Best books on gratitude for adults: 9 Book Recommendations in 2023

I research a lot to find out the Best books on gratitude for adults. Below, I develop a gratitude books list for adults and explain each book;

The Little Book of Gratitude by Robert Emmons:

It presents a scientific way of encouraging happiness that leads to greater joy, love, peace and optimism.

Why read it:

The book is simple, easy to understand and highly connective. It presents easy practics with routine. The book encourages journaling, writing thanks letters and encouraging connections. It connects with well-being. Health enhances that feeling. 

Dr Robert shares several ways to nurture gratitude consistently. Read the Best books on Kindness for adults.

Key points:

Gratitude has a positive ripple effect. 

Write a letter about thanking yields gratitude. 

Our health and well-being are improvable. 

Gratitude by Oliver Sacks:

Every person is unique in faith, path, life and death results in a gratitude path. 

Why read it:

Oliver Sacks explain the medical and human illness associated with honesty. The author connects gratitude with death while coming to terms with his death. It’s short but explains the deep reflection of age, and sickness and embraces death with dignity. It shares four enticing easy. 

Key points:

Ageing has its joy. 

The author explains cancer diagnosis and its treatment. 

Life is nothing but Man itself. Every Man fills it with meaning. A meaningful life is worthy to rest. Add mean to live; it’s not automatic. 

The Psychology of Gratitude by  Robert A. Emmons, Michael McCullough:

Gratefulness has a transpersonal impact that experience goes beyond one emotion to another.

Why read it:

It explains the research of prominent scientists to examine the value of gratitude. It explains the historical, theoretical, social, psychological, anthropology and biological aspects of gratitude. 

The book became a valuable resource for researchers and students. It shares the positive human emotions impact. 

Key points:

Gratitude is a personal way to understand kindness. 

Gratefulness transforms one emotion into another person. 

People associate gratitude with humiliation or jealousy feeling. The negative gratitude side associates it with dependency or low merit.

The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan:

It’s about the author’s experiment to keep a daily gratitude diary, an Effort to appreciate things instead of being envious. 

Why read it:

The author explains her response to gratitude and brings a side to every event. She does various research associate with psychologists, educators, doctors and philosophers to identify the value. 

The author explains the transform effect of transforming life events with it. She conducts various expert, general and celebs interviews. It encourages us to live positive through warmth, humour and appealing insight. 

Key points:

Happiness depends on our focus on lack instead of having something in life. 

Comparing self with others and identifying the non-workable things are natural. 

Gratitude became her second nature and positive choice. 

Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey by A. J. Jacobs:

The author decides to thank people involved in his morning coffee cup production; It transforms life through gratitude and yields happiness. 

Why read it:

He thanked every person Who participated in the preparation of his coffee. 

He finds out the truth about the scientific research of gratitude. The book shares the enticing trips of the author. Besides, the author shares the way to focus on right things instead of wrong. It shows the happiness, impact and kindness that come through gratitude. 

Key points:

Gratitude predicts well being and strong relationships. 

Gratitude becomes challenging because its process is unclear. 

Affirmation and recognization are essential two stages for appreciation. 

The comfort in life comes through the efforts of others. 

Living Life as a Thank You: The Transformative Power of Daily Gratitude by Mary Beth Sammons and Nina Lesowitz:

The author shares a comprehensive program that every moment in life is a gift that brings gratitude to one’s life. 

Why read it:

The book shares program to transform your worry into courage, bitterness into forgiveness, isolation into connection and hurt into healing. The book shares transformative stories about life transformation through gratitude. 

It shares motivational quotes, gratitude practices and the practice of gratitude. It explains the ways to get out of stress. 

Key points:

Counting your blessing every day enhances your gratitude. 

It enhances your belief about different circumstances. 

A person misses humanity a lot without gratitude. 

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein:

The Author share 40 Day program to add miracles daily for abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness.

Why read it:

The book empowers you to change your thinking that brings in your action. You get the transformation that acts as miracles in all aspects of life. 40 Day shift brings self-help lessons into action. It brings relaxation and opens the grace of everyday life. It acknowledges the existence of weaknesses to transform them. 

Key points:

You’ve to believe in the miracles to happen with your transformation. 

The way you approach things brings miracles in your life. 

The program brings meditation and reflection every day. 

The Power by Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne explains various life aspects that bring the law of attraction and love, imagination, and creative power to affect those aspects. 

Why read it:

The book explains the simple ways to change your complete life. Power utilize for human creation and innovation. It assists in realizing the life of your dream. It brings change to create anything different. A healthy relationship is essential for self-improvement. 

The author summarizes the self help wisdom from other coaches to explain the law of attraction. It shares the way to grow your relationship. 

Key points:

The human relationship connection is crucial for improvement. 

It brings people beyond the limit of their achievement, motivation and energy. 

Sharing resources, support, and information allows pushing necessary limits.

The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Ban Breathnach:

The book shares uplifting and inspiring quotes to record the daily place for everyone. 

Why read it:

The book focuses on women about fulfilling and joyful life. 

It gives a place to record the routine journal. 

You can embrace everyday gratitude with the journal. It alters your world expression in a wonderful sense. It gives chances to find out the grateful ways in every situation.

Key points:

The journaling about gratitude connects your experience with it. 

It asks crucial questions to bring connect with gratitude. 

It calculates the blessings that connect your happiness. 


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