A Guide to Handling Property Handovers in Dubai, UAE

Handling property handover in Dubai can be frustrating and complicated. It may have a lengthy procedure attached to it. Besides, actions are needed to handle such situations correctly and amicably. It is very essential to include one clause known as Compensation Clause. A compensation clause is added to the contract or agreement. It is signed by the developer. 

This clause is termed a legal representation of the contract. Nonetheless, the court judges and juries may not consider anything other than what is included in the agreement. It is crucial to make payments promptly.  On-time payments should be made as per the agreed terms present in the agreement. 

Moreover, any failure to do so will weaken your claim regarding the compensation. You may also be held responsible for the delays in handling the property. The delay is from the developer’s side. Before proceeding with any claim regarding the compensation, it is essential to confirm the project status. Some of the projects may be canceled by the relevant authority of Dubai, UAE.

Therefore, the compensation process is handled by the Dubai Real Estate Courts. It is done through the formation of the liquidation committee. Furthermore, regular site visits are recommended. It is important for the assessment of the project’s progress.

If any issues are discovered, discussions take place. The meetings take place with the developer to explore possible solutions to the matter. Efforts are directed to resolve the matter. If the situation remains unresolved, then right time to escalate to next level. The claim is then filed with the Dubai Law Courts.

Courts legal process

The Courts will navigate the legal process. The attorney’s or lawyers’ assistance will ensure a smooth transition. Therefore it is recommended to seek legal support from a reputable property attorney. These Advocates (Property Lawyers or Real Estate Lawyers) are professionals who are experts in guiding through the proceedings. Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid property handover delays in the future by opting for thorough research. Henceforth, always do your homework before entering into a contract with any developer in Dubai, UAE.

Nevertheless, also explore and learn about their reputation, goodwill, and track record in property-related matters including development, delays, and handovers. Any project must be registered with Real Estate Regulatory Authority RERA. 

Furthermore, the developer has a legally registered escrow account. The account ought to be registered with DLS or also known as Dubai Lands Department. Added, all of the relevant payments should be made through this particular account, especially for off-plan units. Before finalizing any deal or project, it is essential to confirm the developer’s permits.

Besides, it is a way to avoid potential losses. It also reduces the risks associated with sub-par work. Henceforth it is recommended to take ample time and research the contract. It is to protect your interests. Furthermore, this minimizes any chances of any breach of contract.

Value Legal Assistance

In the event of a property handover delay, it is advisable to opt for legal assistance or guidance. A skilled and well-equipped property lawyer can help you. A real estate lawyer can navigate the complexities of Dubai law. They know property handovers, delays, and cancellations. Alongside, they can best represent your interests in the Legal proceedings. Dubai has plenty of law firms that employ competent and learned lawyers in Dubai. They have an understanding of Dubai laws and legislation. 

The lawyers are ready to assist you in all aspects of property matters from initial till the completion. Furthermore, they can advise the client over compensation claims as well other than any other property-related issues. Handling property handover delays in Dubai requires dedication, careful consideration, thorough research, legal knowledge, and adherence to the contract terms. All this is only possible through seeking legal assistance. By following the right steps and being proactive, you can protect your investment. It paves the way toward a more smooth and simple handover process.

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