Wild at heart 3 Things a man needs: 22 Quick Points to explain complete:

I research a lot to find wild at heart 3 Things a man needs. Below, I summarize my quick answer;

The 3 Things a man needs is battle to fight, adventure to live, beauty to rescue. Man gets Heart through being a warrior. Adventure gives a larger range of decision ability. Fighting for beauty is the joy for man. 

The traitor/devil/satan feeds your false self for distractions or hopelessness. 

A desire for battle a fight:

John Eldredge believes that aggression is part of masculinity and men design for it. He refers to the bile and explains that Load is the warrior. 

The fighting desire also appears in the movies or novels. The hero fights a battle to prove himself. Read Wild at heart quotes now. 

Great life mission:

Every man has a mission that drives his life. God made the man for this mission. 

Cunning in nature:

The man knows where and how to fight. He knows the right weapon for the required situation. He develops war through knowing.

Encounter the inner traitor:

John explains that your real self is with the side of God. Man’s heart is not sinful. Choose against the traitor and shoot it. Be aware of the things that you ignore. Never sabotage yourself with the inner traitor. 

Strength grows with living it:

Choose to live with your strength. It grows over time. Give your strength a chance to grow and you want it more. Use your Strength and be yourself. Know the feeling of a world by living your Strength.  


The world is the disturbance and confusion about fighting. It makes right or wrong less effective. Use your strength for truth instead of caring about the world. 

The voice of devel comes and says that you’re not going to achieve it. It changes your character and develops mess for you. We should not look devil most in psychological, physical or political explanations. 

Not everything is clear for us. There is a lot that happens behind the scene. It’s an unclear situation for us. 


Man is in a state of war. Denying it yields more harm to the man. Those who deny it already lost the war. The enemies shake the beliefs that put you in danger. Every person lives with struggles. The enemies (devil) distract us and blame us. 

Stick with the truth:

Your Strength comes through constant exercise against the truth. It awakes your heart and brings the battle to a new level.

Question the Evil:

We can question the evil to disclose its lies. It pursues your action and loses satan. It creates fear to put us in fear. 

God is with us:

Never overprotect yourself. Less saving yourself makes you an effective warrior. Every soldier surrounds by enemies. He requires a strong desire for living with carelessness about dying. 

Fail the deal:

A lot of people join the christ army but fails to pursue it. They end before the fight begins. 

Wars weapon:

Discipline is the weapon warrior uses against the traitor. Your connection with God matters instead of long prayers. We require the armour of God to fight against the traitor. We need warriors that hold our back instead of the accountability of nice guys. 

We do not need a large group, but an effective one. 

Wounds with honour:

The spiritual fight brings the wounds. You require a fierce heart to compete with Fierce situations. 

Live adventure:

Adventure is another crucial component of heroism. It requires something and puts you in some test. It’s the desire to explore the unknown and then conquer it. Adventure is about living Wild at heart 3 Things a man needs.

Embracing risks:

Life isn’t about solving the problem. It’s the adventure to live. The world supplies us with things as we embrace the risks. A man can’t be happy without the Adventure in his work, love and spirit. 

Question about yourself:

Never go for what worlds need. Do what makes you alive. The right question gives the direction for your adventure. Adventure brings out the real strength. 

Uncontrollable is necessary:

Most men work to eliminate the risk from life. They get protection. We end our competence by rejecting uncontrollable. It Suffocates man.

Don’t ask how. Create what you desire to do. Controlling things doesn’t Adventurable then go for adventure. 

The deepest desire lies in the true heart of a man.

Recover your dreams:

The man gets purpose after losing control for the recovery of his dreams. The man connects with his desire by avoiding routine distractions and connects through his soul. It yields another life.

Unknown things encounter:

The mystery is the way moves towards Adventure. We know various nice things but, we don’t know how to fight. The Strength lies in it. It’s a battle not sure to win. 

The Things are out of control with no certainty.

Develop an intimate relationship with God:

The relationship with God associates with intimacy. It’s not developed through formulation. Relying on their God changes formula with necessary requirements. Develop a conversational relationship with God to get the teachings. 

 The misunderstanding is the hardest part but comes through cutting your path from the risk. 

Rescue a beauty:

Man do anything for his beauty. He has a desire to become the hero of beauty. 

It motivates Youngman to action. That’s why several men bring the picture of their beauty with them in war state. He loves his beauty and wants to be her hero. 

Beauty is under attack:

It’s not merely a story. Resuing beauty is essential because she is the target of Evil. There is a pleasure for men to save others. 

Get your clarity about your role with feminine and, things become workable.

Man offers Strength:

A man who comes into the life of a woman offer Strength. Women invite men for themselves. Refusing man makes her wife empty. Feminine feel rest under the strength of masculine.

Using Feminine:

Most man offers nothing and desire maiden. They want to get comfort without paying anything. Pornography is an example of it. 

Feminine role:

Feminine seduce the masculine. There are various ways to do it, but it eventually arouses man. It inspires and energizes man too.


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