10 Happier app review: A better approach to live your full in 2021:

A complete review of 10% happier meditation app
10% Happier app review complete guide 2021

10 Happier app review is the best for you to understand the crucial impact of meditation and sleep in this dangerous state of a pandemic. The App give you a purpose to care about your happiness, relationships, sleep, focus and stress level. 

It is the best effort to provide you with mental healing through perpetual meditation habit. Are you looking for a better change in your life? How meditation impacts all of us? Well, it’s your best chance to improve your mental health that raises your level of acceptance of the world. In this article, I mention the review of this savvy application. Besides, it adds a mind-blowing impact on your life. 

Ten Percent Happier workability:

Our 10 Happier app review concludes that the app guides users through their meditation to make small but noticeable improvements to their happy, kind and relaxed levels – hence the name. It uses more than 500 meditations taught by these teachers. It also includes personalized training sessions for subscribers.

The Ten Percent Happier Program follows the success of a book and podcast of the same name created by Dan Harris. Since 2000, Mr Harris has been considered a nationwide online news host. When he had a ground panic attack, he began to look for ways to calm his mind and stumbled upon meditation.

It has 2 Type of versions. Free and Paid. The free version gives you access to take Basic courses of the meditational program. The paid version gives you $99 per year access to a premium membership that gives you access to all Courses with 7 Days free trial. 

A free access Special due to Covid-19:

The app has a free program for serving task performers Due to Covid illness spread around the world. If your profession is USPS, Teacher, Healthcare or Delivery driver, the 10% happier app give you free access to their premium membership. So, don’t waste your chance to take advantage of this magnificent app and click to access your free membership right now. 

How to use the 10% happier app wisely?

The 10 happier app review finds out the 4 Categories that are;



Sleep and 


All of these categories have a focus on meditation guidance and techniques. The app has a magnificent colour scheme with bright colours that appeals to you to engage with the meditation purpose. Although, the sleep section has dark colour schemes. 

1.Courses section:

The app offers you about 28 Courses that raise your knowledge about meditation and its impact on your life. The courses start from basics and move you towards the journey of eternal calmness of mind. Each course design the assistance of resilience and mental calm. Experts feed you the required level of knowledge. 

2.Singles section:

It gives you an alternative to meditating for 5 to 30minutes. You require to use this section to choose the Right meditation that suits you in that scenario. You can use it to get instant relief from an uninvited panic attack. 

3.Sleep section:

These are the categories that offer your 5 to 45 minutes sleep sessions. It allows you to focus on the topic that you choose before sleep. You can choose the timing and bedtime stories that assist you to put in the actual Sleep. Besides, various breathing instructions and guidance available that sharpen our focus to achieve things. 

4.Talk section:

It is not the meditation section. The section acts as a daily reminder to motivates you towards your meditation goals. Some talks remind you about progress in your mental calm accomplishment. 

10% happiness is Dan Harris program:

Ten Percent Happier is a meditation program founded by former news presenter Dan Harris to complete a bestselling book. It is designed for people sceptical of meditation and reflects Harris experience. A little history: Harris devoted himself to meditation after an air panic attack in 2004 and wrote a book in 2014 on the science of meditation. The program launched in 2015.

When they first start the program and enter user information, Dan Harris welcomes them and meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein. During seven informative videos and adjacent meditations, the couple learns basic meditation.

Why Dan Harris creates 10% happiness app?

Dan Harris is the co-founder of the 10 Percent happier app. He is a well-known journalist, author and TV anchor.
Why does Harris want to start a 10 Percent happier app? Harris suffers from inevitable panic attacks in 2004. The worse traumas spark up the author’s interest in topics of self-help, happiness and religion. The turning point that changes the author life is the scientific research about meditation. First, the author treats meditation as an unworkable thing, but his experience yields astonishing results. The meditation impacts harris in a wise way that he believes that happiness makes him 10% happier. He writes a book about the 10% happiness Formula. Event he releases the app in 2015 about Happiness.

10 Happier app review concludes app a meditation promoter:

10% happiness app is a meditation app with a separate portion about sleeping meditation. The app has free and paid versions available for IOS and Apple users.

Ten Percent seem to be happier with the idea that people who use the program are not good at meditating, and even if someone has never researched this practice, they may learn the basics of the program. Anyone can complete the seven basic videos at any speed, but the user must view them completely before accessing the complete library. Read about your solution to your permanent viewing addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is 10 happier app worth it?

It is a worthy app to use. The app provides you with a framework to live a better lifestyle by improving your mental and physical health.

How much does 10 happier app cost?

You can buy the app with affordable rates. It’s costs about 107$ per year with free 7 Days trial.

Which is better headspace or 10 happier?

The 10 happier is best suitable for intermediate or experts. On the other hand, headspace has fewer options with ease to control which’s for beginners.

Is Sam Harris waking up app worth it?

Yes, it is worth to use. It helps you to develop a wake up early habit with overall mental health safety.

What is the ten percent happier challenge?

Dan Harris develops this challenge to increase mental wellness. The challenge is to complete the task for certain time at least 15 days.

How do I cancel 10% happier?

You can un-subscript 10% happier anytime you want. Go to subscription settings and click on cancel subscription.

How long is the free trial for ten percent happier?

The app offers you 30 Days free trial to check it’s impact.

How many users does 10% happier have?

Although, the company would not talk about their user. It’s clear from the popularity of app, book and podcast that they run great business.

What is the best sleep meditation app?


Which is best meditation?

Guided meditation is best as It allows you to achieve any purpose like stress relief or breathing exercise.

What is a good free meditation app?

Simple habit is one of best free meditation app that triggers your meditation craving.

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