Paulo Coelho wisdom about forgiveness

Paul Coelho has enticing wisdom about forgiving others. 

He is a self-help and happiness writer, famous for his book “Alchemist.”

Paulo Coelho wisdom about forgiveness.

The author shares the wisdom to live to prosperous life through his novels and poems.

According to Paulo Coelho, forgiveness has an association with forgetness. Forgive changes your perspective But forgetting to lose the lesson. 

Paulo Coelho develops this forgiveness perception through his experience and knowledge. He encourages others to define forgiveness through their wisdom and events.

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Aleph Book forgiveness:

The novel has enticing wisdom about forgiveness. The young woman of 21 Years old, Hilal, is the one who gives emotional appeal about forgiveness. 

Hail is spiritual and a victim of sexual abuse as a child. She learns music in Russia. Hail becomes the first violinist of a high ranked orchestra in Russia. 

Paulo Coelho shares the lesson of forgiveness through her appeal. 

Besides, the author shows her spiritual journey to transform into a wise forgive. Click to read about the “12 Rules for Life” book worth.

Lessons from Prayer of forgiveness:

The Prayer of forgiveness is the part of Aleph novel. The author explains the phycology of forgiveness with a kind heart. Besides, he resolves the elements that address in the forgiveness process.  

Paul attaches all essential requirements to resolve with the young abusive past girl. 

I turn the appealing sentence into points. It allows you to understand and analyse them.


In this section, I write about the things that move us into suffering. Every action in suffer puts us down. It’s a better way to sabotage by recalling a painful past. 




Dead hopes

Damaged dreams

Ill will.

Destructive emotions:

We all have destructive emotions inside of us. Paul explains the forgiveness towards that emotions. It sets you free and understanding your real purpose. 






Evil doing:

Sometimes, we put ourselves in evil actions. It happens due to several reasons, such as destructive emotions. The author mentions all possible evil acts that attract us. 




Evil plans

Injustice under the label of justice

Oppression due to race or political or religious beliefs

World and its evils.

Alternatives of Hail for eternal forgiveness:

After that, Hail decides to choose a better alternative. Paul explains his philosophy to turn adversity into opportunity. The author shows that every situation can deal with better options. 

Here is the better option of mercy.


The author explains that grief can reduce by understanding the conditions of an event or person. 


You can lose people or opportunity due to resentment. The best is to agree with them at some point. 

Rebellion→ violin music. 

Hail transfers extreme and dangerous thoughts present into work. Your breaking thinking requires a direction to become a productive one. 

Pain→unconscious to feel.

Pain is certain. You can’t avoid it. The best way is to accept and try to ignore its feeling. 


You can express your revenge by becoming your best version of yourself. Your victory is a source of worry for your haters. 

4 States that everyone can achieve after applying Paulo Coelho forgiveness:

Paul explains the 4 Life achievements that reward after forgiveness. Hail forgive herself and others. Then, she chooses 4 Directions in her life. 

It is the source of your ultimate success. These lessons stop you fall back into misery. 

1.Love above all discontentment:

It means to fill your heart with love for satisfaction. We are looking for material things to make us happy most. Paul suggests choosing love as a top priority. 

According to Paul, Love is the best outcome after your forgive. A loving life grows your heart soft towards understanding others. 

2.Work happily in between the obstacles.

Obstacles are a part of life. If you show happiness in it, that shows you dare to fulfil your purpose. Paul enlights our heart with the passion stay with purpose. 

Your purpose moves you towards a destiny. You can sacrifice in obstacle and forgiveness.

It gives you satisfaction towards your goal. 

3.Never cries:

It shows the courage to stay calm in a dangerous situation. Commitment to never cry build up your heart to face the trouble happily. 

Never cries grow you up with a strong heart. 

A crier tries to avoid the challenging path. According to Paul, A brave heart person bold towards the maze. 

4.Believe in the no credibility:

It is the commitment to stay with purpose in adversity. We lose everything in a dangerous situation. If our performance is low, we raise doubts. Paul encourages us to believe in our guts. 

The situation can misguide you. Your belief in your actions can transform it. 

The spy Novel forgiveness lesson:

The forgiveness lesson with never forgetting suggestion is from Paul Coelho’s book The Spy. 

The Spy novel is the historical fiction of Mata Hari. She is the famous Ditch erotic dancer. 

Paul explains the story of an independent woman. She breaks the norm of society and pays the price in the end. 

The famous quote of Paul about forgiveness associate with it.

Forgive but do not forget, or you will be hurt again. Forgiveness changes the perspectives. Forgetting loses the lesson.

Forgive but never forget wisdom:

Paul Coelho shares the forgiveness power by never forgetting. He prefers forgiveness towards the evil acts of others. 

Forgiveness sets you free from hurting yourself.

The forgetting eliminates the lesson that’s necessary for you. You forget the event. You choose to hurt yourself again. 

Forgiving is possible only by reminding the pain point. 


Prayer of Forgiveness.

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