Life Questions that Change my Life in 3 Months

Change your life in 3 months demands drastic acceptance about your dark side and show kindness towards every failure step towards change. Focus on developing habits with conscious efforts to train your unconscious self.

In this post, I want to share my mental approach that changes within 3 Months through the power of the right life questions. The main reason that changes my mental state is the books I choose to read. I read a lot of Books of great mentors for 20 December 2019.

Questions about life in a nutshell

Time needed: 1 minute

12 life questions for better version of your one life.

  1. What is the most important thing for me at the present moment?

  2. Do I want those friends?

  3. What is the best way to get the maximum from the given resources?

  4. What is the best way to get the maximum from the given resources?

  5. Do I think creative or do procrastination?

  6. How to add difference from the old bad environment?

  7. Do I try to develop friendship with new people?

  8. Why do I want to convince others for my approval?

  9. Do I better myself day by day?

  10. Do I read the best books or some fiction fun?

  11. Why am I not making long term plans?

  12. Why am I feel anger and panic now?

What is the most important thing for me at the present moment?

I usually answer the activity which leads towards my goals. I often not feel ready to do things in my life. We all involved in our habits and emotional issues. We need to do the action. Our action separates misconceptions from reality.

How it helps me?

When I started yoga, I feel panic about the pain I feel in my body. These life questions focused on my problems which belong to yoga. It is not of my type. I waste a lot of time on it. It does not give me money.

It is irrelevant. These types of answers break my yoga routine. I decided to give myself reasons for the benefits of yoga.

It works. These answers include; Yoga improves my mind-body connection. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety. It makes me feel like a child. Yoga boost up my creativity. In the list of life questions, the next is about choosing the right friends.

Do I want those friends?

life questions for 3month transformation

No. Not really. I want to make new friends. But I am addicted to my old friends jokes and their environment.

What should I Do? I always ask myself. That’s why I decided to create some space for myself. I told some of my friends that I needed time to reconsider the relationship.

After about 15 days, I realized that I made friends because of my emotional needs. I have no other reasons to make such friends. So, I decided to leave them.

We all should reconsider our relationships from time to time. But these life questions make relationships with our logical reasoning. We need love. It’s our emotional need. 

Otherwise, we can get married to a serial criminal. We are humans and can be attached to anyone for no reason. At last, I left those friends which irritated me.

We should make every relationship after understanding ourselves.

What is the best way to get the maximum from the given resources?

Well, my resources are limited because I belong to a middle-class family.

When it’s about resources, most of my friend blame others. Some say they are not rich.   But after reading Rich dad poor dad, I add it to my list of life questions. I realize that we take poverty as an opportunity to grow.

I saw on the internet about how to learn and share a skill. So, I decided to improve my knowledge of money. It is called financial knowledge.

It helps me a lot to start my own business.

The answer is, I need to improve my knowledge daily to find opportunity in my surroundings. Moreover, I need to be flexible to adopt change according to the requirement of my resources.

Which habits are great for me?

In the list of change your life in 3 months questions, This question develops me and move me with positive change.

It took me about 3weeks to understand and realize about my habit patterns.

The book called The Power of Habit gives me some activity to apply in routine. After that, I realize the triggers of my bad habits and craving of your habits.

I discovered my method to add good habits, which I called, Grow with yourself.

Grow with yourself method includes;

  • Self-affirmations.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Inside your mind that I am alive and in control.

It put me in the light of great habits.

Now, I can say that good habits attract bad habits. After 2 March 2020, I unsatisfied about habit creation after installing the habits I loved.

Do I think creative or do procrastination?

The answer often is procrastination. Because if I feel creative, I have no time to think about such a question.

I learned a lot about my modes swings. My patterns of procrastination vary from day today. In the morning, I often feel creative.

If I fail to achieve my daily task, I will start procrastination. The difference between procrastination and a creative mindset is the level of energy.

Procrastination promotes ego. Creativity promotes my self-awareness and happiness. The creative ideas come from your knowledge and personal experience. The Oprah Winfrey words call, Inner wisdom.

Your gift tells you are unique.

I read about creativity via books like steal like artists.

On 23 February 2020, I started to create my Personal ideas journal. It allows me to choose the right career.

How to add difference from the old bad environment?

The answer to this question is simple for me. But it is not easy to change the bad environment. Your environment follows you.

To change your bad environment, I follow just 2 Steps;

  1. Not go back into the same bad environment as a challenge.
  2. Find substitute environment faster.

It gives you a message and vision to add the Actual constructive change in your life.

I tried to get rid of my old friends. I face blame towards them. So, I allowed myself to make new reasonable friends.

The book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” gives me a practical way to make new friends.

On 24 February 2020, I made a new friend that I want to be with a friend of for a long time.

7. Do I try to develop friendship with new people?

The answer is yes.

I realize after a few days that my effort is very outdated. After reading about shyness, I try to speak first to start a conversation.

I am super shy and introverted but hesitated to talk to people. This question allows me to move and see new friends in some new environment. It promotes people exposure like other life questions.

It is the best way to make friends. I practically applied it.

Friends criteria:

The criteria to make new friends is far different from my previous choices.

  1. I would make those friends who define me.
  2. Those who have the guts for me would become my friends.
  3. I resist those who have any wrong social proof like criminal or drug dealer.
  4. My friends accept me as I am.
  5. They would give me enough space to talk to them.
  6. I would feel safe and proud to get those friends.

I hope these points clear to your friend criteria.

Remember, nobody is perfect. So, make those friends who admit their mistakes.

Change your life in 3 months questions allow you to improve not perfect.

8. Why do I want to convince others for my approval?

As a teenager, I was in the habit of social proof. But now, I convince myself to respect myself without any social approval.

The main element which makes my control in my hand is Locus of control.

Brain Tracy idea about control yourself by yourself enriches my self-control. Unlock your real version with the famous Mel Robbins quotes.

Do I better myself day by day?

The answer to this question fluctuates. Sometimes I improve myself fast and vice visa.

So, I stop judging myself. I decide to adopt some habits and execute them as a challenge. These life questions give you a chance to add some value to your life day by day.

I measure from 21 January 2020 to 18 February 2020 that I get some progress. The habits which I develop at this time include;

  1. Reading.
  2. Creative thinking.
  3. Exercise.

These 3 Habits help me a lot to support my achievements. I feel more productive. My procrastination is gone continuously.

Do I read the best books or some fiction fun?

I am in the habit of reading romantic and fiction books. I realized that self helps books promote my productivity. So, I read help books and add them to my reading routine.

Books that give me insight about plan success are;

  1. Think and grow rich.
  2. Rich Dad poor dad. ( Read rich dad poor dad summary)
  3. Thinking, Fast and Slow.
  4. The Power of Habit 
  5. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

You ask to change your life in 3 months questions about what you take from the book. These books give me clear insights into making a hard decision in life.

The decisions have a clear vision to see things with a clear mindset.

Why am I not making long term plans?

I got the answer to this question on 2 March 2020.

At that day, I read a book called GRIT. There is a test inside the book about patience level.

I give the test but fail. I laugh because I get 24 Marks out of 100Marks. The patience level inside me is low. I need some other sources like meditation. 

Meditation helps me a lot to create a long term plan. A plan gives your life a direction to move in your life with life questions.

So, I make my first long term plan on 22 March 2020.

I hope to complete my long term plan after 3 Years.

Why am I feel anger and panic now?

Most of the time, I feel panic because of stuck in the perfect illusion.

I called it a perfect illusion because when I think about my past, present and future, I want perfection. 

On 20 January 2020, I decided to understand that nobody is perfect. I still recall these words in my head that I am not perfect but, I am worthy.

These words change my thinking towards perfection. Among of other life questions, this question give me relief from the deep, swear depression.

I realized that my purpose is not to be perfect. I am here to craft myself. 

Why am I think about problems while working?

The habit of procrastination is still inside of me. Now at least I understand my triggers and control them. 

Initially, my procrastination is uncontrollable, which’s common according to research

My meditation routine helps me a lot to solve procrastination issues. I meditate daily at 5 Pm in light of dusk.

Initially, It is hard to sit at the place and think nothing. But now, after 45 days of continuous effort, I can silent my brain.

Meditation impact is fantabulous. It takes time to start at first. We can control it by focusing on our purpose. It shapes your WHY.

It is your emotional healing.

What is the realistic way to full fill my dreams?

After reading Think and grow rich, I understand the importance of a plan and its implementation in the real world. I can now find a vivid balance between my fantasy and reality. I follow my passion with ferocious acceptance of reality.

Now, I make Little realistic goals that lead to the big goal. The other 3 Questions that give me insights into my long term transformation are;

Do I face myself every day?

I use a daily accountability method to perform my work with consistency.

Do I believe what I read and apply it?

The books about self-help, productivity and leadership enhance our knowledge about our working style. Fiction provides us with another medium of entertainment.

Why I stuck in every long term plans ?

I cannot build long term plan and failed in the completion of my daily task. The question awakes me and shows me the way to develop a long term plan.

Important Life questions sum up:

What are some deep relationship questions?

These questions are about to start, maintain and renew your relationship.
In this blog, I explain the deep questions which make our relationship fantastic.

What is the best question about love?

Love is the best reason to live a happy life.
The question about love is;
Do you love yourself?

Does 36 questions fall in love work?

Yes, it works because it hit the emotions of the intimate side of your personality.

Can we fall in love with anyone?

It depends. You cannot force someone to show interest.

Does it only take 4 minutes to fall in love?

Your attention and listening skills make it more likely to force another person to take an interest.

How do you know if someone loves you secretly?

Yes, someone falls in love with you secretly with these characteristics;
1. Watch you a lot.
2. Miss you when you are absent.
3. Open up with you.
4. He always expresses his love through body language like small or astonishment, see you in future.


These change in your life in 3 months give you a reason to understand your problems. You can learn about habits that can make a person millionaire with the help of a great mindset. Explore more exciting stories on habbitts.

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