Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a full-service cemetery, with a crematory and funeral home, as well as a cultural events center. They host a wide variety of events throughout the year, from summer movie screenings to live music. You can find information about these and other activities in this article.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Art Deco features

Hollywood is synonymous with Art Deco, and this design aesthetic was made popular by movie palaces during the 1920s. Even today, several movie palaces have retained this look, but the most iconic example is the Pantages at Hollywood and Vine. This historic building opened on June 4, 1930 and was designed by B. Marcus Priteca. It was built to be used for motion pictures and live vaudeville performances. Inside, the building is dimly lit and its statues are covered in gold fabric.

While preserving the building’s architectural integrity, Hollywood Forever plans to restore its Art Deco features. The main entrance will be restored to its 1930s model, as well as the original signage, including the topiary sign at Santa Monica Boulevard. In addition, the park will feature mausoleums for both cremated remains and the remains of people who have passed away.

If you’re interested in exploring the architecture, you can join a guided tour of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, led by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. The tour begins at 10am and takes about 20 minutes. The tour is educational and fun, and includes the gravesites of several famous Hollywood actors.


Peacocks are a common sight at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. These showy peafowl are housed in bird pens during large events, but roam free in the daytime. The males are recognizable by their showy feathers and the females are more subtly suited.

The peacock is very sociable, and the groundskeepers at the Hollywood Forever park have been notified of his presence. After the groundskeepers arrived several times, the peacock finally departed. It was later reunited with his flock. But Redlich was not the only one who lost his pet.

While peacocks are a common sight in Hollywood, not many people are aware that they can live in the Hollywood Cemetery. In fact, the peacocks have lived there for 17 years. The animals are a symbol of good luck and can even be purchased for lottery tickets. A peacock’s tail feathers are believed to bring good luck.

The peacocks are just one of the many animals at Hollywood Forever. In fact, there are several different species, and they are featured in stained glass in the buildings and the golden dome. Another group of animals at the cemetery includes black ducks, which lurk near Johnny Ramone’s final resting place. Johnny’s ashes will be laid to rest there with his wife Linda when she dies.

Cats and dogs are also a common sight at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They usually hang out near the wall near Santa Monica Blvd, and they’re easy to spot amongst the peacock cages. You can also see cats in the trees and roofs. The cats don’t like the southwest section of the cemetery, because it’s less wooded and has fewer places to hide.

Music at Hollywood Forever

A full-service cemetery, Hollywood Forever Cemetery has a community center, crematory, and funeral home in addition to the traditional graveside services. The cemetery frequently hosts events such as summer movie screenings and live music. In addition, there are several cultural events that the community can attend. These events are free of charge and are open to the public.

Music at Hollywood Forever has become increasingly popular as it celebrates the life and legacy of Hollywood’s entertainment legends. Some of these legends, such as the late rocker Johnny Ramone, have visited the grounds. The cemetery is also home to the late rock legend’s wife, Linda Ramone.

The cemetery has been putting on great concerts for years, and this year’s lineup features great bands and classic films. Tickets for The National and Milo Greene have sold out, but there are still a few tickets available for Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear on August 9. For music lovers, there is a wide variety of music scheduled through the fall. The Masonic Lodge will host Scottish singer KT Tunstall on October 11, and UK singer James Blake will perform on the Fairbanks Lawn on October 23.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is an enchanting and unique location to pay tribute to a loved one. The cemetery is located in Hollywood and includes a cultural events center, crematory, and a full-service funeral home. In addition to offering traditional funeral services, Hollywood Forever Cemetery also offers community events such as summer movie screenings and live music. It also holds the country’s largest Dia de los Muertos celebration. Read more on our site.

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