Spiritual Books by Black authors: 10 Recommendations

I research a lot to find out Spiritual Books by Black authors. I provide the complete list of those books. 

What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey:

What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey
source: goodreads

Oprah Winfrey encouraged you to pursue your desirable life through gratitude, get excellence and learn from bad experiences. 

Why read it?

The book gives lessons to grow your experience. Oprah Winfrey values greatness. It shows you a way to achieve it. It gives you a mindset for growth and abundance. These lessons allow you to connect with your best self.  Read 13 Best Self Help Books For College Students.

Key lessons:

The bad experience teaches you about taking responsibility for your happiness.

Take inspiration from books and people for great motivation.

Gratitude gives reason to be grateful. You feel better about it.

Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Person by Shonda Rhimes:

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
source: goodreads

It’s about the experience of Shonda Rhimes to use Yes for loving herself and experience as an introvert in life. 

Why read it?

The book teaches you about the experience in life. It teaches you to see success and happiness separate. The saying yes gives you direction to say no to other things. The author shares her working experience as a mum. 

Key lessons:

We require others to push ourselves in certain situations. 

You need to understand the situation before saying yes to any situation.

It’s Ok to accept others’ opinions in certain situations. 

Becoming by Michelle Obama:

Becoming by Michelle Obama
source: goodreads

It shares incredible lessons through sharing Michelle Obama’s relationship irrespective of your situation and criticism.

Why read it?

The book is inspiring for everyone despite of political views. The book shows Michelle Obama’s journey to improve. 

She values hard work to achieve success in life. It gives realization about your contribution to growth. 

Key lessons:

Be ready to educate yourself about the things you like irrespective of the situation.

Don’t get discouragement by opinions. Never your effort for greatness. Right people come towards you. 

Use your strength even at a small level. Your position is valuable. 

The art of being by Danielle Allen:

The Art of Being by Danielle Allen
source: goodreads

The author shares motivational and inspirational words with life lessons and a life coach lesson.

Why read it?

The book inspires you consistent. You can learn several lessons from it and grow. It has nonfiction lessons with clear wisdom. It aligns your thoughts to think as your being.

Key lessons:

Self-acceptance and self-discovery can be life-changing for us.

We require our permission for growth.

The distractions block you from your true self. 


Love in my Language by Alexandra Elle
source: goodreads

The book gives the self-discovery idea through understanding love in a proper way. 

Why read it?

The book motivates you to live a successful and happy life. The author shares thought-provoking lines to connect with your true self. You get positive thoughts and reasons to be a positive person.

Key lessons:

We deserve our patients to bring ultimate joy. 

Our peace is repairable. 

Be proud of your bandages. Never be a victim of them. 

The Way of the Elders: West African Spirituality & Tradition by Adama Doumbia

The Way of the Elders: West African Spirituality & Tradition by Adama  Doumbia
source: goodreads

The author shares the Wet African spirituality and culture for spiritual life connections. 

Why read it?

You get to know bout various African beliefs, ceremonies and traditions. The author explains Manda tradition’s rare and authentic information. 

It includes herbal healing, sharing offerings and nature elements. The author explains the village life with marriage, death, music and dance culture. 

Key lessons:

Respect your elders to gain the best wisdom of experience. 

Identify your slipping area not, about where you fell. 

The water flows irrespective of the man Thurst. 

Inner enemies harm instead of external enemies. 

Ritual: Power, Healing and Community by Malidoma Patrice Somé

Ritual: Power, Healing and Community by Malidoma Patrice Somé
source: goodreads

The author explains through the lack of rituals disconnects the western society through his native African Dagara culture.

Why read it?

The author shares the worth of rituals for connections. We lack ways to connect with strangers or enemies. 

The author shares the African Dagara culture with leaders’ devotions. The rituals connect through the spiritual lives of people. It connects through the world to understand better. You get the idea of Ritual based society growth and prosperity. 

Key lessons:

Everyday life focus can restore through the ritual society system. 

The less spiritual connection yields less self-understanding and world understanding. 

Every person has a life goal associated with cosmic energies. We are responsible for cosmic order. 

The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings In The Ways Of Relationships by Sobonfu E. Somé

The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings In The Ways Of Relationships by Sobonfu  E. Somé
source: goodreads

The book gives the intimate relationship with nature according to her native village experience. 

Why read it?

The author is well known as an African spirituality expert in the west. She shares her native village’s culture for connective relationships. 

Her message shares a true understanding of pleasure, intimacy, spirituality and love. Her advice connects with thousands of years of African ritual. 

Key lessons:

Relationship in the west depends on ego most of the time.

Your Big family connects about getting more support. 

Every relationship comes up with spiritual dimensions.

The spiritual dimension allows for a drive and control relationship. 

Ritual allows the spirit to drive us. 

Greatness Is Upon You by Eric Thomas

Greatness is Upon You by Eric Thomas
source: goodreads

Eric Thomas( a well-known motivational speaker) explains the way about achieving greatness in your life. 

Why read it?

It’s the best black author book for motivation and growth mindset. The author shares the philosophy of growth. 

It helps you to go for your goals. The book motivates for goal-oriented direction.

Key lessons:

We require our responsibility for the shortcomings of life.

Excuses are easier than adjustments.

Redirect your mind to think positive in case of negative thinking. 

Get yourself in a challenging area. 

The Black Male Handbook: A Blueprint for Life by Kevin Powell:

The Black Male Handbook: A Blueprint for Life by Kevin Powell
source: goodreads

The book shares the stories of several black men to thrive in this unjust world. 

Why read it?

The book shares the issues about valuing black life. It shares the best solutions to old problems. It’s helpful for those suffering from unjust in America. Anyone can read it to know unjust society problems. It’s wisdom that improves your life. 

Key lessons:

Forgiving yourself and others give new chances for action.

Your self-inventory transforms religious belief into spiritual belief. 

Black men try to serve God and society. 

Non-forgiving traps us in a spiritual prison. 


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