right Career:

They keep the career that can be Military, Judge, Teacher, Accountant and business manager. 

ESFP – The entertainer.


They are optimistic, present-oriented and influential in social gatherings. 


They become impulsive, hate to learn theoretical studies and mostly fail to plan. 

ESFJ – The Caretaker.


They are loyal, practical, dependable, well-discipline and love to help others.


They become needy for not taking care, be approval seeking and sensitive towards critics. 

ENFP – The conqueror


They are warm, full of passion, Awesome communication skill with creativity.


They seek approval from others, easily disorganized, can over-emotional, overthinker and find it hard to obey the rules. 

ENFJ – The contributor


They encourage others, warm-hearted, empathetic and love to live by a wide social circle.


They can suffer from self-sacrificing, become oversensitive and fail to make clear decisions due to social approve.

ENTP – The arguer


They have command in communication, debating, innovate new things and value the right knowledge.


They can be unfocused, over-sensitive, doesn’t like routines and can create mess through wrong argumentation.

ENTJ – The Chief


They are outspoken with great ability to making decisions, leadership skills, well organized and self-confident.


They show impatience, aggressive, unreasonable and Intolerant behaviours. 

Frequently Asked Question:

What are the 4 types of personality?

If we divide personalities into 4 Groups, these are Expressive, Driver, Amiable and Analytical.
Expressive want recognition, impulsive, take the first step.
Driver love to calculate the results of the outcome, Amiable desire to spread love and art. Analytical are logical formal.
A test of ABCD Types personality use to find out your driving force be a director, socializer, thinker and supporter.

What are the 8 types of personalities

These 8types of personality are;
Extravert +Thinking.
Introvert +Thinking.
Introvert +Feeling.
Extravert +Sensation.
Introvert +Sensation.
Extravert +Intuition.
Extravert + Feeling.
Introverted +Intuition.
These 8 Classification types couple your self behavior with the interaction of the world.

What are the 16 personalities types?

These are ISTJ, ISTP, ISFJ, INTJ, INFP, INTP, ESTP, ESTJ, ESFP, ESFJ, ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP and ENTJ types of personalities.

What are the 5 different personality types?

The 5 Types to sum up all personality types are; 
Openness. Open to present creativity and try new things.
Conscientiousness. Develop schedules and spend time to prepare.
Extraversion(Extrovert). Love conversation and build up social circles.
Agreeableness. Enchant to contributing to others life, Express empathy.
Neuroticism. Worried about uncontrollable things, adopt stress instantly.

What are the 3 personality types?

They classified as ABC Personality types.
A’s are energetic, glorious productive but seem firm.
B’s are peaceful life stress-free and empathetic.
C’s feel defenseless in social circles and overwhelmed by storing negative emotions.

What is the rarest personality type?

INFJ consider as rarest personality type with 1.5% of people from the whole United States.


These personalities type can help to understand your full potential in life. You can checkout your missing self or lack thereof. Read the true abundance meaning. It has an impact to craft magical features within your personality.

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