108 Philosophical questions about yourself [2023]:

Philosophical questions about yourself are about questions about the nature of life. These explain the impact of questioning in life. Today, we live in the age of information, it’s easy to find information, but it’s hard to find the reason behind taking every bit of knowledge.
The Laws of nature demands us to radiate the right frequency through directional knowledge. This list of questions raises your awareness over following the cheap bias. As a result of sudden failure or constant depression from society, people lose hope and step into the rat race.
It’s not a big problem to be a freak, at least if you stay like that, a chance to get freedom in life from any phobia is possible. Read Is there a perfect life philosophy?

Philosophical questions and answers

Once you forth your courage to see your complex issues that stand on the support of your misleading attitude, thoughts and philosophy, you get the courage to change it. Every questioning process for yourself yields 2 Possibilities; You change your belief due to strong knowledge, or your argument becomes more depth. Every person who lives a life of passion first bleeds with the sword of self-truth. The truth you ask yourself in front of the mirror cast a spell to achieve the right things in life.
We all know we do unproductive actions with the silly reason by following other. When we put our truths in the box within yourself for a long time, it’s hard to put your finger on it.

108 Philosophical questions about yourself:

1.Does love triggers your comfort zone or kills your productivity?
2.How to live life with consistency?
3.Does self-help is an illusion?
4.What are the laws of nature?
5.How Human came into being?
6.Does evolution still exist?
7.Why do we like entertainment in life?
8.Why we get older?
9.Does the human spirit has any worth after death?
10.Why we work so hard after knowing that the ultimate end of life is death?
11.Does sexuality exists or it’s fantasy?
12.Why prejudices occur in every society?
13.Why 1% get success in life?
14.Can thoughts shape our life?
15.How to select the friend that define yourself?
16.Does any success exist without effort?
17.What are the dangers of every society?
18.Why people hate those who are best for them? 19. What impacts on human action most, society or thoughts?
20.Can we develop a blueprint of other’s mindset or learn from it?

21.Does happiness is about success?

22. How to live a life of passion as a person of no means? 23. How to live a life of passion as a person of no means?
24. Does wealth change others way of talk?
25.Do we’ve fate for success or we can create it by ourselves?
26.Does science is against God?
27.If you have one day to live, How you live it?
28.Do lust means to love?
29.If every motion produces the same Reaction, why most criminals are free from their sins?
30.Does ageing impact in your choices of life?
31.What are the best choices for you in life?
32.Does personal will is more important than the norms of society?
33.What type of parents deserve respect?
34.What people and conditions sabotage your success?

35.Can animals speak to each other like humans? Do they have no sense of understanding except the basics of life?

36.Do animals have a sexual fantasy?
37.Does religion guaranty success in life and after death?
38.Does human cloning produce humans?
39.Why humans wake up in the morning and sleep at night?
40.Does lust yields love?
41.Does weather or season change impacts on our mood?
42.How people get the notion of success in their lives? With the right moods or Absolute work?

43.Does imagination has any role in achieving success in real life?
44.How to belief in yourself even if you know dangers?
45.How the laws of nature make people rich?
46.Can dreams have the power to show you about your future? Why after some event we think we know what was going to happen?
47.Do flying car, unicorns and sea dragons exist or, it’s a fake story?
48.Can our imaginations turn into reality?
49.Does the selection of the right food and exercise routine make you a young forever?
50.Does anyone in his life finds the real joy of his life?

Can technology make us fool or give us a happy life?

51.Can it be possible to reboot your brain and remove the memories forever?
52.Does the theory of Einstein about time travel is practical? If So, Does anyone can see the future?
53.Does the world economic system reality helpful for poor people?
54.Why sex belongs to an intimate relationship? can it be a fantasy?
55. Does any science fiction movie tell the future of the world?
56.Does compounding have the truth about life? What do we ultimately receive in return?
57.What is the most impressive element of success in life? Personal satisfaction, fame, money or status?

58.Can a man work with angels and demons?

59.Does mind-reading exist, or it’s fiction?
60.Are philosophers are mentally sick or have a pearl of wisdom about the concept?
61.Why our brain hate t do hard things? If so, Why people perform hard work in life?
62.Does their any action exist that people love to do, but hate to talk about it?
63.Can nature reality punish? I so, How?
64.Can anyone lies throughout his life? I so, what can happen at the end of life?
65.Do femininity and masculinity define by looks or behaviour?
66.Do good looks make a person more loyal?
67.How to find the level of loyalty of any person in the first mate?
68.Can a human get marry with robots? If so, can it produce a new generation of biotechnology?

69.Does personality type matters to see the level of success of any person?

70.Why did intelligent persons break in life?
71.How it’s important to show yourself worth in this world?
72.Does it’s possible to suppress your deep burning desire? If so, can we make it free of desire free of regret?
73.You allow living in the jungle without any world aid. Can you survive here?
74.Does world economic holder adds value in life or it’s about marketing hack?
75.What is a precious thing for a human in life? Family, friends, or personal awareness?
76.We are unique according to our DNA coding. Why does our face or activity resemble with a parent?
77.Why people invest money and save for tomorrow? Everyone knows life can end in the next minute.
78.Why people respect those who are rich and have some authority?
79.Why human want those things that he knows dangerous for the long term?

80.Do addictions kill people or make them easy to die?

81.What is the possibility of the end of the world? Does it dangerous or glorious?
82.How to differ your overthinking and creativity patterns? Does it create confusion in life?
83.Fit in society is not a great idea. How to find what you want other than it?
84.What is the most seductive element of a human being? That can from behaviour or looks?
85.Why we feel jealous, angry and ego? Does there any way to control negative side behaviours?
86.Why poor people, have more negative expression then rich people?
87.Can financial freedom is achievable? If so, Why people say that they’re not greedy?

93.Why rich people famous for charity? Does charity increase your income?

88.If all the philosophers are right, why contradiction occurs among their point of views?
89.Can you start your life again? What is the time in your life that demands a new start or reboot?
90.What we can control in life or what we can’t? Do helping others mean you try to handle others?
91.What are the perfect boundaries in every relationship that balance your emotional need and reputation?
92.If you fall in love with someone, What does it mean? Is it your body or spiritual need?

94.What is the best way to express yourself? Is it from your senses or some inner mind wisdom?
95.Does after death spirit remains to exist? If so, can you enjoy being a spirit ghost?
96.Where fashion comes? Does it an illusion or another way to satisfy the ego of rich people?

97.What are the respects hat rise the polarity in society?

98.Does being fearful is crucial or being brave? How you differ to them?
99.Do laws of nature have any space for revenge or forgiveness is the only option?
100.Why difficult situation comes often and, great things are rare? Is it an illusion or reality-based talk?
101. What is a superpower that you love most but impossible to achieve? If you get it somehow, What you would do?
102. What freedom leads in life? Does it addiction, lust or creative ways to explore love?
103. What culture fulfil all human needs without any creation of bias?

104. What can be the average time to get notable success in life?

105. If you think you’re not good enough. Does anyone on the planet exist who is enough?
106. Does the exam system identify the talent of a person? What is a way to check out the hidden treasures of a person?
107. Does democracy exist in the modern world or, it is a new way of ordering poor people?
108. Is it possible to stop thining? It’s not. Why do we think about stuff that has no concern about us?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest philosophical question?

Do we need to follow our heart or brain to make decisions?
What is the best way to live a life of meanings?
Can a spirit come back again in the body?

What are the 3 philosophical questions?

How a person can live a life free from biases?
What will happen if today is the last day of earth?
Does aliens exist? Why science fiction always mention aliens smarter then humans?

What is the most philosophical question?

Can human kill through words?
Do we control our brain like a machine?
Can magic destroy humans? If so, Why negative spirits are the part of the army?

What are the big questions?

If consciousness. has less rule as compare to sub-consciousness. Why we stay conscious?
How humans create imaginations? If so, How our mind differ from reality and illusions.
Can we rise the sensitivity of our senses to make us aware about the situation?


I conclude that unanswerable philosophical questions exist in every mind the negligence of these questions creates fuss of dead beliefs. Ask these questions and nurture out your creative list of questions. After all, your questions need courage by your side for Answers.


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