Jordan Peterson on success:

I research Jordan Peterson on success. Below I summarize my quick answer;

1% success achievers exist. It is competitive. You lose or win. The top 1% of people changes. More companies die. Companies lose creative people. Zero financial points end. 

Enhance the necessary competence. 

Be Polish your on domain skill. Don’t be negative judgmental. 

Align with your intelligence factors. Consciousness is a crucial trait. 

Be non-agreeable gives success. Don’t follow negative emotions. Choose your Job. It aligns with intelligence. Know your success price. Creative people are rare. Smartness and wise are not equal. Develop wisdom with smartness. Be useful smart. 

Success achieves through 1%:

1% success exists. People achieve it. Read Jordan Peterson life meaning knowledge.

It is hyper-productivity. That’s in every field. 

Jordan shares music composers. It happens in every sport. 

Trading game conclusion:

Jordan shares a monopoly example. It starts with equal money.

Soon, one person wins. Other loses all. 

Inequality is not a result. It has a deeper level. 

It is in the system. It’s the inevitable conclusion.  

No way exists for it, No way to take 1% money. Money moves back to the top. 

Top 1% changes:

1% changes a lot. Jordan shares his statistics. 

10% chances in 1% top, Stay here for 1 Year span.

40% chances in 10% top, it’s at least 1 Year life span. 

People on top change. People with money are not the same. 

The tiny fraction with money is the same. 

Company death is easy:

Jordan shares his views. 

500 Fortune companies die in 30Years.

Companies die easily. The company destruction is inescapable. 

The building is unusual. 

Losing creative people:

Get creative people is not easy. Creative people filter out most, No evaluation for creative people. 

They’ve new ideas. They work their way.

Zero is the end. It’s a difficult, Tough way to escape. 

Increase Your necessary competence:

We all interact with the world. We extract necessary. It refers to competence. Move towards your competence. Grow it. 

One domain Skill:

Jordan suggests one skill polish. 

It translates itself. That impacts other life domains. 

Jordan explains moral systems. Win process matters.

Hurting and winning is not great. 

Corporate and competition are ways. 

We played since childhood. Play multiple life games. Learn from them. Know about society. It grows us. 

Society grows that way. Individuals do the same. Behave better in consequence. 

Don’t use High negative abstraction:

Understand other’s levels. Decompose Judgment down. 

Treat with their level. Teach them the next level. 

Negative Judgment hurts them. Don’t be stupid. 

Help their resolution. Move resolution next level. 

It builds intimacy. Give practical resolution. Never ignore it; face it. 

Intelligence factors:

Jordan explains success factors. It refers to intelligence. Below are intelligence factors;


Stress tolerance.


Agreeableness. That helps in a corporative environment. 

Neutotism. Highlights negative emotions. 

People have single intelligence weaknesses. You can overcome it. It covers weaknesses. 

Jordan Peterson Consciousness:

It is the greatest factor. That yields success. 

It refers to delaying gratification. Don’t give an immediate reward. 

That refers to discipline. Become plan oriented. Never delay work. 

Develop goals. Modify goals. It makes them achievable. 

Intelligence is the consciousness part. Higher conscious people refer to intelligence. 

Jordan Peterson Non-agreeableness:

Agreeableness is crucial. That levels up collaboration. 

Jordan shares research. Being disagreeable predicts success. 

It makes ruthless. 

That builds Character. It presents integrity. Argue at a higher rate. 

Not settle for a lower value. Be unfriendly. Sometimes non-corporative. 

Jordan Peterson Neuroticism:

They feel higher negative emotions. See ordinary situation threatening. 

Successful people have low neuroticism. Feel less negative emotions. Stay calm. That makes better decisions. 

Become optimist. It yields self-confidence. 

Align Job with intelligence:

Choose a job that fits you. That Job did not address the weakness. 

That puts in a medium. You don’t lose. You don’t win. Find something for climbing. 

Higher-level Jobs:

Hierarchy has higher level Jobs. They’ve requirements. 

High intelligence and insane consciousness are necessary. Stress tolerance is Necessary. 

Complicated decisions are Necessary. Do it in a short time.  

People are Creative and intelligent. They require more opportunities.

IQ Role in master things:

You become best at one. The Above 145 IQ is necessary. Push it 160 IQ sometimes. It Makes 1 in 10,000 People. It makes it stress-tolerant. 

Your consciousness increases. 

The Smart people are always top. 

Life is race. The Smart one is faster. 

Intelligence plays a role. Move faster towards Difficult. You get first. 

Lower IQ Job roles:

The lower hierarchy has simple jobs. 

It refers to repetitive jobs. It is a low IQ job. 

Low IQ jobs are lower. 

The world requires cognitive skills. The Technical machines are Tough operating. 

US army doesn’t choose low IQ people. 

That’s not less than 83 IQ. It holds 10% population. 

It enhances unemployment. Smart people get jobs. 

Success sacrifices:

Substantial career focus. The minority man does it. They work harder. Work about 78hours per week. Work on a narrow domain. 

They’ve no life. Having a Family become difficult. 

It’s a unidimensional price. Exceptional in one thing. 

You work all time. You’re dedicated. 

You’re smart. It’s beating way. 

You’ve mind focus. It makes you rare. 

It finds power. That’s risky business. 

You Sacrifice a lot. 

Healthy life balance:

A healthy life has balance. One thing disturbs the cycle. More balance leads to less success. Don’t master any single. Overall, life is winning. Mastering is not achieving. Sit to master one. 

Men want perfection:

Jordan refers to Carl Jung. 

Men look it. A minority do it successful. Work hard for it. Compete with others. Top require working harder. 

70hours workweek does it. You’ll never catch up. 

Economics statics makes men attractive. 

Men born children later. Men want power positions. 

Highly successful men traits:

Some men want highly-success. 

They move upward in the hierarchy. Happily work 80hour week. 

Corporating other things. It includes relationships. Hard to live with them. Obsess with career. 

Good at their work. They become smart. Become disciplined. Work nonstop all time. 

Run things better. Achieve obsession. They’re disagreeable. Disagreeableness is due to competition. 

That’s an overwhelming responsibility. 

Some people want that. They’re hyper industrialist. That inbuilt them. 

High meaning level. Be out of Pareto distribution. 

Women look wholeness:

Go for activities. Stop working harder, Especially in their 30s. Women don’t worth it. Economics statistics don’t attract women. 

Women time frame is limited. They require children. 

Women don’t go for power.

Creativity is rare:

Everyone is creative. Jordan believes a lie. 

Creative people are a minority. Engage like-minded people. 

Find the best competitors. Find such a community. 

Creativeness brings arrogance. Jordan Peterson success supports creativeness.

Wise and smartness differ:

Wise and smartness are not the same. 

Be wise with smartness. No quick way wiseness exists. Arrogance brings blocks. 

Be smart useful:

You’ve developed Character. You’re intelligent enough. 

You have a creative community. 

Don’t be superior about your niche. It’s difficult for Smart people. 

People have high intellect. That Holds low being sense. 

It creates an imbalance. It becomes bitter. 

Jordan gives Simpson an example. He has 160 IQ. He is useless. 

Jordan Peterson wisdom:

Wisdom enhances observance. You observe ethical achievers. 

It’s an outside intellectual domain. 

Intellect drops moral superiority. Elite and working-class division vanishes. 


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