45 Points about Jordan Peterson love, romance and fantasy views:

I research Jordan Peterson love. Below, I summarize my answer;

The lover becomes special. Condition changes for love. Manage your love. Encounter rejection. Get love eventually. Focus on intimacy. 

Partner trust matters. Avoid winning arguments. Accept flaws.

Accept complete individual. Divorce is never the solution. 

Win boost testosterone. Love supports best. Death ends loss. 

Romance is for youth. That’s not happiness. Get a companion partner.

Fantasies exist. That’s conscious and unconscious. Observe fantasies. 

Experience sexual fantasies. Share with a partner. Never cheat. 

Jordan Peterson Love:

Make lover special:

We favour. Do for a sexual partner. See another special. Others are not. Treat it as right. 

Everyone is prejudice. That’s towards partner. Why discriminates?

Everyone does it. Read Jim Rohn happiness.

It’s a personal view. That’s fair. 

Conditioning for lover:

There are several factors. That can age. It’s physical attractiveness. Varies for each.

Jordan refers to Aldous Huxley. He shares the story. 

Families demolish. Children produce. It’s in factories. Sex and procreation are taboo. Conditions matters.

Prioritized love’s one:

Love someone. Develop a prioritized schedule. That’s a fleeting state.

You get married. Each other around. 

Maintain love:

Love has attraction. That’s erotic. 

It’s extraordinary crucial. You become lucky. Perform efforts. Maintain it. 

Worried not having love:

Not alone in Worry. You find love. Look for right. 

Act irrespective of Worry. Willing put outward. Face rejection.

Utilize in a rejection situation. It happens. Never devastated. That’s not simple. You succeed sometimes. 

Intimacy lesser:

Fewer chances for intimacy. About 3to4. Fewer intimacy chances. 

Grow old quickly. 

Get family before 45Years. Afford as male. Tough for females. 

Less intimacy encounter:

Time is limited. Not be wrong. It costs you. Don’t select mistakes. 

How avoid it? Never delude yourself. Never exceed necessary. 

Truth with a partner:

Express truth. It’s with a partner. Find your truth. Don’t mess. 

It’s about 5Years. That’s a long time. 

You Runaway. Never explain the truth. 

No one left. You Can’t Say the truth. It’s a learning opportunity. 

Stand for yourself. Effort yourself good. 

Partner expect it. Easy to speak. 

Partner doesn’t expect it. Tough about truth. 

Leave is an option:

Give value. True with actions. Partner do in return.

Partner doesn’t respond. Ready to Leave.

Mutal efforts happen. Most relation works. 

Move relationship in good:

Move relationship up. Mess exists. Good is a goal. Jordan Peterson Love enlights goodness.

Never win an argument:

Arguing winning is useless. Yields defeated partner. Make the partner unhappy. Outreach differently.

That’s not great. Never build things. Not accurate always. 

Formula argument. Grip partners views. Alter your way. 

Don’t collide. 

Listen to your Partner:

Listen to understand. Go acceptable. 

Choose mutual settlement.

Accept partner’s weaknesses:

Accept partner’s fragility. It’s soul acceptance. 

We’re limitations. Create that way. Never Get rid. Keep limitations. 

It’s our identity. 

Know limits. Accept it. Our potential involves. We manage it. 

That’s catastrophe acceptance. 

Jordan refers to the Judeo-Christian story. That’s radical acceptance. Accept your fragility. Crucifixion represents it. It’s everybody. 

Darkness outshines light:

We’re going to die. Betray in life. 

Be Never upsets. Bring it on. 

Jordan looks dark things. That’s hurting. 

It’s helpful. Darkness is crucial Darkness stands out the light. 

We bound tragedies. Capable of malvalence. We transcend it. 

That’s optimistic. That’s not pessimistic.

Complete individual:

People can do miracles. Realize it. 

Adopt responsibly. Be a complete human being. 

New things open:

Jordan believes Flashpoint. Things open up. Never before happening. That’s dangerous. Turn wrong dreadfully. They can go bright. 

Collective consciousness:

We influence deeply. Consciousness is united. 

That’s separate each. Our actions matter. Know your action. Their impact on being. Cosmo effect on others. 

Stand up. Face deep truth. 

Avoid relationship Lose:

You lost things. You can’t replace it. Lose one kind. That allows getting other. 

Divorce isn’t freedom:

Divorce is bad. Reasoned divorce enough. Most are unreasonable. 

Divorce possibilities are available. It’s not freedom. 

That’s unpredictable. Everything is mutable. 

Never fragment family. People divorce too. Not great for kids. That’s voluntary enslavement. 

Reasoned divorce:

Jordan explains the reason. Never live sabotaging. 

Some Partner damages success. Leave it. 

Partner can challenge you; Partner Hostages children. 

Never leaving vow:

A bump Dissolute relationship. 

It’s in marital vows. Never leave at all. 

Sudden ends scare; Tired from a partner. You feel responsible. Start fixing things. 

Never avoid problem-solving:

Most people avoid it. Problem-solving tough. 

Never have one plan. Develop alternatives. 

The drama of wrestling:

Wrestling engages drama. Drama has several levels. 

Various people exist. Different sophistication happens. 

Religious belief varies. It has levels. 

Jordan referred to brad hart. He was a professional wrestler. 

Wrestling gives chaos. It’s order and chaos. 

Win enhances testosterone:

Win exits here. Your team wins. Testosterone level enhances. It connects deeply. Alter biochemistry. 

Our team loses. Your testosterone decreases. 

First sight love:

Meet someone. Put fantasy on it. You love fantasy. 

Realize later. The Fantasy and Person differs. 

It’s an anima projection. Men project it. 

Love grips you. You start expecting. Develop “Could be”. 

Require great work. Require enormous dialogue. You achieve perfection. 

Definition of love:

Jordan wants the best. Connect your best self. It’s not unconditional. Never support regard. Never Support defeating self. Against defeating aims. 

Supports struggling side. That wants light. It’s love definition. Wants best. That value your best. Read more about love with The Four Loves summary by C.S lewis.

Others growth greed:

People love it. That’s us best. Not for Jordan. It’s for all. He’s in-game. 

Self best isn’t enough. Jordan is greedy. Become selfish.

Best for others. Jordan Peterson Love grows others.

Death loses everything:

Death defines differently. You’ve nothing to lose. Aim your highest. You lose already. Lose nothing later. 

Jordan Peterson Romance:

He explains movies. It has 2 Types. It’s Romance and adventure. Romance for a young person. It’s cute. It’s a young person game. 

That’s a precursor. They get children. 

Youth game:

Romance, not lifetime. A person is never happy. A person never for it. 

Conditioning children. 

Immature towards an intimate relationship. We are stuck daydreams. It’s naive behaviour. 

Happiness isn’t Romance:

Society is self-centred. Romance doesn’t satisfy. 

A relationship is never for happiness. That’s crazy. 

Culture is youth obsess. Never think the last half. 

Utility requires. 

Be companion:

Partner is companionship. It maintains sanity. 

Require someone around. Your weakness comes out. 

Partner reminds it. 

You do the same. Marriage becomes machines. 

Communication occurs. Less stuck in a pit. 

Plan romance:

Work for Romance. Diligent about it. Develop a mature approach. Jordan Peterson Love recreates romance.

Jordan Peterson fantasy:

Conscious with the unconscious:

People paint things. Do it consciously. Smart about things. 

They’re also unconscious. Not articulated. They work in a group. 

Unconcious gives dreams:

Unconcious has structure. It Determines your perceptions. 

It yields through interaction. 

It’s in inbuild. You look value things. 

It highlights fearful things. 

Responsible for your moral system. That yields good or bad. 

People action exists. 

It’s in your imagination. It generates dreams. Remind your action. 

Little movies play. Remind gist. 

Memories for behaviour:

The past episode has memories. It’s select. Turn into a relatable story. That’s the presentation way. 

It’s the procedural memory part. That gives behaviour. Informs your imagination. Points out collective understand. 

Conscious self:

Map implicit structure. It constitutes you. Society creates. Move to an explicit level.  

Do something. Watch your repetitive behaviour. Behaviour manifests already. 

May fall in chaos accidentally. You identify problems. 

It generates memories. You can’t ride. It’s negatively toned. 

Patterns linkable:

How’s get a solution? Find statement. It links problems. 

You adopt strategies. It solves. 

You never know. You act it out. 

Representation matches patterns. It’s a revelation. 

That’s Explicit knowledge. 

It’s a representative statement. It’s fantasy. 

Account your fantasies:

Jordan shares Yung wisdom. Watch your fantasies. They tell something. Jordan Peterson love to analyses fantasies.

Depressive fantasies:

Fantasy represents problem space. 

It wakes up. That’s the threat process. Arises depression. You can’t sleep.

Solution fantasy:

Fantasies give solutions. Quotes Sigmund Freud. Dreams’re wishful things. That’s partially correct. That’s Problem identification systems. 

It generates possible solutions. 

Simulations with rules:

Gnerates potiental futures. Segregate environment. That’s fantasy rules. Several simulations. Move-in simulations. Some simulation presents chaos. Leave such simulation. 

Dreams acts fantasies:

Dreams changes structure. Scenes changes. That’s not logical. Thinking expands. That’s a dangerous action. You paralyzed. Act through fantasies. 

You stretch enough. No risk involves. Hurt after wakeup. 


Sexual interest is tough. Not easy to maintain. 

Fantasy provides pointers. We overcome proclivity. 

It deteriorates interest. 

Jordan points out Raymond Chandler. Explains fashion. People spend money. Enhance sexual interest. It’s difficult. Put beauty in sexuality. 

Maintaining attractiveness is tough. 

Liking fantasy:

Sexual fantasies happen. The proclivity part exits. You know your needs. 

Incorporate it. That’s for the best. Never shame. 

It’s an elaborated sexual game. Play it. Be aware manner. 

Express sexual fantasies:

Share sexual fantasies. Your partner shares it. Your partner may be interested. Know partner’s will. 

Take fantasies cues. Never hurt yourself. 

Never hurt others. Mutual collaboration involves.  

Resolve deception:

Other possibilities are betrayal. Never incorporate. Pull more instead of hiding. Vary sexual fantasies. Resolve to point. 

Quotes Erich Neumann. Don’t pretend better. Never lie about yourself. 

Explain your wants. 


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