Elon Musk 10 Rules for inevitable success throughout life:

Elon Musk 10 Rules for enormous and consistent success reveals the secret mindset to stick with your ideology towards your mission. It fills up the demands of every dreamer with a flexible margin of being less wrong. 

Sublime Elon musk rules that attracts  success towards you.
Elon musk 10 Rules for inevitable success:

Are you looking for secret steps about the mindset of Elon Musk? Well. If you’re reading this article, you’re looking for the mentality behind of world’s most productive man. Read about Elon musk’s views on religion.

I share the ridiculous achievement of the real Iron man(Elon musk call himself that way!) before starting the list of success Rules.

Elon Reeve Musk is a salesman and sales team. He is the founder, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX; Initial investor, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc. Founder of Boring Company. Besides, he is the founder of Neuralinka and OpenAI.

Let’s dive into the wisdom rules of the incredible productive man.

1.See things from the basic level

Elon shares his way of thinking is based on first principles. Most of the time, our thinking process based on analogy. It means we fail to understand the main requirement at the first level and focus on the experience or others experience.

2.Conflict doesn’t indicate disrespect

Elon has multiple conflicts with his dad throughout Elon’s life. 

Elon said his father orally treated him with Wanderer as a child. Errol Musk does not trust his son and talks to him regularly. Elon moved to Canada in his dreams. Errol (Elon’s father) believed that his son would come with a broken heart in a few months. Besides, Elon mentions that his father called him an idiot all the time. 

After cut off entirely from his father, Elon still respect his father and acknowledge his father as an Engineer. 

3.Find something too great that demands your full

Elon is a great dreamer. In his interview, the man accepts that one thing that motivates him to work more is futurism. He constantly thinks about what’s a possibility that can happen in the future.

4.Try to be less wrong

Most of the time, we all stuck in delusions of perfect achievements. That’s not happening in the case of Elon. He prefers to be with the side of wrong and try to build up a less wrong approach.

5.Find mean ground for fantasy and reality

The word teaches us differently about fantasy and the real world. Elon builds up a plan that fulfils his demands of stick with fantasies that is workable in the real world. No doubt, if your daily work is a small part of something big that you fantasize about in your dreams, you feel every day moving towards your fantasy in reality.

6.Work to solve, not produce

Almost every business model runs to produce things with the same conventional process. Besides, Elon musk believes that solving problem is a better way for production the right.

7.Plan your backup systems

Elon has the mindset to develop backup plans for his mission. It assists him to understand the worst-case scenario in advance that allows more acceptance towards minor losses.

8.Find the important enough

Elon believes that you require to find the worthy and necessary enough task to implement right now. It means we should keep looking for the work that is worth spending our time on.

9.Be a savvy risker

Elon rises to run two giant companies, Tesla Motors and SpaceX the same time. Besides, the man shows practical efforts by raising his productivity by working about 85-100 hours per week.

10.Have role models

Elon musks inspiration is still updating. In his childhood, he inspires by Richard Feynman—American physicists. Besides, in 2018, Elon mentions that Kanye West inspires him.
Besides, he loves the biography of Benjamin Franklin. Elon likes to looking for new hopes and inspiration that moves him towards in life.

Bonus Rule: Develop your innovative set of rules:

Almost everything Elon do is self-taught. He teaches himself coding and rocket science with reading. Moreover, he breaks the rules of conventional entrepreneurship and runs 2 Giant companies (SpaceX and Tesla) at the same time. He said that he has no business plan at all. Read about Elon musk’s life lessons now.
If you want to become innovative and productive, you should craft your best version routine that attracts you towards the purpose of your life.

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