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Jordan Peterson communication: Completely explained (31 Quick Points!)

Jordan Peterson communication skill impresses everyone. It includes speaking, listening and conversation. I summarize  A conversation becomes effective with proper orientation. It’s about making things better.  It’s without winning. You’ve to take care of yourself like their people. It’s your moral duty. The matter of conversation place we end is better than a place we […]

Jordan Peterson study: 21 Quick Points that explain it Completely:

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson study. Below, I summarize my quick answer;  Static structure transforms into new Structure consistently. Partial death and rebirth improve the human spirit.  Our Learning reduces suffering.  You get factual knowledge or action knowledge. We act out without knowing. Knowing action becomes Principles. It encountering anxiety. That never make […]

Jordan Peterson on Writing: 26 Quick Points [Explained!]:

I summarize my quick answer about Jordan Peterson on writing.  Writing opens up critical thinking. Active towards better arguments. The writing process improves with practice. It gives a new door to think.  The internal conversation is another form of thinking. You divide yourself into various parts and discuss with arguments. Write about your thoughts. Writing is […]

Jordan Peterson on Marxism: Deep explained discussion[+Capitalism view]

I research a lot about Jordan Peterson on Marxism. Below, I summarize my quick answer;  Marx theory has attraction. It’s well exploratory.  Adjusting society proper doesn’t evidence ends suffering. Marx sympathetic Economical structure doesn’t workable for the working class. Historical events prove it.  Jordan Peterson supports hierarchical divisions and individual decisions. Capitalism is valuable than […]

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